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Save space with the FlexYah bench and stool combo

Thanks for purchasing a FlexYah. Below we will show a guide on how to use your FlexYah bench or Stool as well as some helpful tips.

FlexYah Bench:
When you first receive your FlexYah bench it needs to be stretched out and flexed! If you do not stretch it out, it will retract back in like an accordion.
You can follow our guide included with the packing by pulling it out and sitting on it a few times, however there are some other methods also.
You will notice on the side of the FlexYah there is a handy rope. You can tie something around the FlexYah rope and fix this to a solid object in your home and leave the FlexYah stretched overnight.

If you stretch this out for a long period you will notice that it will not compress to its original size. If you want to make this compact for storage you can reverse the process by putting something heavy on the FlexYah for a few hours to make it compact again.

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