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Shop designer lift and storage beds that add a whole cupboard to your room. These are no ordinary lift storage beds. The Pratico rounded lift beds have over 50% more storage capacity than a conventional storage bed. Built right to the floor and they fit in compact spaces where a clunky drawer bed would not fit. Built with high functionality in mind. Or view the ultra stylish modern Italian lift bed with a curved leather head board. We have a variety of amazing storage bed options built with quality mechanics and designed to give you extra space.

We also have a variety of other space-saving furniture such as the wall bed futon and the popular contemporary wall bed sofas to help you make the most out of your small space.

Top Rated Storage Bed Store

Expand Furniture offers some of the most unique and versatile storage bed options to help maximize any small space. If your bedroom has little room for a dresser or even drawers under the bed, the lift bed is perfect for you! The unique setup is designed to work in spaces just like these. Additionally, even more storage space is provided than the typical drawer bed because the entire space under the bed can be used, rather than just the area inside the drawers. These top-rated storage beds and space saving alternative beds are durable, functional, and offered in a wide variety of styles.

Lift Storage Bed Lifting Storagebed Expand Furniture for Sale

Popular Lift Storage Beds Online

The space-saving lift storage bed is one of our most popular furniture pieces and is offered in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. Choose from side-lifting storage or bottom-lifting, or go with our Pratico rounded lift bed that offers over 50% more storage capacity than a regular storage bed. These high-quality, affordable lift beds are designed with functionality in mind to help utilize the space you have without compromising your budget. Browse our vast online selection of space saving wall beds today, where you are certain to find the perfect, affordable piece for your home!

Space Saving Storage Beds On Sale

When you need to live smarter and expand your space, shop the wide variety of space-saving wall beds online at Expand Furniture. We have several beds discounted from already affordable prices, so you are sure to find something that will work for you. With high-quality mechanics and over 50% more storage capacity than a typical storage bed, these five-star storage beds will fit in the most compact space while still providing a whole extra cupboard for your belongings. These are definitely no ordinary storage beds. Make your space work for your needs and browse our sale collection today!

Popular Lift Storage Bed for Sale Online Sold by Expand Furniture

Best Lifting Storage Bed For Sale

Expand Furniture has one of the highest-rated collections of space saving furniture in the world. We offer high-quality mechanics, compact beds, and high-capacity storage spaces designed to fit in any small bedroom. These highly functional beds are affordable, durable, and offered with incredible warranties. Our online selections list precise measurements listed with each bed, so you can be certain it will fit in your space before ordering. We also show reviews from previous clients so you can learn about each piece to find the best fit for your needs. Browse our selection or give us a call to answer any questions you may have about our storage beds!

Shop Five Star Beds With Storage

Whether you live in a small home, tiny apartment, or even a conventional home, our storage beds are right for you. Crafted with functionality and durability in mind, our five-star storage beds boast exceptional storage capacity. They are created for spaces where dressers or beds with drawers will not work. Expand Furniture offers a wide variety of styles, from a sleek and modern look to a curvy, classy feel. Browse our selection of wall bed desks, storage beds, and sofa beds to find out more!

Read Customer Storage Bed Reviews

If you are still uncertain about purchasing one of our convenient lifting storage beds, read what others have to say! We carry an excellent track record of five-star ratings and reviews for our exceptional customer service, unbeatable warranties, and high-quality products. Our convertible furniture is some of the best in the business, and will help you maximize your small space for its fullest potential. Read below to find out what customers are saying about us!

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Lift Storage Bed Buyers’ Guide

At Expand Furniture, we know it can be difficult and risky to order a storage bed (or any furniture really!) online without seeing it in person first. That is why we provide exact measurements for each piece, any necessary assembly instructions, warranty information, and more. Our goal is to be completely transparent about each piece of furniture so you can find the best fit for the needs of your family.

Browse Compact Storage Beds

By choosing a compact storage bed, add a whole new cupboard to your bedroom without sacrificing space. Our compact storage beds and wall bed desks use high-quality mechanics and boast more space than a standard storage bed.

Buy A Small Space Storage Bed

Search our online selection to find the perfect lift bed for your tiny apartment. Designed to be versatile and durable, our small space storage beds will help utilize your space to its full potential without adding clutter.

Purchase King Size Storage Bed

Available in any size, from twin and full up to king, our custom lift beds come in a variety of styles. Whether you prefer contemporary, modern, round, or European, we have just the right King-sized storage bed for you!

Queen Storage Bed Sale Online

Browse through our online selection of high-quality, functional queen storage beds. With over 50% more capacity than a conventional storage bed and built to last, our lift beds are sure to please even the pickiest homeowner. From lift beds to alternative beds, there’s a selection for everyone.

Search Full Size Storage Beds

Do you need more storage in your tiny apartment but have no space for yet another cabinet? Consider our full-size lift storage beds, designed to fit in areas where dressers or beds with drawers will not function properly.

Top Twin Size Storage Beds

As a top-rated provider of specially designed twin-size storage beds, Expand Furniture offers a wide selection of twin size lift storage beds specially created to maximize the space in small homes and help you live smarter. Browse through our space saving wall beds and storage beds today!

Mid Century Storage Beds

Browse through our amazing variety of lift-able storage beds, available in multiple styles and materials. Looking for a mid century style storage bed or wall bed? Find your lifting storage bed style at Expand Furniture’s online store.

5 Star Modern Storage Beds

Expand Furniture has an excellent record of five-star reviews for our prompt customer service and excellent warranties. Browse our large selection of modern storage beds and bunk beds for sale online today on

Contemporary Storage Bed

Our space-saving furniture are crafted with high-quality materials and mechanics, and designed with utmost versatility and functionality in mind. Find the perfect contemporary storage bed or space saving wall bed for your apartment.