Convertible Tables , Wall Beds with Sofas & Desks
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Sofa Wall beds designed to fit perfectly together to transform from a living room to and bedroom and back with ease. We have a variety of styles of Sofa Murphy beds in our shop. From Italian Wall beds where the sofa compacts down to MurphySofas which have hidden storage inside for convenience. Horizontal Sofa Wall bed combos are great for wide rooms or where you have low ceilings. We have King Size Wall bed Sofas that save an enormous amount of space when compacted away. We even have sectional Sofa wall bed combos that are modular in design where the chaise can swap sides. Use a wall bed combo in your living room for a spare guest room, or turn that guest bedroom into a functional media room. Essential for bachelor/studio apartments the MurphySofa beds are also popular for homes where you can add extra utility to your home by adding the equivalent of a full extra room.