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Thanks for purchasing Nano chairs!

These chairs are ready to use out of the box. Just unfold them and they are ready to sit on.

Nano Folding chair splash of how it works in white gloss with padded seat

Caring for your chairs.
We suggest wiping with them with a soft cloth and some soap and water.
If you ever stain your chairs you can try some rubbing alcohol on the seats for stronger stains, but we suggest trying soap and water first.

Where to hide your chairs:
Check out our guide on where to hide your chairs here.

Problems that might occur with bumpy transit:
My Nano back rest is loose, or came off in time…This is an easy solution!

Essentially the wood is stripped from vibrations and needs a simple reinforcement. Toothpicks + glue and it is stronger than ever.

Essentially if the screw is stripped from the wood/not tight enough this can likely be fixed quite easily with a bit of wood and optionally glue if you have some.
Toothpicks or the pieces of matchsticks (non lighting side of course) can fill in the hole where the screw goes quite well and then you can optionally put some glue in. If you can leave the glue and wood over nigh this is even better, but if you do not have time you can insert some glue or wood filler and then insert the screw and tighten this up.
These bits of wood will tighten up the screw back into the area where it was loose.
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