Expand Furniture Inc declines all liability caused by the incorrect assembly of the Occulto mirror or failure to fasten the mirror to your wall properly.
Proper wall mounting is required: It is up to you to determine your wall type and to use the correct anchor type to mount the mirror to your wall.  We suggest using anchors that have a combined strength of at least 400 lbs. of support. If you have drywall, make sure you have some anchors that go into your metal or wood stud for good support and that you are no just using drywall alone. There are many anchor points and you can freely add as many support anchors as you like. If you are going into brick or concrete use an appropriate fastener.

Toggler Snap Toggle Anchors have been a popular choice for Drywall with steel studs. Please do your due diligence for your wall type as every home is different and snap toggles may not be suitable for your home, please consult a professional if you are not sure.

If you have wood studs you could also screw directly into them with an appropriate wood screw.

If you have concrete you can install with a concrete fastener anchor

Here is the online link for the Occulto Mirror installation guide