Convertible Tables , Wall Beds with Sofas & Desks


Reveal Guide.

ATTN: After the pistons are inserted, do not lower the bedframe down without a mattress on top. This could damage the frame. The mattress distributes the weight more evenly.

Clear your room as much as possible before assembling
When building the metal frame make sure you pay attention to the bars and which way the holes are facing.
You want all the holes facing up to receive the slats.

Make sure the holes for mattress stopper are on the correct side for which way you are lifting the bed!
You need to make sure the metal frame is evenly set. You can adjust this frame so it does not touch either side.
Remember to install/attach the velcro mesh to the bottom of the bed, this keeps the bed tighter as well as giving protection for your floor.

Watch the video for more details.


How to attach the pistons: This is one of the last steps, you can do this after your bed frame is assembled.  Lift the frame up to a high point and then attach the pistons. Do not try compress the pistons by hand or lower the frame without the mattress on. (Specially on the King beds). The mattress needs to be on the frame to lower the system! Watch the video below:

Simple Manual links: Full manuals are in the shipped cartons


QUEEN BED in Black or White Queen
QUEEN GREY BED, the manual is slightly different: Grey Queen.


SINGLE BED: use the other guides as a reference – it is the same build.



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