MurphySofa Float install: Important – Expand Furniture Inc declines all liability caused by the incorrect assembly of the bed or failure to mount the bed. If you fail to mount the wall bed to the wall or correctly fasten it, we do not take responsibility for this.

For older models before 2022, we have mailed you a separate piston set designed for the a mattress that is 65lbs or less. We also include some heavy duty pistons for future use. We don’t suggest using them but keep them for the future in-case you change to a heavier mattress. (we still suggest staying under 65lbs). The 2022/2023 version uses 4 hydraulics, with 2 hydraulics per side, which is a slight change from the 2021 and previous models and is set for the standard strength to be for 75lb + mattresses, this is a minor change in the video and there is space for 2 hydraulics to be installed instead of 1. If you need assistance with this or have any other questions, please give us a call or email.

Along with the PDF we also have a video guide for the complete installation, the PDF is newer and more up to date so please check the PDF if anything is not clear from the video. If you prefer to watch the video guide during your install please have a phone, tablet or laptop nearby during your install. PDF Manual for the MurphySofa Float Wall Bed

Do not worry if the hydraulics seem too strong before you attach the shelf, your mattress will also help in balancing the unit so it will be easy to lift and lower. If you do have a very heavy or very light mattress, we can replace your hydraulics and these can also be swapped out years down the road if you change mattresses.
*Please pay specific attention to the face panel install on the video. You must only use short bolts in specific areas and insert them by hand only(with the larger opening where you hook inside the metal frame you just need to thread this a bit by hand, do not screw in far). If you use long bolts in the short bolt (hooking area) you can damage the face panel*


Helpful Notes & Tips for all installs:

  1. Clear your room as much as possible before you start the install. Unpacking the panels will take some time, longer than many expect, so do this in advance of your install. You will need a power drill, screw driver, wall anchors and a ladder.
  2. We suggest you have your mattress before your install so you can test it during installation. The 2022/2023 4* included pistons are meant for a mattress weight of 75 lbs+, unless you buy an Expand Furniture mattress (we may send additional pistons) or request other hydraulics in advance for a lighter/heavier mattress. If your mattress is much heavier or lighter than the standard weight, it may not be as well balanced, and the hydraulics can be replaced now or in the future to make it well balanced – the same goes if you buy a new heavier/lighter mattress in the future. If you plan on having heavier items on your shelf this can also adjust the weighting, please inquire if you need assistance.
  3. All Hover & MurphySofa are do it yourself assembly and require wall mounts. It is up to you to determine your wall type, make sure it is safe and correctly mount the wall bed to your wall safely and properly. It is best to hit studs if you have drywall and make sure to use the correct wall anchors for your wall type. You can always install extra brackets and anchors for added security and peace of mind. Your local hardware store or your handyman/contractor should be able to advise on this. We suggest using anchors with weight capacity of at least 100lbs each and using 12 of them for added security. Toggler Snap Toggle Anchors have been a popular choice for Drywall with wood or steel studs. Please do your due diligence for your wall type.

Common questions during the install:
1. There is lots of tensions on the frame. Yes this is normal. Once you have the face panels, floating shelf and mattress set up this will be balanced as this adds a lot of extra weight.
2. For previous models before 2022 – I have 4 pistons but I only have room for 2 (one per side). We strongly suggest using the ~1350 N pistons we sent you separately, meant for a mattress that is 70 lbs or less. However we also provide some extra high capacity pistons for if your mattress is over 70 lbs. (for future).
3. For the newer models with 4 hydraulics, there are 2* 1200N hydraulics and 2* 1000N hydraulics does it matter where you connect these? You need to keep it consistent with 1*1000N hydraulic used on the back left and the back right, and then 1*1200N hydraulic connected on the front left and front right for example – if you had the reverse with the 1200N connected at the back and the 1000N used on the front on one side this is fine, as long as it is consistent with both sides matching where the hydraulics connect to have equal power weighting. If you have bought one of Expand Furniture’s mattresses then we will likely be sending additional  1000N or 800N hydraulics to be used for the installation. If you receive 1000N hydraulics, please combine these with the other 1000N hydraulics so you use all 4x 1000N hydraulics per connection as this will be well balanced due to the mattress being closer to 60bs and being lighter. The same power will be achieved by using 800N and 1200N on each side, as this will average 1000N as well. Please call or email if you have any questions, this can also be adjusted at a later date or with a change of mattresses in the future.

Video Install Guide:
2022 Models will now have 4 lower strength hydraulics (2 per side) instead of the previous stronger 2 hydraulics (1 per side), as this now has a newer side panel mechanism which works with 2 hydraulics per side.

Video Guide on how to adjust the shelf if it is not level:

To connect the bottom shelf from behind as pictured above, use these bolts from the back to connect to the base.

For best long term use we suggest just cleaning the bed with a Swiffer or duster, and avoid moisture if possible.
For a deeper clean: Wipe with warm, soapy water on a soft damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.
Dust may build up on the bottom of the cabinet inside the wall bed. With the bed opened this area can accessed from underneath and be cleaned with a duster or a vacuum on occasion.
Dust might build up above the bed, a duster can be used here to clean.
Mount/Anchor checks: We suggest you check in on your wall mount and anchor install on occasion to make sure it is still strongly secured.


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