North Vancouver Wall Bed installed in a Home

north vancouver wall bed

A North Vancouver Family installed this in their home to take advantage of space saving benefits of a convertible murphysofa. This unit was installed in a lounge just off the front entrance. The lounge has its own doors which can be opened and closed. When the doors are open family members can move freely in and out of the room, sit on the couch, enjoy the fireplace and relax. When they have guests visiting they simply close off the door, let down the wall bed that folds conveniently over the sofa without moving it, and they have a full guest bedroom.  Adding an extra room to your home in this neighborhood would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A convertible hidden wall bed was a fraction of the cost, and created extra space in the home without having to go through construction, huge expenses and still has all the benefits of an extra room. (They have the murphysofa float unit )