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Junior Giant Extending Table Set with Chairs

$3,185.00$3,585.00 $2,995.00$3,195.00


Junior Giant Extending Table Set with Chairs

$3,185.00$3,585.00 $2,995.00$3,195.00

The Junior Giant Extending Table Set with 8 Chairs makes entertaining in a small space possible. The compact console extends out to become a perfect 8 seat dining table. Includes 8 Pendulum or Nano chairs to complete this stylish dining set. Both the Pendulum and Nano chairs come in a matching wood or glossy paint. Slim and easy to store in your cupboard and quick to set up when you need that extra room around your Junior Giant dining table.  As a console this table rests in its compact form, inconspicuous yet a pleasure to look at with its contoured face. It can also be used as a desk or a small table.  The table has wheels as well fabric sliders underneath the legs so they easily glide on the floor while your floor is also protected. Watch the video below.

*If you prefer a different chair color combo, you can order and then list your preference in the notes* Email back order finishes delivery time.


A remarkably small console that extends into a massive dining table set. It also can be used as a small desk and transformed into a huge conference table. Pendulum or Nano chairs come in 2 boxes of 4 chairs for a total of 8 to make a full set. If the drop down menu does not let you select the right color chairs, you can order another finish and let us know in the notes which chair color you prefer and we will adjust.

Please visit the individual product pages for more details.
Junior Giant product page.  Pendulum Folding chair or Nano chair product page.
Junior Giant extending console to dining table available in Walnut Wood or painted Glossy White.
Junior Giant edge available in Glossy Grey Coffee. Inquire for White Oak & Red.
Capable of seating 8 comfortably, 10 maximum.

Junior table sizing
Console Size – Height 75.5cm, width 95cm , length minimum 44cm (29.72 inches x 37.4 inches x  17.32 inches)
Conference size – Height: 75.5cm, width 95cm, length max 228.8cm (29.72 inches x 37.4 inches x  90.07 inches)
(4 x 46cm leaves, add as many or as few as you like.) (46cm=18.11 inches)

Shipping Information
Now with even quicker shipping ~ 7-10 days by Air Express. Fully insured for safe delivery.

No assembly required.
This product is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use right away.

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500 day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2 way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

Finishing options
Can you order this in another color or finish? Yes this is possible please email to inquire.

Panel Finish

Black Wood, Glossy Grey Coffee, Glossy White, Walnut Wood

Chair Selection

8 Nano – Black, 8 Nano – Grey Coffee, 8 Nano – Walnut, 8 Nano – White Gloss, 8 Pendulum – G.White + Black, 8 Pendulum – G.White + Chrome, 8 Pendulum – Walnut Wood