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We try to make things easy for you. With most deliveries you will be given a phone call to arrange a convenient date that suits your schedule. Many of our tables and chairs are fully assembled out of the box or only require minor assembly. We provide phone and technical support as well as full warranties on our products. Everything we ship is insured which means that it is going to arrive safely and in the rare circumstance it does not you are completely covered. We are here for you before and after the sale.

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Highly Recommend

This vertical Murphy bed is perfect for small space. It takes small space than I thought. The glossy white color is beautiful, and matching with another furniture is excellent.
I recommend it to people hesitating.

Great table for tight space

We host lots of parties and this table is great. It is a coffee table most of the time but when needed, we have a 10 seat dining table with very little effort!

My Junior Giant Table

I very pleased with my purchase of this expandable table and my new chairs..It’s the perfect table and chairs for my studio, occupying a small footprint when seating 2 and then quickly becomes a dining table for 8 when required.

My Nano Folding Chairs

These sturdy folding chairs are perfect for my Expand Table and my Studio .They look great , are comfortable and when not all 8 are needed the unused chairs store easily on wall hooks.

An intelligent blend of furniture art and metal-mechanical engineering.

This is a smartly designed and solidly built wood/metal table which has solved a real space issue in our Sydney apartment. It is excellent both as a coffee table and as a dining table to seat (albeit a little snugly) up to 10 people. We have already had a fabulous family dinner for 10 people around it, and look forward to using it for many years. Because it is height adjustable (to any reasonable level), we have also used it as a chess-table and as a late-evening work table. Thank you for making this unique product.

Talia Storage bed

I bought this sofa bed for my tiny house, because using a twin bed for a daytime couch and nighttime bed for the last year wasn’t working. I chose this one over all the many others I looked at because it doesn't need to be pulled out from the wall, it has a storage area for the bedding, I like the color, and the measurements work with the space where I put it. It’s easy to open and close, and I like the extra firmness of it both as a sofa and as a bed. For those who need a bed with more cushioning, it’s easy to add a foam topper. I like it fine just the way it is. I’m glad I bought it!

Doubled the storage room in my bedroom

In my small downtown apartment, storage space is at a premium. I love this bed for giving me fully double the space I would have had with just my closet. I put a full latex mattress on it (heavy), and the pistons have no problem maintaining the weight. The lift functions perfectly even at the upper end of the recommended weight limit. The assembly instructions recommend two people and I agree that it's probably best to have someone help you put it together... most of it I could have done myself, but a couple steps I think would have been hard for me by myself. On top of all that, the customer service from Expand was great.

Perfect for my small apartment

This is a full-size sofa but because of the clean, minimalist lines, it doesn't overwhelm my small apartment living room. I particularly appreciate the modular aspect and it paid off in full when I got it home and was able to spend time orienting things to fit just right. I also like being able to pull one part of the sofa away to act as a chair when I have guests over.

The leather is of good quality and, over four months later, is standing up really well to my dogs.

Customer service from Expand was fantastic, and I appreciated the delivery team's verification of each item before they left. Overall I could not be happier, especially when I am relaxing in the sun with my dog on this lovely sofa.

Great Investment

The bed is very beautiful and seems sturdy. My previous bed cracked in numerous places so I am super alert to the issue of craftsmanship. It is a bit taller than expected, especially with a thick mattress, but that gives it a lofty look. The space inside has resolved my condo clutter.

Love my Expand Table! Rustico Wood Panel

The Expand Furniture team were knowledgeable about their product line and had great customer service. My table was delivered three days after placing an order. There was no damage on the table as it was well packed. It also required very little assembly. The table came with a screw driver, which is attached underneath on one end, to use for locking the panels together. We normally have one panel but use all five when we have guests over. I particularly like the storage for the panels under the table which makes it convenient when not in use.

Great table!

This table really looks great. Love how long it can expand to, and that the leaves fit in the table. I really like how it will match so much. I was a little nervous having white with little kids, but so far everything has wiped easily off.

Love this table!

We love this table. It takes up barely any room in our small apartment but when expanded fits all of our friends and family.

20 Stars!

Bought the coffee table for the VP of our company, his office was just redone, who is very picky and he LOVES it! He told me that I get 20 stars for finding this coffee table!

Slim lIne TV stand 1-

very nice, 20 minutes to put together. sleek, clean lines.

Excellent folding chairs

Very modern elegant. Sturdy as well. Perfect fir small NYC apartments. Highly recommended

Best choice especially for smaller spaces

This bed is very functional, as you can fit the whole closet of things inside, that is how spacious the underneath of the bed is. The side opening is very handy too. As an added bonus the bed looks expensive and the microfiber material is of a very good quality- not extra thick, but is not thin either. The bed was easy to assemble, and the customer service is totally professional, supportive and personable. I would buy again.

Tiny dining for 4 is possible now!

I love my dining/coffee table. It was difficult to find a double duty table that would fit in my space and fit to scale....until I discovered Expand Furniture! My table suits my house size (8x24) and modern style.

Perfect choice!

We received our box coffee table yesterday. My husband forgot it at his shop where it was delivered. I've been stewing over this purchase for about 4 months so I nicely requested he return to the shop to bring it home.
Love it, love it love it! It's a beautiful piece of furniture. A perfect coffee table, and I'm excited to enjoy a nice dinner in front of the fire with just a pull of the lever, or expand it to a long buffet table over the holidays. It adjusts so easily. It came packed with care..fully assembled and its perfect! We'll enjoy for many years. Thank you!

Reveal bed is excellent, exceeded expectations!

I purchased Expand’s reveal bed and fully installed it myself. Cannot be happier with the bed, perfect storage for my smaller apartment, looks great, was easy to install by just myself and is exactly what I was looking for. The lift in the side is super convenient and easy to access items below. 10/10 would suggest.

Hover Bed & Desk - Support

These guys were amazing and real professionals. Really appreciated all the work & time they spent to come and take care of us a year after our initial purchase. Their products are quality made, and they back them up with personalized support. Highly Recommend - Thanks again Jared & Adam!

Alzare Small Transforming Coffee Table

My Wife and I were having a hard time finding a dining table that would fit our brand new apartment. Our living room and kitchen are small and don't leave much space for a dining table. The Alzare Small Transforming Table is a perfect fit, literally. My wife and eat on the couch everyday and we simply lift the table to the the perfect height. But when we have people over, we transform the coffee table into a dining table. You can comfortably fit up to 8 people on this table. Every time we have guests over, they are amazed at because of how versatile it is. The Alzare is simple to operate. Simply Pull the hydraulic lever, adjust to the desired height and release the lever. Swing the top clock wise, open the table top and lock into place. The hydraulic pump to adjust the height is super smooth. If you are looking for a table for your apartment/condo, or if you don't have enough space for a full dining table, the Alzare is the perfect fit.

White Pratico Queen Storage Bed

We were looking for a storage bed as our new apartment isn't that big and lacked storage space. We decided to go with the Pratico and it had the most storage 13" deep!!. This is the largest space under a storage bed we could find. The package was HEAVY, that is because this wooden bed frame is not made of particle board, unlike some others, this one was solid wood. Once it was assemble and we put our new queen mattress on, the gas shocks had no problem holding our bed up to ensure it doesn't come down while we are grabbing stuff from underneath. We were worried at first as our mattress is on the heavy side, but this had no problems at all. We lift the bed everyday to grab stuff so this was really important. The curved edges make for a clean and modern design and if you've ever stubbed your toe on the corner of a square bed, you are going to love the curved edges. The bed frame does not creak or make and noise if you move around in your sleep a lot like I do. The removable headboard is nice to have as well. My wife and I are moving and we are keeping this bed frame. Another great thing about this bed is that it is easy to disassemble and you are actually able to disassemble and re-assemble. Many beds are almost a one time use, but the Pratico is built to last.

Scandormi Modern Sofa

My wife and I purchased this couch for our brand new place. With the help of Adam, we decided on this couch. We received it very quickly and it was packed very nicely. We brought the couch home and opened the box and the couch was in perfect condition. Super easy to assemble. Just needed to install the legs and the center support. The couch is super sturdy and comfortable. It was just right. You can feel that it is made of high quality material as soon as you sit on it. We are extremely happy with our purchase and service from the Expand Team.

Expand Furniture Juniors Giant Table gets 5 stars

I was looking for a table to sit 10+ people at when we have family dinners. I didn’t want a large dining room table because I need the space for grand children to play and just family living. I researched the internet extensively for hours on end and read reviews and compared prices. Originally ordered from one company but cancelled order after I read reviews on table and customer service. Expand Furniture was a little more expensive then the previous company I was going to order from but from the moment I contacted them via emails and phone I was totally convinced this was the company I wanted to order the table from. It is scary ordering a table Sight unseen but again the reviews and customer service people were amazing. Always getting back to me in a timely manner, even took pictures of a color for me that was not listed and sent it via email.

The shipping of the table was right on. It shipped when they said and delivered within the window of time they said it would.

I have the table with 1 Extension in it right now just to fill up the room a bit but love the smaller version as well. All extensions colors matched. I order the black. All extensions fit perfectly in the holes. The table is sturdy and heavy. No problems setting it up. I have no complaints. Again customer service is amazing.