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Alzare Guide

Thanks for purchasing the Alzare Table.

This table is completely assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Watch the video below:


Written instructions:

To Lift the Table make sure to pull the lever all the way over, this is important. If you do not pull the lever all the way over it will not raise or lower.

When lifting the table try lift from the side as well as the front for the best balance (so it does not tip).

When lowering the table you can lean into the middle of the table to help lower it.

To move the table pick up the side that does not have wheels. (there are wheels only on one side). You can then roll or push the table.


Troubleshooting: If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

I can’t lower the table… Solution: Make sure to pull the lever all the way over before attempting to lower it. Push with your body weight in the middle while at the same time making sure the lever is pulled all the way over. If it still does not move please contact us and we can help you adjust the table but this should not be necessary for 99% of tables. Typically the handle is just not being pulled all the way over!

I can’t raise the table… Solution: Make sure to pull the lever all the way over before raising it. Lift with both legs and try lift from the front and the side at the same time to best balance the table on the way up. (rather than tipping it!) Use your knees to help pick it up. If you are having trouble remove all items from the table top. If you still can’t raise it please contact us.


Suggested chair pairing: Nano Folding chairs


Damage in Transit: Please contact us immediately if you have damage in transit, please keep the packaging.

If your Alzare Table needs a new top from Damage it can be swapped.

Here is the guide on how to swap the top:

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