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Tiny Titan – Transforming Kitchen Table



Tiny Titan – Transforming Kitchen Table


Looking for a Transforming Kitchen table? You have found the Tiny Titan space saver. This compact console table packs a punch by transforming into a titan of a kitchen table. Capable of seating 10-14 people. This is one of the largest transforming tables we carry at 300cm (118 inches)  in maximum length. Makes a great office conference space saver and a exceptional dinner table for large gatherings. The Tiny Titan hides away well as beautiful console but can also be used as a permanent small table. Finished in Glossy paints or a or a variety of wood styles.  Quick Ships World Wide.  Add on 12 nano chairs here to make a Titan bundle dining set.

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A slightly larger console than our Junior Giant table, the Tiny Titan will has massive growth capability extending as large as 300 cm (118 inches, 9.85 feet) . If you are shopping for a transforming kitchen table the Tiny Titan should be on your list. It is very capable of hosting a large family dinner while also being able to remain tiny against the wall when you need the extra space. The leaves can easily store away in a cupboard or closet and when needed 1 to 5 leaves transforms the size to seat up to 14 people. A strong chassis is supported by an extra leg frame in the middle that is adjustable. As a small console table the leg frame is hidden in the consoles legs.

Build your own dining set add on by selecting 12 Nano chairs to go with your Titan console dining table.

Dimensions as a console:
Height: 75.5 cm or 29.75 inches
Width: 120 cm or 47.25 inches
Depth: 50 cm or 19.7 inches
Dimensions as an extended table:
Height: 75.5 cm or 29.75 inches
Width: 120 cm or 47.25 inches
Depth: 300 cm or 118.1 inches

5 Extensions each extension is 47.25 inches long and 19.7 inches wide and 3/4 inch deep.

Shipping Information
North America – Allow 1-3 weeks. Quick Worldwide Shipping ~ 7-10 days Express. Fully insured for safe delivery

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500 day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2 way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

This table ships in 3 cartons. Minor assembly required.

Cleaning options
Use mild soap and water with a micro-soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals.

Finishing options
Can you order this in another color or finish? Yes this is possible please email to inquire.

Available in White Gloss Paint, Walnut Wood (veneer) or Synthetic wood panels (heat, stain, scratch & moisture resistant): Walnut Panel , Aged Light Ash Panel, Aged Light Walnut Panel, Grey Wood Panel :

walnut finish panel examplewhite gloss panel exampleAged-Light-AshAged-Light-WalnutGrey-Wood-PanelGlossy-Grey-Coffee-painted-finish




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Panel Finish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tiny Titan - Transforming Kitchen Table

I absolutely love my white Tiny Titan table. The shipping was fast and they delivered everything right into my unit. It was very easy to assemble - assembled it myself and just needed a second person to move it into place. This table is made from great quality material. It works great in my space and I can't wait to host a big dinner party! Really wonderful to have the flexibility of seating so many people without taking up too much floor space on a day to day basis.


This table is very well made and easy to configure. We have used it for dinner parties from 6 to 14 and absolutely love it

Tiny Titan was worth the wait.

I received my Tiny Titan table and it is absolutely fabulous. It is well built and fits my space perfectly. I will no longer have to set up extra folding tables when family comes for holiday dinners or friends for card parties. You have my highest recommendation. Thank you so much.


Tiny Titan - Transforming Kitchen Table

Tiny Titan - in aged light walnut

Customer service = helpful, available

Options for product = a variety of different finishes are available which is very helpful for making the product suit your decor and style
— light walnut looks lovely. I really like the colouring.

Quality of table = good, some parts of the table are much less sturdy that I anticipated since the table is made with heavy metal frame, I haven’t broken a leg off yet. I received this product chipped in one corner but the company is going to compensate me for the fault. The table edges have been nicked and worn a bit during the (almost) two years we have used it.

Functionality = fair. I had hoped I could use it for every day as my main table but the awkwardness of the metal frame impedes a comfortable sitting position. If you are wondering to yourself: “I wonder if the fact that there is this two legged metal frame that has to be in the way will bother me?” The answer for me is YES, 100 times yes. I have tried multiple chairs and positions but those metal legs are simply in the way. And it hurts when you bang your leg against them. Another question: “i wonder if those edges (when extended past the console) would be a problem?” Yes they don’t look nice and you bump yourself all the time. (What edges? The edges created when an addition is put in and on the long side of the table you get corners on each end as circled in picture)

Overall opinion: I feel I spent to much on a product I cannot get the use I expected to get out of it because of its limitations comfort wise. I know I chose this one but having a do over I would chose any table that only has one metal leg or none that impede where you can put your legs to comfortably sit at the table. This table will not be used as our main table but instead as a console and used when we have a family event (which is half of the purpose we bought it for so it still is useable I just wish I would have seen a review of this table that discus...