Why Doesn’t IKEA Sell Murphy Beds?

Why Doesn’t IKEA Sell Murphy Beds

When you’re looking for affordable furniture that is trendy, IKEA is a fantastic place to go! They have furniture and decor for every room in the house. However, an important piece of furniture they are missing are Murphy beds. Why don’t they include Murphy beds in their product line? We can speculate it because it’s not an item to easily cut costs on and mechanism and material quality is important. It is also very important for safety to have a bed that is built well.

While IKEA sells beautiful furniture, most of it is made from Particle board but more recently they seem to use even lighter materials that are hollow like cardboard that is coated with a melamine like finish. This material is brilliant to keep costs down and keep the shipping package weight light and at a low cost. However if you have hollow board it won’t be the best material to hold a metal murphy bed mechanism in place or a high weight capacity platform for a bed.

When it comes to Murphy beds, there is a lot that goes into installing and using one that requires a strong design along with durable materials. Murphy beds undergo a lot of regular movement while holding weight so strong materials are essential, something IKEA may not have wanted to compete with for a low cost Murphy Bed.

Where Can You Buy a Murphy Bed & What To Look For?

If you need a Murphy bed and are disappointed that IKEA doesn’t sell them, you may be wondering where you can buy them. There are many places that sell these types of beds, but there are several key things you should take into account when researching the company you want to purchase from.


Chances are if you were hoping IKEA sold Murphy beds, you probably enjoy simple, clean, and modern looking furniture. The good news is, Murphy beds come in a wide variety of styles and the simple modern style is a common choice! You can also opt for shelving or cabinets around your bed to save even more space!


Another draw to IKEA furniture is their prices. You can get attractive furniture even if you have a tight budget! However, IKEA is able to keep their prices low because of their light low cost manufacturing and materials. Many of their products are made to be economical and compact to take up minimal warehousing space. They have a fantastic business model that serves many people their low cost offerings.


It is essential that you find a company that makes Murphy beds with high-quality designs and the right materials to ensure longevity and durability. High-quality Murphy beds will often have a 1 pieces welded solid metal frame that is not assembled by the customer. A low cost bed might pass on saving by having you assemble the bed frame as this lowers the delivery cost and storage cost for the manufacturer and distributor. However an assembled frame will not be as solid as a welded frame. A welded frame is also less likely to make any noises and should have a higher weight capacity.

Solid wood, while beautiful and extremely strong, is also susceptible to warping and bowing and can even crack. Using a real wood design, specially when it is a thin build is likely a bad choice for a wall bed. Plywood, PB or MDF, are typically better materials to build a wall bed with, specially when the designs are space saving compact builds.

Customer Service

When looking for a company that sells Murphy beds, quality customer service is essential. You need to know that you can get a hold of the company if you have any questions or concerns. When you buy a Murphy bed, it requires installation and setup. It’s important to have a company to call when you need assistance.


Warranties are a helpful way of knowing that the company you’re buying from truly believes in their product. As you shop for Murphy beds, check the warranties of each company. Ideally, if you buy a good quality Murphy bed, you should never have to use the warranty, but it helps determine the companies faith in their product and gives you peace of mind.

Futons Or Murphy Beds? Decoding The Best Space-Saving Solutions

If you shopped at IKEA and discovered their lack of Murphy beds, you may have thought about buying a futon instead. Aren’t futons just as good as Murphy beds? The answer to this question lies in the comfort of the mattress and the space-saving quality of Murphy beds.

While futons can be used as a nice sized bed, if you have ever slept on a futon, you know that they are less than comfortable due to their thin mattress. Murphy beds generally offer a more comfortable sleeping experience as they use a standard mattress.

Additionally, Murphy beds can be neatly tucked away into a wall or cabinet when not in use, providing more floor space. The vertical storage option also eliminates the need for additional furniture rearrangement. Whereas futons take up floor space and are not as sleek and clean-looking.

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