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Compatto – Wall bed Revolving Bookcase with Table


Revolving italian wall bed desk
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Compatto – Wall bed Revolving Bookcase with Table


This premium revolving bookcase wall bed is designed and manufactured in Italy and offers a complete package. The mattress and the dining table hide away. It would be a challenge not to be impressed by this unique wall bed. The shelves can blend into a room with a larger library, serve as ornamental shelving space or be a bookshelf of its own. With a few simple twists and turns your books and possessions are hidden away and you can lower your bed for a good night sleep. High quality design, finishing and genius engineering is evident in this beautiful Italian revolving bed. The large dinner table smoothly conceals itself when not needed and the shelving has plenty of vertical storage to keep your home organized. This Italian rotating wall bed is a bedroom, dining room and vertical storage unit all combined into an easy and neat package. Custom built orders form Italy to your door in 12-14 weeks.  Custom Compatto cabinet add on options here.



This Revolving LMG wall bed system has a bookshelf system that revolves around and opens into a queen sized bed. You can also have a sliding table on the front. Custom built to order in approximately 14 weeks from factory to your home.
The storage of the shelves are a great feature for a small area to be more useful. The rotating wall bed is finished in a variety of panel choices so you can easily match the decor of your home. We highly recommend the package  which includes a 6 inch mattress (European) and the sliding table add on. The optional table is a huge space saver allowing you to have dining in a home where it may not be permitted, or just to have a hide away table and convertible bed which free up a big area during the day making any space more livable. This table does not have to be attached to the unit and you can use it on any wall in your home. You can choose 2 tone finishes or all 1 tone: [table + shelving color] & [outside box + back panels]. Optional mattress which is now a medium-soft firmness (firm still available by request). If you want 2 tones to your bed please let us know in the order notes. We can also build custom side shelving or cabinets at the same time, view Compatto cabinet options here.

Room of choice delivery to most cities in the USA and Canada. 12-14 weeks typical schedule.
For the “in stock” all white bundle the delivery is 4-6 weeks in Canada and 12 weeks for the USA.
Please Note Italian Factory workers take off August which will cause some production delays around the surrounding months.

Measurements in inches

Revolving Wall bed details:
Wall bed height: 86.7″
Wall Bed depth including Shelves and closed table: 24.9″
Wall bed length with bed open: 96.85″
Wall bed width: 71.5″
We can also build custom side shelving or cabinets at the same time, view Compatto cabinet options here.

Optional Table details
Length: 65 inches (87.5 inches from back of wall bed to end of table)
Height: 28 inches
Width: 27.75 inches

Shelf details
Shelf depth: 9 inches
Vertical shelf Spacing: 12.8 inches apart
Lowest shelf vertical spacing: 22.5″

Mattress Options: We Highly recommend ordering a mattress with this bed as it is a custom size.
Size: 195 x 155 x 15 cm  (North American queen sheets and linens will work on this)
Medium Coil:  Medium-firm comfort level. Made in Italy, in house brand.
(firm available by request)
Memory Foam: Medium-firm comfort level. Made in Italy, in house brand.


Assembly required
This is a DIY install. Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your wall. While most hardware is included in this we do require you purchase your own wall anchors for this reason. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise.

Finishing Options
If you prefer to have a 2 tone wall bed this can be arranged, just let us know in your order notes. Choose 1 color of the outer frame & back panel and another color for the Shelves and Table. Or choose all matching. We have sample panels you can order to see physical examples. Please inquire.

Click here for the PDF of Panel options


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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Wall Bed Color

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Optional Table


Mattress Type

Medium Coil Mattress, Medium Memory Foam Mattress, No Mattress


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sleek looking wall bed

My husband enjoyed the comfortable mattress. If the price iso more affordable, I can recommend to my friends. The price I paid for the unit, is that I dare not mention to any of my friends as it could be seen as a show off or they think that I am crazy. My husband think that I am crazy and for the price that I paid, delivery should be included. Overall, we are very happy with the unit.

Conversation Piece!

It’s great! We are very happy with it. It’s also a great conversation piece.

Best furniture I ever bought

Quick note. We flew to Vancouver to buy this item to make sure it was everything we wanted in a wall bed/ desk/ bookcase Answer it was. The staff here are literally the most attentive and knowledgeable about their products. Once we had the majority of the item installed I needed more help and they spent a full hour Skyping with me to get everything perfect. Our condo is small and this wallbed allows us to use the force as a desk, bookcase and bed for when guests come over. It may seem a little expensive but the engineering of the equipment allows you to completely use every available space you need with so much versatility! Thx guys so happy. We will continue to buy our furniture from you even in Calgary!!

Great furniture products for our small space 

We love the revolving bed. We have a 562 sf and it is awesome. We entertain our guests by pulling out the table and showing off the bed.

One of the wisest decisions we have made for our home.

We love the bed, I have slept on it half a dozen times and it is firm and very comfortable.  My brother in law also loved it.  My sister didn't mind but she is used to a less supportive bed.  We also used the table option this Past Christmas season and it was perfect for wrapping gifts.  I have meant to do a little video review but time has just kept slipping by.  I am very satisfied with this purchase and think it's probably one of the wisest decisions we have made for our home.  I just need to get some different furniture to finish the room!

For inquiring customers please note the mattress now comes standard with a softer medium feel now. Firm is available by request