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We try to make things easy for you. With most deliveries you will be given a phone call to arrange a convenient date that suits your schedule. Many of our tables and chairs are fully assembled out of the box or only require minor assembly. We provide phone and technical support as well as full warranties on our products. Everything we ship is insured which means that it is going to arrive safely and in the rare circumstance it does not you are completely covered. We are here for you before and after the sale.

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The Flip - Console to Table
Dominic White (Los Angeles, US)
Functional Work of Art

The Flip Console Table is the piece I've needed for some time now. I am a minimalist and do not need or want a dining room table taking up loft space when it's only used a few times a day. Over the course of several months, I'd looked at many other convertible tables and none of them suited my tastes. The Flip immediately did.

The black version looks as if it's polished to the sheen of a grand piano. The legs are sturdy and easy to use. And several visitors have already commented that the table looks "sexy" and "stylish." It is both.

I only have two criticism. The first is that one can see the leg sliding mechanisms under the table. But given its minimalist design, there is no way to avoid that. Second, the paper instructions may be difficult to follow if one is not mechanically inclined. Expand has a very helpful video that walks one through the process, but I was unable to find it on the site. Customer service did send me the link, however, it would be great if the installation video was readily available on the Flip Console web page, and/or mentioned in the printed documentation.

Those two points aside, I am extremely pleased. the shipping was ultra fast. I ordered it on a Friday and it had arrived from Canada by the following Wednesday. On several occasions, customer service contacted me after closing hours to answer questions. Overall, this has been one of the best online furniture shopping experiences I've had. I would definitely buy from Expand again!

Flip - Console to Dining Room Set
Nicholas N (San Francisco, US)
Console Table and Folding Chairs

I just got my console table and folding chairs and am thrilled with my purchase. Both the table and chairs are very well made and high quality. They also look very stylish in my tiny apartment. Customer service is also excellent. I received prompt and professional responses to my inquiries.

Scatola Benches perfect with Jr Giant Revolution table

Great product, terrific staff, and an awesome combination of the Mini Scatola benches with the Jr. Giant Revolution table. I have a small living space which made the choice to use Expand Furniture easy. The table and benches fit perfect in my alcove when collapsed, how I use it most, and expand easily to accomodate 10 comfortably, 12 cozily, and I'm sure I could get 4 more in if needed. Benches open and close easily and are sturdy. I don't feel like they are going to bend or warp after repeated use like other adjustable furniture I've seen. TIP: there is one bench seat that must be used every time regardless of the number of seat you use. I recommend always putting this seat away last and in the middle. You will know where it is and it is easiest to remove.

Jr Giant great - Staff even better!

I received my Jr Giant Revolution table and it was terrific as expected. It fit my space perfectly. What was unexpected from buying online was the service. First, the estimated arrival date was almost to the day. This was before the table was even available for shipping. Second, I always received a prompt, honest, and accurate answer to my email questions (I made several "is it ready yet" inquiries). I received notice, without asking, when the table was on its way. I had follow up questions after the table arrived and still received the same personal concern for my satisfaction. I tell you, I am very satisfied with my table and extremely satisfied with the people at Expand Furniture.

Our loft's centerpiece!

We recently moved into a large loft and wanted to create a "living room space" in the middle of it. We already had an amazing sofa from Expand and we opted for the gray glass expandable cube table to go with it. The table is breathtaking. We have art pieces and sculptures, and the table is more like another piece of art than just a table, yet functional. The grayish glass surface is mesmerizing. It looks like a lake at dusk when everything is quiet, and the water looks like glass against the darkening sky. It is simultaneously reserved and striking. The expandable functionality is incredible. You can regulate the height and the size. Put one leaf in, and you have a slightly larger coffee table. Put all three leaves in and you can have a dinner for ten and decide if you want regular dining chair height or set it low and eat "Moroccan style". This is a piece for all occasions and will serve for years to come. I cannot recommend this table enough.


A lovely piece of furniture which sets the room off. Easy to put together but be warned you will need a few strong people to upright the table.
Directions to indicate it is safe to lean the table on the glass side would have been helpful and reduced the stress.
Some hiccups with delivery but overall delighted with my new piece of furniture.

Very Happy Customer

I am a very happy customer of Expand Furniture. Although it took about 4 months to fulfill my order of a Trojan Console Table and Chairs, when they finally arrived I was very happy with my purchase. I also give kudos to all the employees that handled my order from processing to shipping, they were all very friendly, helpful, and professional. Thank you all

Transforming Table Space Saver 3 - Slim Evolved
L Acuesta Bartolome (Pasig, PH)
Worth It!

I live halfway across the world and my purchase of the Transforming Table still went without a hitch. The table arrived via DHL intact and undamaged. Pleasantly surprised that the table had a heft to it; very different from the other rickety versions I have seen. It's perfect for the space as I use it as a coffee, dining, and work table. Thank you to everyone for making my customer experience so pleasant and accommodating my order even if the site does not ship to my country.

So happy we got this table

Exactly as advertised, if not even better. Such a versitile table that comes assembled already (huge bonus) and love how easy it is to maintain (no coasters needed!). The customer service is also exceptional.

Junior Giant Revolution - Extending Console Seats 12
David S Wallace (San Francisco, US)
A wonderful easy to use very sturdy table

We are an extended family of big people. I was delighted to receive the Junior Giant Revolution table and see the quality of the product. The finish (ours is glossy white) is beautiful - almost like a mirror. The leaves and table are sturdy in that they interlock. So there's no problem with someone pushing off from the table in the middle where a leaf is placed. The leaves all stack nicely under our bed. The expanding mechanism is sturdy and the rotating leg in the center is conveniently out of the way of those who are sitting in the middle of the fully expanded table. I can see this piece of engineering (umm I mean furniture) being in the family for years to come.

Wonderful Product

Very happy with this table. It is a great solution for my small space serving as a coffee table or a dining table for six people. I’ve only had it for about a month but it seems to be very good quality and durable.

The Flip - Console to Table
Christa G (Loudon, US)
Perfect form and function

The Flip is the perfect combination of form and function. It is sturdy, easy to assemble and an ideal sideboard until I need more dinner table seating.

Transforming table Space Saver 3-Slim

What an awesome table , folds down to almost nothing , With a click and a swivel
It's a nice size sturdy functional table , My wife uses it for her art designs , as a big surface for all her projects , I'm looking forward to using it as a coffee table , again with a simple click , The concrete top looks like ........concrete !!!
Solid like a rock , Impressive...... Great design!!!

The Flip - Console to Table
Stephan Stan (Calgary, CA)
The Flip - Console to Table - mutli purpose living area

Living room dining area was re purposed to accomodate a large desk to work from home. Purchased The Flip - Console to table so that formal dining would be possible The Companion Cube - 5 Hidden Seats Ottoman fits nicely under the table at an artful angle. Looks like it meant to be. Waiting for the first opportunity to have games night - post covid. Combination of The Flip table and Companion cube - increases utilization of limited space - with style.

Companion Cube - 5 Hidden Seats Ottoman
Stephan Stan (Calgary, CA)
Perfect companion to The Flip - Console to Table

Living room dining area was re purposed to accomodate a large desk to work from home. Purchased The Flip - Consolel to table. The Companion Cube - 5 Hidden Seats Ottoman fits nicely under the table at an artful angle. Looks like it meant to be. Waiting for the first opportunity to have games night - post covid

Beautiful Sectional, Wonderful Company

We ordered the Leather Migliore in the pandemic which meant one of the pieces was on back order and there was a delay on shipping until February 2021 (it was worth the wait!). Expand was diligent in contacting us and enquiring if we would like the two pieces in stock to ship separately rather than wait for the back ordered item to arrive in March to ship all together, we agreed. The shipment of the two pieces arrived in a reasonable amount of time, however, there was a small flaw in the material, we contacted Expand and they were more than willing to consider our claim, make suggestions and solve the problem in record time. I don't think I waited for a response longer than 1 day and I am thoroughly impressed with the level of customer service compared to some of the big names, in terms of being treated like a real person!

Aside from the positive customer service experience, the sectional is made of quality leather and works well in our open concept living room. It's stiff at first, but the leather begins to relax over a short time and becomes the most comfortable thing to curl up on. I can't say enough about the pillows as well, they are zippered so the stuffing can be replaced if required, I comfortable enough that I may have fallen asleep on them more than once. This is a very functional piece of furniture and we bought it specifically because it was modular (great for a growing family), easy to clean and a very reasonable price for leather. Our vinyl floor was still a bit slippery for the legs, and we added rubber caps so the pieces wouldn't move no matter who sat down. Overall we had a stellar experience with this company, and received an exceptional sectional for the cost. We will definitely be considering more pieces in the future!

Jr Edge Dining Set - Super Extending Console Table & Chairs
Melissa Speranza (Fort Lauderdale, US)
So impressed with the product!

This is a beautiful table and set of chairs.
It expands effortlessly and the chairs are so thin and easy to store. They chairs are heavy, sturdy, and very comfortable.
It is worth the wait (if COVID affects your shipping).
We cannot wait to entertain and we did not have room for a big table so this was the absolute perfect solution!

Transforming Table Space Saver 3 - Slim Evolved
Norman Belleza (San Diego, US)
Amazing product!

The table is perfect. It serves multiple purposes. The quality and craftsmanship is top-notch and unparalleled. It’s like you are buying a custom-made piece. I’m already looking to buy another piece of furniture soon. Thank you!

Scatola Chair - Extends to Seat 8
Biagio Pepe (Burnaby, CA)
Impressive Bench

Just received our Scatola. Expanded, I was impressed at how sturdy it is, not just how easily it is to put together. Extra seating to add when we expand our Juggernaut 2 table, and use on our deck in the summer when we have guests over. Doesn’t take up a lot of space. Really happy.

Great table! It saves so much space and stands up to the daily abuse of our kids.

Very worthwhile table

This table has worked out great. It looks great and is very practical. It shifts very easy to a bigger dining table and the height adjusts without any issues. Great combination of style and practicality. Perfect for the space. Interaction with staff was also pleasant, they were responsive and helpful.

Gorgeous functional stylish

We couldn't be happier with this navy microfiber/velvet couch. It is very high quality, so comfortable and gorgeous. When you remove the cushions it is a very large sleeping surface for an easy extra bed. It is slept on regularly by our guests and kids that don't have their own room in our little vacation cottage.

This is our second couch purchased from Expand! We also have the migliore sectional in our den. They are the best to deal with, great local Vancouver company. Thanks Expand!

Boost - Lifting Coffee Table
Carmela Chianese (Tuckahoe, US)
Boost table

Good looking, excellent size

Alzare Square - Transforming Coffee Table
gabriela chaves (Burnaby, CA)
Amazing transforming table !

“I was looking for a dinner table for a long time. After checking the Expand wensite, the Alzare transforming coffe table was the chosen one! The delivery was super fast. From opening the package to get the table ready to use was just a few minutes. The table is so classy, very easy to use. It’s definitely my best purchase!

Trojan Console Table with 4 Hidden Nano Chairs
Carmela Chianese (Tuckahoe, US)

Trojan Console Table with 4 Hidden Nano Chairs


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