When you receive your Box Coffee please make sure to remove the packing material off the wheels. This will make things easier to raise or lower. Raise the table without the leaves in it for the first time. Place the extensions inside the table before lowering it for the first time. You can repeat this process a few times to break the table in. Use your knees when lifting and pick it up from the side as well as the front for best results. When Lifting or Lowering make sure to fully activate the lever by pulling it all the way over.

Locks: There are 2 ‘cable’ locks. Only 1 needs to be activated, and only 1 should be used. 1 will be easier than the other while the other is tighter. If your cable loses tension in the future your ‘tighter’ lock can be used, but both should not be used at the same time. Only 1 cable lock is needed for full functionality.

Video Guide for use:

Trouble Shooting Gaps, Squeaks or Shag Carpets:

Box Coffee Side Cover addition or removal:


Piston Activation Handle:
The pistons are either active or not. The handle should require a full motion to activate for safety reasons. This is usually set correctly out of the factory. Adjusting the bolts just changes the cable length on the lever so when you pull the handle it activates with less of a pull. The table will always require some strength to lift or lower. If you feel it takes too much force to pull the handle to activate the piston, you can adjust the bolt on the handle. Watch the video below to see how to do this and where the maximum is.

Advanced Adjusting Option. This guide to Advanced Piston Activation should only be attempted after contacting us, if necessary!
Out of the factory the Piston Cables should be set properly but if you find the Pistons do not activate at all you can follow the guide below. If you turn over your table use 2 or more people to do this as it is heavy and make sure to put a blanket below to prevent scratching or damage. Remember to remove the stored extensions before turning the table over. Be careful not to pull the lever while upside down as it can activate the pistons and the legs can move up rapidly. See the image below of where to adjust the bolts.


If you are still having problems please contact us and we can further troubleshoot. The handle can be adjusted further if needed.


If your table top comes loose from the rail mechanism, please follow this guideline below to tighten it back up.
On each side of the table top, there are 8 holes for screws to connect the table and rail mechanism, this allows for 4x alternate holes should the table top come off in transit for example, and this can very easily be fixed by closing the table so it is lined up squarely and then using the 4 screws from the original holes, to redrill one at a time into the new alternate holes. See the Trouble shooting Gaps video, this shows the same area where to re-tighten. The rail guide can be removed for this process if it makes it easier to access. It can also bend slightly

Box Coffee underneath table