Space Saving Hidden Wall Bed Desks and Wall Bed Tables that add a bedroom to your space. Built with balanced mechanics, comfort and styled designs. Make your office smart with the ability to convert into a bedroom by simply lowering your Wall Bed Desk. Or use a Murphy Bed Table combination in a small area to gain an extra full size bed.


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Murphy Bed Tables and Desks Space Saving furniture are a great way to add function to your home. Convert your office into a guestroom with a Wall Bed desk. The wall bed desks lower down and the desks hideaway to be left with a comfortable bed. Murphy Bed tables can be great space savers in studio apartments and vacation homes where you are trying to maximize space with function.

Use the Table in the daytime for meals or even as a large work desk and convert it at night if you need a bedroom. Some of our tables fold up flat and even revolve around completely to be hidden. These revolving wall beds often have shelving for extra storage as well during the day time. We have Murphy bed desks that are also freestanding which means you don’t need to mount any hardware to the wall, they just work on their own.

Browse our collection of Wall bed desks and wall bed tables below and if you have any special requests do contact us for custom Murphy bed desks. We also have a number of convertible wall bed sofas online to give you the most out of your space!

Top Rated Murphy Bed Desks For Sale

Living in a large city means paying top rates for little room, making your space cramped and feeling smaller than it already is. At Expand Furniture, we seek to provide space saving desks that can add versatility and freedom of movement to your home. With our top rated Murphy bed desks for sale, you can utilize every inch of space in your small apartment or home. Convert your office into a bedroom with ease with our Murphy bed desk combinations and maximize the use of your space. Expand Furniture has a large collection of transforming Murphy wall beds are perfect for small apartment living. Browse through our collections today!

Top Rated Wall Bed Desks For Sale

Shop Popular Wall Bed Desks Online

At Expand Furniture, you can shop popular wall bed desks online from the comfort of your own home. Find any number of exquisite, modern transforming wall bed desks to add to your small apartment, designed with clean lines, neutral, bright finishes, and superior manufacturing in mind. These wall bed desks can lower down and transform easily into a comfortable bed so that maximizing the functionality of your space is easy and painless. With a variety of models to choose from, you can find the perfect wall bed desk to suit the needs of your small space. Shop our popular wall bed desks online to find the perfect space saving solution!

Wall Bed Desk Ratings & Reviews

For comfort and multi-function for your small home, find wall bed desks with excellent ratings and reviews at Expand Furniture. We design our Murphy wall bed desks to function with as much versatility as possible, creating a unique piece of furniture that will not only save you space, but offer a touch of modernity to your home. Our sleek, space saving furniture is made with neutral tones, clean lines, and superior manufacturing, making them the top-rated wall bed desks on the market. Browse through our fine selection of Murphy wall bed desks to find the right piece of modern, multi-functional furniture to help maximize the space in your home.

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Best Space Saving Desk Beds On Sale

Expand furniture has a large selection of space saving furniture on sale to help you get the most out of your small apartment space. You can convert any room from an office to a guest room or bedroom using our uniquely designed wall bed desks that simply lower down and transform from a desk to a cozy, comfortable bed within seconds. Murphy beds are one of the great space savers for small apartment dwellers, capable of folding away and turning your cramped living area to a spacious and open room. Browse through our large online selection to find a number of the best space saving desk beds on sale at Expand Furniture!

Buy Transforming Wall Desk Bed

Once of the necessities of a small home, and often one of the pieces of furniture that takes up far too much space, is the bed. You can’t go without one, but having one means a large amount of the room is consumed by the oversized piece of furniture. At Expand Furniture, we offer transforming wall desk beds to help you maximize the usage of your home with a uniquely designed transforming wall bed desk. This allows you to freely use your desk and have a spacious room to enjoy, as well as having a quick, transforming bed in which to relax. Browse through our online selection to buy a transforming wall desk bed today!

Browse Top Murphy Bed Desk Stores

Expand Furniture is a space saving furniture company that offers a wide selection of Murphy desk beds so that you can utilize every inch of space around your home without creating a cramped and unpleasant environment. Our Murphy bed desks are beautifully designed to be multi-functional and provide excellent space saving solutions for any sized home. A large variety of our wall bed desks are also free standing so that no hardware is necessary to mount it to the wall! From revolving wall beds to transforming Murphy bed desks, you can find a variety of space saving solutions when you browse the top Murphy Bed Desk stores of Expand Furniture!

Purchase Space Saver Murphy Desk

Expand Furniture has a variety of Murphy desks that can help you maximize the space in your home. With a variety of stylish designs to choose from, having a multi functional space saving furniture makes your small home feel spacious.

Search Murphy Tables By Color

Find a large selection of transforming tables when you shop space saving tables online with Expand Furniture. We offer tables in a variety of colors and styles, designed with sleek, modern touches and functionality in mind.

#1 Mid-Century Murphy Wall Bed Desks

Expand Furniture carries affordable mid-century Murphy wall bed desks that can transform with ease, providing you the comfort, style, and function you need for small space living. Browse through our online selection today.

Five Star Rustic Murphy Bed Desks

The stylish, rustic Queen size Murphy wall bed desks are an excellent addition to any home. Our transforming Murphy desks are designed to fit the needs of small spaces while providing comfort, style, and versatility.

Find 5 Star Modern Wall Desk Beds

For a large collection of 5 star modern wall bed desks, visit Expand Furniture. Our transforming wall bed desks are specifically designed to provide functionality, style, and comfort for small home dwellers with limited space.