Convertible Tables , Wall Beds with Sofas & Desks


Thanks for purchasing your Scatola or Scatola Mini extending bench.


This product is ready to use out of the box.

If you have any damage in transit (Do send photos) or any issues or concerns please immediately email us at [email protected]

Operational guide:

We suggest extending the bench quite far when trying to access the hidden panels. If you only extend the bench a little bit the rail will be in the way and could scratch the extensions.
So extend the rail so it opens up more room to grab the panels.

Only 1 extension has a ‘latch-lock’ and this is to fit on the end of the bench. The rest use a metal pin to lock into each other. It is easiest to insert these into each other at a slight angle.

Seat alignment:

Please note the seats are attached to the panels with Velcro. This means you can pull them off and re-align them. So if they are not quite perfect feel free to adjust them!