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MurphySofa Float install: Important – Expand Furniture Inc declines all liability caused by the incorrect assembly of the bed or failure to mount the bed. If you fail to mount the wall bed to the wall or correctly fasten it, we do not take responsibility for this.

We have mailed you a separate piston set designed for the a mattress that is 65lbs or less. We also include some heavy duty pistons for future use. We don’t suggest using them but keep them for the future in-case you change to a heavier mattress. (we still suggest staying under 65lbs)

Please note this is a new product and we only have a video guide. We highly recommend you watch the video guide during your install so please have a phone, tablet or laptop nearby during your install. If you need a ‘printed model’ you can follow the first few steps of the “MurphySofa Clean” model as the base build is the same until we get to the face panel and piston attachment parts.
Pages 1-18 are similar and can be a helpful guide. View here: PDF Manual for the MurphySofa Wall Bed Base Install

You must watch the video for the piston install, and the face panel install as well as the shelf install.
*Please pay specific attention to the face panel install on the video. You must only use short bolts in specific areas (with the larger opening where you hook inside the metal frame). If you use long bolts in the short bolt (hooking area) you can damage the face panel*


Helpful Notes & Tips for all installs:

  1. Clear your room as much as possible before you start the install. Unpacking the panels will take some time, longer than many expect, so do this in advance of your install. You will need a power drill, screw driver, wall anchors and a ladder.
  2. We suggest you have your mattress before your install so you can test it during installation. The included pistons are meant for a mattress weight of 65 lbs or below. If your mattress is heavier than this it will be harder to lift and it will lower quicker.
  3. All Hover & MurphySofa are do it yourself assembly and require wall mounts. It is up to you to determine your wall type, make sure it is safe and correctly mount the wall bed to your wall safely and properly. It is best to hit studs if you have drywall and make sure to use the correct wall anchors for your wall type. You can always install extra brackets and anchors for added security and peace of mind. Your local hardware store or your handyman/contractor should be able to advise on this. We suggest using anchors with weight capacity of at least 100lbs each and using 12 of them for added security. Toggler Snap Toggle Anchors have been a popular choice for Drywall with wood or steel studs. Please do your due diligence for your wall type.

Common questions during the install:
1. There is lots of tensions on the frame. Yes this is normal. Once you have the face panels and mattress set up this will be balanced
2. I have 4 pistons but I only have room for 2. We strongly suggest using the ~1350 N pistons we sent you separately, meant for a mattress that is 70 lbs or less. However we also provide some extra high capacity pistons for if your mattress is over 70 lbs. (for future).

Video Install Guide:

Video Guide on how to adjust the shelf if it is not level:


For best long term use we suggest just cleaning the bed with a Swiffer or duster, and avoid moisture if possible.
For a deeper clean: Wipe with warm, soapy water on a soft damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.
Dust may build up on the bottom of the cabinet inside the wall bed. With the bed opened this area can accessed from underneath and be cleaned with a duster or a vacuum on occasion.
Dust might build up above the bed, a duster can be used here to clean.
Mount/Anchor checks: We suggest you check in on your wall mount and anchor install on occasion to make sure it is still strongly secured.


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