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Rotating Murphy Bed Product FAQs


Where are Rotating wall beds made?

They are Made in Italy


How long is delivery on a Rotating Murphy Bed?

In stock quick ship models are delivered in approximately 4 weeks to most cities in the USA & Canada.
Custom orders take about 16 weeks from production to delivery to most cities in the USA and Canada. East coast deliveries are quicker than west coast.
Please Note Italian Factory workers take off August which will cause some production delays around the surrounding months.


What is the warranty on a Compatto Rotating Murphy Bed?

5 Years on wall bed hardware & mechanics. Expand Furniture’s Rapid customer service.


What Sizes of Revolving Murphy wall beds Do You Provide?

The most popular size is the queen revolving Murphy bed, but we also make them in Twin / Single revolving murphy bed size. We currently do not make a full – double size murphy bed or a King


Can I sleep on a revolving Murphy bed every day or is it for occasional use?

It is built for everyday use.


Can I buy the hardware for a Spinning Rotating Murphy Bed?

Sorry this patented exclusive revolving Murphy bed hardware is only sold as a finished product. It is a finely tuned product and needs to be manufactured precisely


Will my tv or power cords need to be unplugged from the Swivel Murphy bed with TV?

No the centralized cord management allows for the cords to all stay connected


How Do Rotating Murphy Beds Work?

Inside the cabinet we have a special track with grooves cut out. The system is on wheels and follows this track while also pivoting in the middle. This allows everything to rotate smoothly and balanced. Your books, and goods on your shelves will all stay in place when rotating your Murphy bed.


Can 2 adults sleep on a revolving Murphy bed?

Yes 2 Adults can fit on the queen size rotating wall bed model.


How much weight can I put on my Rotating Murphy Bed Bookcase?

The rotating Murphy Bed Bookcase can handle over 440lbs on the bed side. Each book case shelf level can handle over 44lbs of items per level.


Can I use my own mattress on a revolving Murphy bed?

We include a premium Oeko-Tex certified Italian mattress with this product. You could later buy your own mattress but it must fit our size specifications.


Where Do You Ship Revolving Murphy Beds to?

We custom build and can deliver revolving wall beds to continental USA & Canada and Europe. Expand Furniture also has quick ship revolving murphy bed options for most major cities in the USA and Canada including New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.