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Glass Box Coffee – Convertible Furniture


Glass box coffee dimensions

Glass Box Coffee – Convertible Furniture


This convertible furniture piece will impress with its striking design and ability to convert from a glass coffee table into a dining table. The glass top surface is easy to maintain and matches well with the chrome legs. When you extend this glass table with the glossy leaflets you can seat up to 10 people comfortably. As a bonus, we also include a single glass extension for an all glass top as an alternative to seat 8.  The 3 extensions are housed in the internal storage compartment. When you convert your coffee table back into a larger furniture piece the extensions are right there when you need them. The convertible glass table is a beautiful piece of furniture as a minimal coffee table, or as a full dining table for impromptu dinners, board games or parties. Add on 8 nano chairs to make this a glass dining set bundle.

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A styled convertible furniture piece designed for convenience and function. Now available with a glass top. The Glass Box Coffee to dining table is a very adaptable table in its functionality from coffee to dining table and anywhere in between. Extend it and raise it slightly to lap height for games night around the sofa, or raise it all the way up for dinner. The gas mechanism allows you to change the height of the table up or down from 11 inches all the way up to 30 inches. The storage area inside the table has room for 3 leaflets of your choice. Add these extensions in to transition the coffee table to a larger size allowing for extra room and comfort on demand. The table comes with 3 glossy painted extensions (non glass). It also includes 1 bonus glass extension which can be used instead for an all glass top or mixed with 2 glossy extensions. Conserve space and enjoy a more open feel when you lower your dining table down to a minimalist coffee table with the extension stored inside. The painted lacquer sides and minimal height help conceal the polished chrome legs at the lowest level. The style on its own will evoke impressions even before your guests realize its concealed convertible features.  Add on 8 nano chairs to make this into a dining set bundle.

Extension Detail:
You can use up to 3 extensions on this table but we include 4. Mix & Match okay.
Glossy extensions: 3x 33.3cm (13 inches x 3 = 39 inches)
Bonus Glass extension: 1 x 33.3cm ( 13inches)

The glossy extension & glass extension are compatible with each other. We cannot make more than 1 glass extension because it could break when stacking.
Extensions in White or Grey paints are the exact same painted finishes as the sides of the tables.
The Single Bonus Extension matches the glass top.

Sizing information
Seating: 8-10 when with the extensions
Size and height as a glass coffee table: 80 cm x 120 cm – 28 cm. (31.5 inches wide x 47 1/4 inches long – 11 inches when set to lowest height)
Size and height as a glass table with glossy extensions : 80 cm x 220 cm – 78 cm (31.5 inches wide x 86.5 inches long – 30.75 inches tall at its highest)

Using the table:
How sturdy is this table? The base is heavy and often customers are surprised by it’s stability. There is a horizontal lock and metal dowels that hold the extension in place. (you can lean your elbows on it!) Lifting and lowering is assisted by 2 pistons. Most can easily lift and lower on their own. Some customers under 150 lbs might need some assistance lowering the table. (or add some heavy books to help weigh it down). The product arrives fully assembled, just remove it from the box and it’s ready to use! The Glass table is heavier than the Wood or Glossy versions, consider them if weight is a concern.

Built for entertainment, board games, and dinners the Glass Box Coffee is more than capable of supporting your needs with its thought out design and heavy stable base. There are 2 small wheels built into the leg bottoms on one side so you can move this table from the living room to the dining room.

Shipping Information
Quick shipping ~ 7-10 days Express Worldwide. Fully insured for safe delivery.

No assembly required.
This product is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use right away.

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500 day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2 way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

Cleaning & Care
Use mild cleaning agents and soft cloth or paper towel to wipe glass and gloss panels. Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals or cloths.

Finishing options
Surface is a tempered glass top. Sides are painted in a high gloss paint. Non glass Extensions match the table sides. Legs are finished in chrome.
Mixed Grey Glass top has dark grey top with a blue tone in it. Mocha Light Grey Glass has a light brown tone to it.
White & Mixed (dark) grey are edge to edge glass now. (no longer inset)

Have a look at the wood & paint finishes here.

Additional information

Panel Finish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great versatile table!

The design of the table is fantastic! It works well as a coffee table, but when guests come we can sit a lot of people around the table in the expanded mode. The ability to adjust the height of the table also makes it comfortable to perform other tasks, i. e.: arts and crafts. We are very satisfied with the purchase! Thank you, Expand Furniture!

The color match perfectly with my room

The staff at the store were really friendly and helpful, they showed me all the products they have in the store and how everything worked. Had some difficulty deciding which color to pick when I was purchasing the Glass Box Coffee table, but the staff give really good suggestions and explained the return policy and everything really well. The delivery was quick fast as well, it got delivered before I left for my vacation! Now I am back from vacation and now enjoying the new table! Thanks

I was hesitant buying online

I was hesitant buying online from a company in Canada when I live in NYC but it was worth it. I've had this table for 2 months now and I love it. It expands. It can handle weight. It locks in place. My only complaint it that it comes with primitive instructions. I was redirected to a video when I mentioned this. The video was helpful to understand how the table works.

Great setup

I love my new coffee table cum dining room table. It's grey-green glass surface is so elegant and beautifully holds my decor.
The chairs i bought with the set stack so neatly into a shelf at the top of the cupboard as to be invisible when not being used. I am looking forward to hosting my first big dinner on Christmas day this year!

Great product and terrific service from the folks at Expand Furniture who truly cared to make sure I was well set up in my new abode.

Awesome coffee table!

We can’t be happier with this coffee table, it is simple, neat, well constructed, and most importantly, very functional! My husband and I are cheered every morning by this new purchase, it worth every single penny.