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We try to make things easy for you. With most deliveries you will be given a phone call to arrange a convenient date that suits your schedule. Many of our tables and chairs are fully assembled out of the box or only require minor assembly. We provide phone and technical support as well as full warranties on our products. Everything we ship is insured which means that it is going to arrive safely and in the rare circumstance it does not you are completely covered. We are here for you before and after the sale.

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Friends Are Blown Away

I have researched many website and different options for a bed to fit in a studio apartment. I like furnitures that serve multiple purposes like the Europeans and don't take up unnecessary space, because rent is expensive in big metropolitan cities like San Francisco!!! Many of the convertible beds in the market look cheap and dated, honestly, they just don't look modern or elegant enough. Then I found Expand Furniture and this Hover Compact Bed in Aged Light Walnut. My friends were so impressed with this bed and have new appreciation for convertible furnitures. It is elegant, modern, and minimalistic yet very well-made with good materials. It doesn't look cheap and will out last the competitors. The piston mechanism makes all the difference when putting the bed away in the morning when you're barely awake and don't want to strain your back.
Putting it together was definitely a bit of a challenge because the bed is not flush against the wall and I needed Expand's help, and they were amazing with support. Also, it was time-consuming if you do it by yourself so do get some help with the front panels and the heavy pieces.... and a bottle of wine.

Perfect for large contemporary settings

After we had lived with Basso sofa for over a month here is our verdict: This is the best solution for larger spaces that we had found after 10 years of searching.We had a number of requirements: Sofa has to be modular. Has to be firm. Has to be low profile. Should not move when you sit on it. Has to provide color to the room.

Cloud Sleeper Sofa

We really love this couch. It is very comfortable and easily converts to a bed/lounger and back to couch very easily. It fit our space perfectly and we really liked that it came to us in separate pieces so it was easy to get down our tight basement staircase.

Great Design

We recently moved into a condo and the Reveal Side Lift is perfectly suited to the space. The bedroom's footprint is suited to a side lift and the storage space is amazing. We can fit suitcases, banker's boxes, extra bulky bedding, etc. into the storage space. The bed has good structural quality and was easy to assemble.
In our particular case we have a thick foam mattress (Dormeo) but the bed lifts well with a little assistance. With the thicker mattress the overall bed height is taller than we anticipated but that is the compromise with having a thicker mattress on top of a larger storage space.
Expand gave great customer service and we would have no hesitation in buying the bed again.

good chair

Good-looking chair, and working well for our needs so far. No instructions sent with the shipment to attach the arms - that was a little frustrating - but other than that we're pleased.

This is the TV Stand you're looking for

The Slimline TV Stand is sleek, stylish, and a solid upgrade to any living room. The slim depth makes it easy to tuck into any space, it's easy to put together (it took us about 10-15 minutes of assembly, working together as a pair) and it looks great.

We did our shopping around and the price point is great, shipping was fast, and the design lends tremendous strength to supporting whatever you're putting on top.

Customer service along the way was great as well, and we asked plenty of questions before placing our order. A+

Perfect solution for small space without sacrificing comfort

I recently put this item in a 235 sq ft loft style condo. I was looking for an option that combined quality, sleek modern design, and comfort. This was one of the only pieces I came across that would allow me to use a normal mattress of my choice in a sofa/bed combo. The shipping and packing was well done. It takes a while just to unpack it, but everything was in great shape. The assembly has a few tricky parts and takes some time, but it's doable by an average DIY 2 person team. The look, function, and quality are top notch. I honestly don't know that anything else could have worked for my tiny condo that would have combined the look and level of comfort that the minima achieved. The team at Expand was fantastic from start to finish - very responsive and helpful along the way. Highly recommend!

Sleek modern expandable table

We are so happy with our junior giant table. It looks perfect in our new condo. Their customer service was really top notch. Email communication was quick, they were always responsive within 24hours. We love that we can open our space up so much when we transform it back to a console. We can't wait to host dinner parties for our friends and family.

Nice set

We were looking for something to lounge with friends and wanted a low modern seating. Came across this after quite a bit of searching. Was initially skeptical with ordering without a trial, but it worked out good. Very sturdy by itself and doesnt need a wall for support. Slightly on the firm side but it is starting to “break” and soften a bit. They don’t appear as big in photos but go with the measurements for realistic sizing in your space. Great customer service so far. Will buy again from this store.

Storage Delux!

Amazing capacity to store all our seasonal clothes and bedding. Downsizing was made much easier knowing that extra stuff could be stowed away neatly. Surprisingly easy to operate even with our heavy mattress. We did switch out to stronger Pistons which Expand Supplied. Would highly recommend for tight spaces!

Excellent Customer Service

From pre-purchase questions to final delivery, I have been very impressed with the prompt and accurate information received along the way. As we are based in Singapore, I was a tad nervous about ordering internationally, however my experience has only been positive. The coffee table arrived in good time, the assembly was super easy and the quality of the table is high. I would not hesitate to purchase through Expand Furniture again.

Basso made me happy!

We all know that setting affects our mood and our performance. After a difficult summer, I needed something fresh, young and exciting to bring some lightness back into my everyday life. OUT with the OLD and IN with the New! (posting before and after pictures). No, this is not my living room - it is actually my dining room and a part of a large open kitchen and it totally works. Basso sofa is extraordinary! It looks at least as good or better than the photos and the video, fabric is heavenly and any spots or dirt is easily removed with a wet sponge. I love the shape - it is like no sofa I have ever seen but Basso is not a bean bag - do not expect to sink in into its seemingly puffy pillows. It feels like a regular, fairly firm couch but wonderfully molded into pillow shaped cushions. We chose to attach the legs that the sofa comes with and it looks great. They are short and positioned kind of deep inside the cushion so the sofa looks like it is floating above the floor. I was worried that since the sections are not attached to one another, they may move apart if one plops on the sofa in a wrong spot but they are so well weighted and proportioned that the sofa stays exactly in the shape you set. At the same time, sections are a breeze to move. My kids already tried every combination they could think of including as five separate seats around the low table Moroccan style. Speaking of tables, the box table I got goes beautifully with this sofa because it has similar floating quality. I also ordered cube with five seats to use around the table if I ever decide to have a sit down dinner party (right now eating low while sitting on the sofa is most appealing) and nesting side tables. The fact that all the pieces are so flexible and adjust to your space, your needs and your mood, this sofa is sure to be a source of enjoyment and provide you with a change in your life whenever you need one.

The color match perfectly with my room

The staff at the store were really friendly and helpful, they showed me all the products they have in the store and how everything worked. Had some difficulty deciding which color to pick when I was purchasing the Glass Box Coffee table, but the staff give really good suggestions and explained the return policy and everything really well. The delivery was quick fast as well, it got delivered before I left for my vacation! Now I am back from vacation and now enjoying the new table! Thanks

Perfect Table for our Condo

We purchased the Pillar Table after looking through Expand Furniture's options as we thought it would fit our space perfectly. It turns out we were right.

Also having the leafs store withon the table is an added bonus for us.

Best furniture I ever bought

Quick note. We flew to Vancouver to buy this item to make sure it was everything we wanted in a wall bed/ desk/ bookcase Answer it was. The staff here are literally the most attentive and knowledgeable about their products. Once we had the majority of the item installed I needed more help and they spent a full hour Skyping with me to get everything perfect. Our condo is small and this wallbed allows us to use the force as a desk, bookcase and bed for when guests come over. It may seem a little expensive but the engineering of the equipment allows you to completely use every available space you need with so much versatility! Thx guys so happy. We will continue to buy our furniture from you even in Calgary!!

Fabulously Practical

I recently downsized and my room is much smaller than what I’m used to and this bed has been such a life saver! So practical and innovative, I really love it! Another fantastic purchase from Expand Furniture :)


Ordered this chair/bed for a den-office-studio-spare guest room and we are very happy with everything. As another reviewer said, it takes awhile to figure out how the arms attach, but once that was done, it was easy. Very comfortable...however we did order the softer seat cushion and it was sent, no charge, promptly. All's well and the pup gives it a paws up too. Would definitely recommend and buy again (if needed). Photo coming in second e-mail because I couldn't figure out how to send.

Comfortable and great service

Both our guests and the dog are loving our new Harmony Sofa Bed. The delivery and customer service provided by Expand Furniture was excellent.

Everything We Hoped For and More!

When we first laid eyes on the Junior Giant Edge table in Red Gloss, we were in love. We recently moved to a new home and were looking to update our dining table, while still keeping our living/dining spaces flexible. That's where Expand came in to solve our problems, and make our dining dreams come true. Not only is the Red Gloss very striking and a fine accent to any room, the sleek console table squares away nicely in its most compact configuration, and then easily transforms into a buffet table goliath or a mammoth gaming table, which is exactly what we were looking for.The customer service along the way as we asked questions and committed to a dining set without every having seen it or sat at it in person. Admittedly we were cautious and and everyone on the Expand team was great with communication at every step of the process. The table is easy to clean, and also our cat loves napping upon it. All in all, we're very very pleased with the Junior Giant Edge, and we'd recommend it to anyone looking for a modern table with outstanding flexibility and ease of use.

Perfect fit for my space

I did a lot of research before I purchased the Harmony Queen Sofa Bed from Expand Furniture. I needed a quality product for when I have out of town guests. I had space constraints as well as narrow door way widths. The sofa has met all of my expectations. The box fit easily into the room and I was able to get it assembled within 30 minutes. I also ordered the matching ottoman. I would highly recommend this company and product.

Minimal and Convenient

Bought two of these to accompany the Junior Giant Console I also bought when holding dinner gatherings in my apartment. Haven't gotten a chance to utilize them all at once yet, but have used the condensed version for while sitting at a desk and when I have visitors. It is very cushy and comfortable to sit on for an extended periods of time. Does not look cheap and could pass for real leather, but still adds enough appeal to match the rest of my home decor.

Great table - great service!

I was so pleased with my experience ordering through your company - and the table itself is fantastic! Exctly perfect for my needs! I keep it raised a bit higher than the lowest coffee table setting, since I use it for writing at my will make a wonderful dining or work table, when I need it (I have no separate dining room in my tiney NYC apartment) and serves multiple purposes for me! Thank you for all your follow up as I waited for delivery. I am b=very happy with my purchase!

Game Changer

This Murphy sofa transforms a room into a multi purpose space. The quality is great and the sofa is very comfortable! The storage under the sofa cushions and the wash-ability of the upholstery are excellent bonus features that set this particular model apart from others.

Ludocivo perfect for home office in Studio

I’ve had this desk for a couple weeks and it’s great in my studio apartment. I tuck it away on weekends beside my couch and use the desk both with the chair and a standing desk that I put on top. I’m happy with this purchase, having extra storage built in and that it’s on wheels to easily put away

Fantastic coffee table - highly recommended

This coffee table is a perfect addition to the Murphy Bed with Sofa. It blends in with the other two pieces in color and style. It looks gorgeous. Also, the lid lifts, making it super-fuctional. You can put in your laptop, a book, your tablet. The storage is quite large for its size. All in all, very recommended. I'd get it again for another room.