Convertible Tables , Wall Beds with Sofas & Desks
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Abracadabra! Slick compact console units that are unobtrusive against a wall when space saving is needed and then can miraculously open up and turn themselves into giant tables…it sounds like a genie in a bottle! Indeed, these magically transforming tables can seat an intimate four setting or right up to a whopping 14 people if needed. The adjustable sizing is achieved by the matching surface leaves which offer up all sorts of multi functional table options. Some of the styles are deceivingly compact in size and yet expand to tremendous lengths. These styles of tables work well either in kitchens or for conferences, when not being used as a designer side table displaying ornaments. Looking for even more subtlety and functionality? Something that can be tucked away, the desk sized console-to-tables are extremely practical and with a quick shift, twists and turns & voila the table doubles in size for 4-6 people to dine. Optimizing your space in a smaller room is fully realized when the leaves pack down and are self contained in the same console unit. Modern designs and high quality finishes make the products stand out in fashion forward homes as well as being traditional enough to blend into any environment whether it be your home or office. From desk size consoles, to dinner size, and even conference sized we have it all, browse our online catalogue of console to dining tables.