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View our collection of extending Dining, Office and Kitchen tables. We also have a variety of compact desks, trolleys and other useful items all the way to massive expanding conference tables. Ample counter space may be a rare commodity in this day and age, but this category of extendable office and kitchen units can open up possibilities to anyone looking for a little more surface area where they cook and eat at home or serve a large group in an office space.

Some of these little gem space savers fold down to a miraculous 5 inches! Helpful as a mobile bar, serving cart or tea trolley and looks great as a stationary table. The convenience and quick change of function of these units will impress as you entertain your guests. Carts with multi-directional wheels allow tables to be pulled, pushed and moved in all ways without awkward catching or jolts. Extending consoles to dining tables adjust from conference room settings to your personal kitchen table that can accommodate small to large groups. Desks and cabinets that convert to highly functional work spaces are the new game changers. Be amazed by the duality of these chameleon style designs!

Extending dining table for kitchen by Expand Furniture

Extendable Dining Tables For Sale

One of the largest and most space consuming pieces of furniture in the home is the dining table. If you have frequent gatherings where a dining table is necessary, it can eat up a lot of room in your dining or eating area. When you aren’t using the table, however, being able to reduce it down to a more convenient size can make all the difference in your small apartment or small home. Expand Furniture has a large selection of extendable dining tables for sale to help you make the most out of your small home. Browse through our wide selection of transforming or extending dining tables!

Shop Round Extendable Dining Tables

Round tables are a great option for any number of small dining spaces, and with extendable round dining tables by Expand Furniture, you can maximize the use of your space without sacrificing style and quality of the furniture. Our modern, stylish extendable dining tables are perfect when you need to make room for a large amount of guests in your home. Some of our larger dining tables can seat up to 18 people, ensuring that your gathering goes off without a hitch. Shop our round extendable dining tables when you visit Expand Furniture’s online shop.

Top Rated Extendable Tables Online

The top rated extendable dining tables online from Expand Furniture are among the most beautiful and well crafted we offer. We take extra pride in our ability to custom design and create unique transforming dining tables to help you increase the use of your space with ease. Browse through our vast library of extendable tables online to find the one that fits both your needs as a small apartment resident, as well as your specific tastes and style. We believe in furniture that is multi functional will provide you with many space saving options without sacrificing the look of the piece.

Browse Extending Dining Table and Chairs

Finding a good combination of dining tables that are both stylish and save you space, as well as being multi-functional can be a difficult endeavor, but Expand Furniture has a large selection of extending dining tables and chairs to fit just that purpose. When you browse through our online selection of dining tables, you will also find a large variety of chairs that are compact and tasteful, ensuring that your dining area looks stylish and sizable while fitting the needs of your home. Find any number of beautifully designed space saving tables and chairs when you visit Expand Furniture.

Modern Extendable Glass Dining Tables

Glass tables are always a delicate and beautiful feature in any home, and with modern extendable glass dining tables from Expand Furniture, you can not only have a stylish, beautiful space, but with our multi functional furniture, you can maximize the use of your space and make your home feel larger. Small apartments and homes are difficult to furnish, as you don’t want the space to look frumpy and small. All of our custom space saving furniture is uniquely designed to be stylish, comfortable, and multi functional for all of your space saving needs. Browse through our modern extendable glass dining tables today!

Five Star Extending Dining Table Store

When you need to make the most out of your small apartment or small home in the city, visit Expand Furniture to find a wide selection of extending and transforming dining tables. As a five star extending dining table store, we carry a large variety of custom built, beautifully designed extending dining tables that are perfect for any small space. You can find any number of space saving dining tables to help maximize your home with multi functional, uniquely designed furniture from Expand Furniture.

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Popular Extendable Dining Table Sets

When you need to save space in your dining area, Expand Furniture has a large selection of popular extendable dining table sets to choose from. These extendable dining table sets are designed to meet the needs of your small space, giving you the style and functionality you need in your dining table. With a large variety of popular extending space saving dining table sets available, Expand Furniture can help you maximize your space with a variety of space saving dining tables. Browse through our vast selection today!

Space Saving Round Extendable Tables

Spacing saving round extendable tables are the perfect solution for those who live in small homes or small apartments to maximize their space with ease and style!

Mid-Century Extendable Kitchen Tables

Find a large number of stylish, mid-century extendable kitchen tables when you browse through the online selection of space saving tables provided by Expand Furniture.

Best Small Extendable Table and Chairs

Expand Furniture has the best collection of small extendable tables and chairs that are perfect for any small dining space. Browse through our vast selection today!

Buy White Extending Tables on Sale

When you need a transforming or extending dining table, Expand Furniture has plenty of white extending tables on sale for you to buy to maximize your space.

Purchase Rustic Oak Extendable Dining Set

We have a variety of table styles and colors on sale at Expand Furniture, including rustic oak extendable dining sets available for purchase. Browse through our online selection today.

#1 Square Extending Kitchen Table Set

Expand Furniture has a variety of #1 rated square extending kitchen table sets that are perfect for your small apartment or home. Buy one of our extending square kitchen tables online!