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Soft-Cube: Modern Modular Sofa Set



Soft-Cube: Modern Modular Sofa Set


The Soft Cube modular sofa set is designed as the perfect small sectional sofa that gives you the ability to easily change the shape or expand the set by adding another module. There are only 3 module types which is the Corner, the Single and the Ottoman. You will not be stuck with a left hand module or a right hand module but you have a true modular design where the corner module functions as a left, right or corner piece. The seat size is exactly the same on each module type which makes anyone of them fit perfectly with each other. The modules are weighted to stay together and come with grippy rubber so they stay in place. Optionally break apart the set to create individual seating or change the shape for an occasion. The choice is yours with this future proof design that can carry on to your next home regardless of the layout changes. *toss cushions not included  View more Soft Cube Modules & Options here.

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The Soft-Cube Modern Modular Sofa Set brilliantly combines 4 pieces that work together and is conducive where space permits, to add-on pieces. Have fun by creating new shapes with modular pieces and reinvent the traditional way you would think about furniture. Perfect as it shows in the 4-seater set or choose to add on an extra chair, corner or ottoman. The corner piece comes with arm/back rests on two of its edges, this allows the piece to be interchangeable and be flexible as a left and right corner piece. The middle chair is designed to be armless so that it can slip between the two corner pieces or can be placed on the end of a set to open a living room. The ottoman piece can float anywhere you desire it to be. Popped into the center to break the design and add a play factor or on the end for traditional comfort as a footrest. The Soft-Cube Modular Sofa is upholstered with a lightly woven textured fabric that cleans easily and shows up beautifully time and time again. Add that zing to your home with this gorgeous piece, sure to add class and comfort to any apartment, tiny home, loft or other living area where more space is needed.

Comes as a 4-piece: 2 corner sofa pieces, 1 seat, 1 ottoman. *toss cushions not included

Key Features:
Weighted modules stay together when seated
Sets built with only 3 smart modules (Corner, Single, Ottoman)
The highly adaptable corner module can act as all of the following: Left corner = Right Corner = Left Arm Seat = Right Arm Seat

Seat height: 16.9 inches (43 cm)
Arm or back width: 8 inches (22 cm)

Corner Module: 34.65  x  34.65 wide  x  27.5 inches tall (88 cm x 88 cm x 70 cm)
Single chair Module: 26 inches wide x 34.65 inches deep x 27.5 inches tall (66 cm x 88 cm x 70 cm)
Ottoman Module: 26 inches x 26 inches x 16.9 inches tall  (66 cm x 66 cm  x 43 cm)

Full length: Corner + Single + Corner = 95.3 inches

Add the Ottoman to the length = 121.3 inches

Compatible with:
Single Soft Cube
Corner Soft Cube
Ottoman Soft Cube

Cleaning Expand Furniture Couch Sets, Modular Sofas And Other Transforming Furniture
Spot clean with very lightly dampened cloth and if necessary add a very mild fabric cleaner or detergent soap. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleaches. Use a soft microfiber style cloth and do not scrub fabric.

Shipping Modular Couches – North America
Fully insured for safe delivery of furniture.  Allow 1-2 weeks for in stock orders. We warehouse these in North America for rapid delivery but we can also ship worldwide. Our unique, space saving, transformable sofas are often found in areas where space is at its premium, such as California, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington D.C. and many other places around the world.

Light Assembly required
Just add on the (optional) feet to the bottom and it is ready to use!

Warranty On Transforming Space Saving Modular Sofas
Extended 500-day manufacturer warranty on sofa hardware. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2-way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport. Our furniture has been featured on Mashable, Bloomberg, Decor and other news outlets, and is amongst the best modular sectional sofa, loveseat or corner couch sets sold on the market today.

Ideal Uses For Modern, Compact Sofa Sets
Ideal for those seeking seating options for any tiny home, small space, apartment or loft living, or anywhere that a sofa may need to be flexibly rearranged so as to make optimal use of available space.

Fabrics used for the Soft Cube:
Polyester 100%
Light and Dark grey woven fabric make our designer couches immensely comfortable, yet washable and durable.

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