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Shop Expand Furniture’s Transformer Table collection online for quality Space Saving Tables or simply for a beautiful kitchen table or accent piece. We carry many categories or table styles which are quickly delivered and typically already built on arrival. There are many convenient tables we provide from lifting coffee tables, coffee tables with storage or even classy side tables. You can also save money with Space Saving Dining Table sets which have bundle discounts applied. View our Online Tables collection and remember to browse the subcategories to quickly find what you are looking for.

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When you live in a large city, you pay top dollar for small living areas which means there is little budget or space left for anything but the essentials. With our top-rated space saving tables at Expand Furniture, you can get the most bang for your buck by choosing something that transforms into what you need at the time – whether it’s storage space, dining for two, or dining for eight. Get the most out of your cramped quarters by making your furniture work for you and adapt to your needs. At Expand Furniture, we use only the highest quality materials and offer 30-day protection, incredible warranties, and fast shipping.

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At Expand Furniture, you can browse through our hundreds of online options all from the comfort of your own couch. We offer a wide variety of transforming tables along with hardware and replacement pieces, so you are certain to find exactly what you need in the style in you prefer. Utilize every square inch of space in your apartment with our top-notch, affordable, and modern transforming tables. Living in the big city is glamorous and with one of our space-saving tables, your apartment can be too! Browse through our vast online collection today to find the perfect option for you and your space.

Extendable Dining Table Reviews & Ratings

Do you enjoy entertaining friends but haven’t had the space to do so? With our extendable dining tables at Expand Furniture, you can host parties with ease! We have a wide variety of space-saving, extendable dining tables that can easily adapt to accommodate a study group, a girl’s night in, or your weekly poker night with the work buddies. At Expand Furniture we use only the highest quality products and offer amazing warranties to ensure you will find the perfect fit. Small apartment living can be a challenge but finding furniture to fit doesn’t have to be. Browse our wide selection of beautiful and sleek modern dining tables to help maximize the space in your home.

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Expand Furniture has a large selection of space-saving extendable dining tables on sale, ensuring you will find the most affordable option for your small apartment living. Our extendable tables allow your kitchen to transform from one-person dining to a party in seconds. With the highest quality manufacturing and a sleek, modern look, our wide range of stylish transformable furniture offers a unique and useful addition to anyone living in the big city. Make the most out of your home by choosing a multi-functional and versatile piece of furniture from our beautiful selection of extendable tables offered on sale. Browse our sale items today to find exactly what your home needs!

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Expand Furniture offers a wide variety of convertible furniture that allows you to make the most out of your home without wasting an inch of space. Every piece of furniture we offer is made with superior products, comes with incredible warranties, and is guaranteed to adapt to your every need. By choosing one of our top-rated transformable dining tables, you are sure to transform your home into a multi-functional space with a sleek touch of modernity. With a large selection of styles to choose from, even the most difficult to please are certain to find something to match their lifestyle.

Coffee to dining tables are excellent furniture space savers eliminating the need for a fixed dining table by staying as a compact coffee table in your living room until you adjust the coffee table for dining mode. Console to dining tables hide resting on walls, behind sofas or as compact office desks. These console tables go through metamorphosis to become significantly bigger tables. If you are living in a small apartment, space saving tables will make your living space far more favorable with more open space to move about. Even for larger homes we carry extendable kitchen and office tables. Conference tables that are adjustable to larger sizes based on how many attend a meeting or kitchen tables that magically extend when you need them to.

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Browse our large selection of stylish, five-star kitchen tables designed to fit small spaces perfectly. Our unique designs have the capability of transforming your apartment into a multi-functional and versatile home.

#1 Space Saving Dining Table for Small Apartments

When you shop with Expand Furniture, you choose the #1 designer of space saving furniture. Our wide variety of affordable options are specifically made with versatility, functionality, and style in mind and can adapt to even the most unique lifestyle.

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Expand Furniture has been featured in hundreds of blogs, videos, articles, and other online outlets for its beautiful selection of trendy space saving tables. Our innovative designs are sleek and versatile and offer great space-saving solutions.

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Not only does Expand Furniture carry modern designs, but we also offer a large selection of rustic convertible tables. We seek to offer styles appealing to various preferences, while remaining true to our goal of versatility, functionality, and space maximization.

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Expand Furniture carries affordable mid-century transforming tables designed to maximize the space in your small apartment. Our unbeatable warranties and quality guarantee make us the optimal choice for anyone in need of space-saving furniture.

Modern Convertible Dining Tables to Save Spaces

Shop our online library of convertible space-saving tables at Expand Furniture. Each unique and modern design has been crafted with superior quality and expertise to help maximize the space in your home.