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Barrie’s Leading Modular Sofa Sets On Sale

You love your home in Barrie, but you are looking to maximize the space that you have. If you have too many pieces of furniture, it can feel very cramped. At Expand Furniture, we have an excellent solution for you: Modular sofas. We can customize them to fit your place perfectly. There will be no wasted space. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and shapes. Do you have a color scheme in mind? We can match it for you. The modular sofas can also easily wrap around a room. Come check out our selection.

Barrie's Leading Modular Sofa Sets On Sale

Get The Perfect Sleeper Sofa For Your Barrie Home!

This is a great way to sleep. It’s not like you have been relegated to the sofa – you can pull out a comfortable mattress so that you can get a good night’s sleep. We sell sleeper sofas that have memory foam mattresses – that way, they can conform to your body to make for an even more restful night. As far as size goes, you can pick from queen size or extra wide. It just depends on your needs. You don’t have to worry about being poked by the joints or bars of the sofa – the mattress will protect you. You can get a lot of use out of this.

Shop Sofa Bunk Beds With Modern Designs

Space Saving Furniture For Your Home In Barrie

You want to feel like you can stretch out in your home. A lot of furniture can make that feel very cramped though. We are ready to help you with that at Expand Furniture. We sell things like coffee tables that can expand to seat six people or console tables that store nano chairs underneath them to beds where you can store things underneath the mattress. You can also get benches that expand and shrink to whatever your needs are at the moment. All of these items are very stylish and you will be glad to display them to others.

Stylish Modular Sectional Couches For Sale In Barrie

Options That Meet Your Needs
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Pull Out Couch With Easy Opening

Bunk Beds For Sale

Modern Bunk Bed Couch For Sale

modular sleeper sofas

Buy Mid-Century Modular Sleeper Sofa

twin size, king, and queen murphy beds

Contemporary Twin-Sized Murphybed

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5-Star Rated Sectional Bed Sofa Sets

space saving transforming and sleeper chairs

Space-Saving Sleeper Chair Bed

State-Of-The-Art Murphy Bed Styles

Buy Sofa Beds With Quality Workmanship & Materials

When you buy from Expand Furniture, you are going to be getting items that have been crafted and assembled with care, unlike some other places, where you run the considerable risk of getting a shoddy item. We construct our furniture so that they will last a long time and will be durable for you and your family. For example, with a sofa bed, you won’t be worrying every time you pull out the mattress.

Our workers are very proud of the work that they put into building these sofa beds. These are also very fashionable pieces, with a wide range of colors and styles that make them unique as opposed to things that you could get at a large chain. You will be able to have these sofas for many years. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We also have many sales, so you will be able to save money.

quality workmanship and materials

Barrie Sectional Sleeper Sofa Sellers

Sleeper Sofa For Sale

Do you live in the Barrie area and want to get an excellent sleeper sofa? Come take a look at our collection at Expand Furniture. These sofas can fit many areas of your home or apartment. These are unique-looking sofas, too, so they will give your place a sense of style. The fabrics are fashionable and if you like cushions that give an extra bit of flair, you can get a lot of loose ones. We are here to help you recognize your vision.

What about just sitting on these sofas? You will love the plush seating and the curved padded arms. They make sitting so very comfortable. Once you sit down, you will want to stay there for a good amount of time. Our mattresses are memory foam and they will help you have a great night of sleep every single time. Feel free to check out our online selections.

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