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We try to make things easy for you. With most deliveries you will be given a phone call to arrange a convenient date that suits your schedule. Many of our tables and chairs are fully assembled out of the box or only require minor assembly. We provide phone and technical support as well as full warranties on our products. Everything we ship is insured which means that it is going to arrive safely and in the rare circumstance it does not you are completely covered. We are here for you before and after the sale.

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Beyond Impressed

We are in the process of moving to a condo and wanted to convert the guest room into a dining room without losing the space for guests. So, I googled and found the Junior Giant at Expand Furniture which looked like the perfect choice for our project.

Although I read many favourable reviews, I was still worried it might be flimsy. Well, let me share with you that this is a very sturdy table and so easy to move, to add and remove leafs to convert the room as needed. We can’t imagine anything else in this room now.

I’ve shared the expand furniture video from YouTube with several people and everyone was waiting to see the final reveal. It’s absolutely awesome.

Items are well received

The Flip Console Table + Companion Cube - 5 Hidden Seats Ottoman
Items are well received. It was easy to install and been enjoying having a full dining table in my small condo.

Hover - Compact Wall Bed Queen Size

Exactly what we were looking for. The wall bed looks great and our thick mattress fits perfectly. The assembly process was hectic without paper instructions and videos that were not detailed enough at times. I contacted the customer assistance and they were able to help me out when I had questions. They also said they were revamping the instructions video/pdf.

Giant Expanding table with convenient storage.

We have had this table for a few weeks and it has been a great addition to the dining room. With space at a premium in our house it is so helpful being able to have a giant table when we need it, but also have it collapse into such a small package. The built in storage keeps all the extra panels tucked away when not in use in a great looking package. I also really appreciate that the leaf panels lock together with the included screwdriver that tucks away underneath the table top. Lastly, I wouldn't normally comment on packaging, but this table came so well packaged and secure I felt like no shipping mishaps would make a dent in it. Definitely a nice touch as the table was delivered in pristine new condition.

Versatile, sensible product.

I bought this modular sofa set in hopes to give me flexibility to cater to different needs for my recreation room. I could set it up such that it allows a full family with guest over for a movie, or mixing it up so that different groups can do different games. Material is durable, and the sofa is not too light or too heavy so that it’s easy to slide around. Totally makes sense.

Highly recommend

This table was perfect for our space. Light enough to move around, but heavy enough to stay grounded. Our space is small, so having this flexibility is key. Definitely would recommend.

Counter Height Dining Set in Calgary

Just before we ordered the counter night set of expandable dining table and chairs, we called and talked to customer service at Expand Furniture. We found the Customer Service Department to be very friendly and helpful.

The items arrived in a timely manner. However, the table has a minor issue. I took a picture and emailed it to Expand Furniture. Customer Service responded very quickly with options to resolve the minor issue.

Overall, my wife and I like the design and fine workmanship of the set. We are especially impressed with the Customer Service Department.

Beach Perfect!

Really happy! We put a tropical scene wall mural on the King and covered the sofa with a Tommy Bahama bedspread.

Thanks again for everything.

Beach Perfect

Very comfortable and perfect for the beach!

A Sleek Convertable

This is the most amazing coffee table. It has beautiful clean lines, interior storage, and 2 wings that life out to create little tables for drinks, snacks or dining.
It goes absolutely perfectly with my Basso Sofa.

Awesome stuff

Very well made, love the textured/embossed surface...not simply flat Formica. EZ to set up. Very nice product.

Top quality and great customer service

The table is made of good quality wood. The finish is good and everything is built to last. It is perfect for space saving and has a great luxurious feel!! Great shipping options and their customer service is 5 star.


I cannot say enough good things about the Basso Modular Sofa. It is beautifully made and such a versatile and fun piece of furniture. My friend came over to see it and thought I got it at Roche Bobois. It is REALLY that nice.

Our New Alzare Table

Well, first off - the customer service experience was amazing! Great follow up pre and post delivery (delivery was well organized). Everyone was so helpful.
We recently downsized from a 3 bedroom townhouse, into a small 1 bedroom condo and were looking at options that would be optimal for our space. The Alzare table perfectly fit our need as we don't really have a lot of dining area (we have a movable kitchen island thankfully). In the Alzare table, we now have both a coffee table and a dining table (that will seat 6). It easily folds out to the dining table size, and it's also on hydraulics, so we can raise and lower it to suit our needs - we most often eat in the living room, so we raise it to "eating height" in order to do so. When we have friends over, then we just move our kitchen island aside, and roll the table into the kitchen/dining area.

We purchased the Alzare set - so, the table came with 4 chairs (which are also quite space saving and are easily tucked away and hidden in our home office space - I don't even know they'e there). The chairs are comfortable and of high quality, just like the table.

Oh, and our kitchen cabinets are a high gloss white, so we chose the glossy white version of the table. it matches the kitchen cabinets perfectly! It almost looks like it was custom ordered for the space.

And, one last thing...we had shopped around at other retail outlets that offer similar products. Expand Furniture's prices were a LOT cheaper and more affordable and we feel like we purchased just as high a quality product as we would have without spending 2.5 times the price!

A great purchase!

Love our new sofa, it's light and was east to get into the house. Looking forward to having it for many years to come!

Highly recommend this wonderful company.

Better than expected quality of the chairs and the customer service was fantastic!

Great Couch

We ordered this sofa for our 540 sq ft studio apartment in Seattle. It shipped from North Carolina and arrived at our apartment about 2 weeks later. The local delivery company had some major confusion with delivery dates and time windows and gave us a little bit of runaround, so if you’re in Seattle and getting delivery from Watkins Shepard, be proactive and confirm a delivery window early if you don’t want to wait a few days and aren’t flexible with delivery times.

The couch is great! Arrived in plastic wrap and cardboard boxes, the fabric was clean and undamaged once unwrapped. The legs are super easy to screw in on the bottom. The three piece set came with 6 pillows, 2 of each color variation. The material is comfortable and much better than the IKEA chaise lounge that we replaced it with. The sofa units are sturdy and hardly move on our smooth hardwood floor. The short round legs have a metal finish and have a quarter inch of plastic on the bottom to protect flooring. The sofa sits low to the floor and has a very nice profile. The cushions are firm but have good support. We’ve spent a lot of time on it since it arrived and we have no issues with the sofas. We may look for some rubber furniture pads for the feet to keep them from separating whenever we accidentally slide in between the sofa on our wood floors. It’s not a major issue but they separate a few inches every now and then. I assume it would be fine on carpet but our smooth floors are quite slick!

I’ll post an update in a few months. Highly recommend this sofa!

Scandormi modern sofa

Spacious, cushy sofa with very nice lines.

Blue velvet!

Absolutely thrilled with my sumptuous blue modular sofa suite. Simply walking into my now very serene room delights me.
It’s very comfy and has enough cushions for adjusting to various sitting positions, although I added more to tone in with my decor.
Expand has cleverly designed this suite so that wherever I place a unit, it looks perfect. Thank you for the many years of happiness I know I’ll have owning this beautiful set. Great service, special people!

Saved the Day!

We have 3 doors, an angled fireplace and visual challenges, these literally saved the day and gave us a safe open space to relax and let our grandchild play and be safe, thank you so much.

We are thrilled!

We are thrilled with our Junior Giant table which has transformed our living room into an elegant and inviting space. We love its functionality and its ease of transformation from desk to dining table


Recently, we have been able to move into our house addition, which includes a Living Room (10' x 14') plus Kitchen (large) and Pantry (large). Dimensions seem a bit skewed. A dining room had never been in the plans, despite our desire to change our home from a 700sq ft house to one that gave us the views, and feeling of space, that we wanted to live in. We also have been designing this add on and reno as a home to "age in". No hallways, wide doors, lots of room in the loo for a wheelchair, elevator and so on. We do not have unlimited money, but, felt that this coffee table simply resolved a big "how to?" for us. We wanted to have the family visit us on our Island for the July long weekend. Even with 2 missing, we needed to be able to, for many meals, seat 12. I have been looking at Expand for over 2 years now. Never thinking that one day I would perhaps be able to afford something. We justified this expense like this. No Dining Room - no need to spend an extra $20-30k on space for one. A Dining Room that is seldom used. To spend $3k on this table and 8 chairs was far more economically sensible. In fact, this is an Economic term I seem to recall from High School. The true economic cost is valued by what you could have bought with the same amount of money. Subjective. Yes! But, made sense to us. Everyone in our family was so surprised - open mouthed and all, when we opened the table, raised it and then produced 8 chairs. All fit in between our two sofas with ample room (14' wide room). Just perfect. Needless to say, they decided the oldies are still quite smart. Plus they examined it and determined that the table and chairs are so substantial and well built. So, now, their minds are pondering the true economic costs of ways to spend money. We love it and each day, it goes to a variety of levels. WE sit at the table and now look out at our beautiful view, while eating and toasting the day. And the table too. Of course. Below - Grandsons setting the table.


We originally purchased the corner shelving, but later reck figured to create two separate units: a TV stand and a small corner display. The color is vibrant and they make a perfect addition to our place.

Perfect for Work, Dinner, and Play

We’ve used the table for everything from building LEGOs to hosting a dinner party at our studio co do. The hydraulic lift makes it easy to adjust the height and adds that great storage compartment to hide remotes and games. We absolutely love the white tabletop, which contrasts nicely with our hardwood floors and gives our Art Deco studio a hint of modern.

Whistler table

Easy to put together. Very durable and quality build. Looks great,
Nice clean lines. Great pop up feature for storage. Simple.