Junior Guide

Thanks for choosing the Junior Giant Table!

Your Junior Giant Console comes already assembled however there are a few steps to unpack this properly.

  1. How to open: What you want to do is carefully tilt the carton upside down so you can access the bottom of the carton so you can remove the wood support packing.
  2.  Removing the wood support: Open the bottom of the box and you will see a wood board that has been drilled into the bottom of the table. This is done for safe transport. Proceed to remove the screws and the bottom board.
  3. Remove the product from the carton: Now that the protective board is removed you can take the product out. We suggest that you tape the bottom of the box back up and rotate it back over. But you can also just remove the product upside down from this position. Do so so careful and we suggest using a blanket if you are going to place it on the ground.
  4. Adding in the dowels: See the video below. You add the ‘male dowels’ into the table. These are sometimes taped to the table underside.


Jr Giant Dowel Addition

Guide to inserting the extensions:

Junior Giant placing extensions guide

The base of the Junior Giant Revolution legs have felt sliders, which makes it easier to open and close and move the table around.
If you happen to have wood, tile or any smoother surface floors and you can consider adding rubber grips to keep the table and extensions in a more secure position and avoid any small gaps if this is better for your homes flooring.
It is typically not necessary to add rubber grips, but if your floors surface is slick and the table comes apart or slides too easily on it, this may might result in the extensions coming apart slightly which is very easy to fix and we have a few solutions with adding rubber grips which have the opposite impact of felt sliders. The small variation from floor to floor changes per home, and can easily be adapted with rubber grips if needed from the standard felt which is suitable for the majority of homes.

1. Try some rubber furniture grips that will make the console legs stick in place. (just pick up the 1 half slightly when pulling it out and it will extend easily still)
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2. Use double sided velcro on the extensions to secure them together like this:

1 side of the double velcro is cut while the other side is 1 piece.