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Yoga at Home Made Easy!

Have you ever needed to make space for Yoga in your Minimalist Modern apartment but simply cannot find the right spot? Squeezed in between the couch and pushed aside coffee table you try to do an Asana and instead of feeling calm you’re wondering when you’re going to hit something, never mind the claustrophobia of feeling trapped between furniture. Adaptable Furniture is the way to go for tight condo living as furniture needs to take on double duty features such as expanding and transforming to accommodate and make daily living functional and comfortable. Multi-purpose furniture that can convert from a coffee table to dining table, or a sofa into a bed; or freed up space on your living room floor for yoga…How can this all be achieved in as little as 200 square feet you may ask…? Well, companies like Expand Furniture based in Vancouver that export all over the world, are meeting the needs of the developers and condo dwellers alike.

The trend to smaller living spaces is widespread and it’s not about city living only. As society becomes more aware of their impact on the earth and the consumer waste we are dumping out, the conscious movement becomes about choosing quality items that serve multiple functions, while not taking up more space and wasteful heating and consumption of objects to fill those spaces for the sake of filling, rather than that of need and legitimate use of space.

The movement towards waste-not is gathering momentum as we notice the trend towards a smaller footprint. Less is more is the new catch phrase that is not going to fall out of favor and ever be replaced with a trend of “more” – we are simply beyond that in our culture. The minimalist ideas are abounding in books about clutter-free living. The KonMari method, which became synonymous with the word “tidying up” even has bloggers touting life lessons on de-cluttering your life and freeing yourself to live a happier and better life. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book changes the way we organize, simplify and store.

Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, known as “The Minimalists” to their 4 million readers, help people live more meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentary. As featured on: ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, and The Atlantic.

The furniture industry is finally catching up and pieces like the Alzare Coffee table which can transform from Coffee to dining and consoles that stretch out to 10 seat tables are genius designer solutions. Furniture that doesn’t clutter and can roll out the way are considerations when floor space is so premium. Consider single modular couches that can be easily split apart and moved rather than a set fixed, larger couch that is clumsy and awkward to move. Simply wheel that coffee dining room table out the way, shift your modular couch units or lift up the Murphy bed and roll out your yoga mat!

alzare rolling coffee table to create space for yoga or activities

Compact furniture that can literally shift shape is the key choice. Murphy beds that fold over sofas that don’t need to be moved solve problems by using the minimal amount of furniture, but offer both lounge and floor space when not in use as a bed and a sleeping area that looks gorgeous.

Hover wall bed saves space to open up a room for activities

 Young families living in the city that are searching for ways to make their homes feel functional and less crammed are benefiting from the transforming, adaptable furniture which supports all the members of the family at various stages of their daily life. Work/Office bed desk during the day converting to comfortable sleeping bed without removing anything off the desk come night time…

 Our lives are meant to be enjoyed and when we are given choices of furniture that support our needs and lifestyle choices, it helps with the balance we crave. Homes and spaces become more harmonious as they become more adaptable and functional.



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