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Add a room to your home with a hidden wall bed option. From MurphySofas to wall bed desks and cabinet beds we have a wide range of space saving hidden beds that will help expand your living space.

Specialists in Space Saving Furniture for small spaces and large.

At Expand Furniture you will find convertible furniture designed for modern living. Apartment and home design has trended towards smaller square footage which results in the necessity for better furniture designs. Compact furniture for small spaces and double duty furniture is essential and can make the difference of you loving or hating your home. Why let a hulking piece of furniture waste precious space when it can be a compact furniture piece that optionally transforms into a bigger version only when you need it. We have the right products to optimize your space from coffee & console dining table transformers in the home to extendable conference tables for the office. Our specialty hidden beds will amaze from Murphy Bed Tables, Desks, MurphySofas, folding Bunk Beds, Storage Beds and Sofa Beds that are actually comfortable. Many of our products are already assembled, additionally we offer the conveniences of quick shipping, credit card processing, excellent warranties and rapid customer service. Learn more about our company here. Whether you are just browsing for inspiration or you are looking to purchase we hope you enjoy your experience visiting our specialized Space Saving Furniture store.

What people are saying

Beds that become desks? Sofas with storage? These guys have it nailed

Barbara Yaffe.

The Vancouver Sun

The murphy sofa sectional (which includes three beautiful shelves) is the most impressive furniture idea I’ve ever seen. And the sofa is COMFORTABLE!!

Mackenzie C.

Vancouver, Canada


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