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Pratico Queen Storage Bed with Gas Lift



Pratico Queen Storage Bed with Gas Lift


The Pratico Queen Storage Bed with gas lift is stunning in design form, function and beauty. It offers ample space in your bedroom and has a headboard that is removable. The Pratico Queen has miraculously been designed with a deep base to give you 13.75 inches of storage. It’s like having an attic or basement suite below your bed! The corners are rounded for aesthetics and for practical consideration of your legs when walking around the bed. Built with a strong wood structure and a solid metal bed frame. The gas lift mechanism lends itself for a simple open and close function which makes for easy access to the space. The mattress sits across a slatted framework that is slightly inset to keep your mattress secure in place. The Queen Storage bed comes in Classy White Matte finish or a trendy Walnut Wood finish. Ships to the USA & Canada.  Another style? Side opening lift bed here

Walnut Backorders ship Early February

Pair it with a Magniflex Italian Mattress and receive $500 off by using code: magnicombo

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The Pratico Queen Storage Bed with gas lift is built for style with its rounded corners as well as its functional deep storage.  The bed and headboard are finished in a either white or a walnut. The inset lift frame can be fitted with any mattress of your choice or pair it with a luxurious Magniflex and save $500 on the purchase price. This incredible new design for the storage lift bed is so practical and takes into consideration the needs for storage as well as beauty. Adding extra inches to the bed capacity for storage of 13.75 inches is a major breakthrough for this style of bed and a very necessary component in small footprint spaces. Compared to a typical 8 inch depth bed, the Pratico has over 50% more storage space. The bed is built right to floor with a thin mesh layer on the base for maximum storage. The Storage area is open so you can store long or wide items as well as tall boxes. Please note the headboard is always included, but you can choose not to install it.

Walnut wood or Flat White
Base build: Plywood, Veneer, Steel
Looking for a Fabric or Pu finish? View the Reveal Lift Bed

Fits Any USA/CAN Queen Size mattresses provided it is under 50kg or 100lbs
Recommendation: Magniflex Dual 9 with adjustable comfort  (65 lbs)
If you have a heavier mattress it is possible to order custom stronger pistons for an additional cost  (~$150)  we do suggest trying our stock included pistons first as they always ship with them in the packing.

Bed Length (including Headboard): 84 inches
Bed Width (including headboard): 62 inches
Bed Base Height: 17.5 inches
Inside Storage Height: 13.75 inches (thin middle brace bar has 10″ clearance below)
Headboard Height: 49 inches. The headboard can be removed.

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Assembly required.
This bed does require assembly. ~ 45 minutes
Use the provided Allan Key. Phillips Screw driver required for 1 step.

Shipping: 2 weeks by ground in North America. For International orders please inquire.

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500 day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2 way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Doubled the storage room in my bedroom

In my small downtown apartment, storage space is at a premium. I love this bed for giving me fully double the space I would have had with just my closet. I put a full latex mattress on it (heavy), and the pistons have no problem maintaining the weight. The lift functions perfectly even at the upper end of the recommended weight limit. The assembly instructions recommend two people and I agree that it's probably best to have someone help you put it together... most of it I could have done myself, but a couple steps I think would have been hard for me by myself. On top of all that, the customer service from Expand was great.

Great Investment

The bed is very beautiful and seems sturdy. My previous bed cracked in numerous places so I am super alert to the issue of craftsmanship. It is a bit taller than expected, especially with a thick mattress, but that gives it a lofty look. The space inside has resolved my condo clutter.

White Pratico Queen Storage Bed

We were looking for a storage bed as our new apartment isn't that big and lacked storage space. We decided to go with the Pratico and it had the most storage 13" deep!!. This is the largest space under a storage bed we could find. The package was HEAVY, that is because this wooden bed frame is not made of particle board, unlike some others, this one was solid wood. Once it was assemble and we put our new queen mattress on, the gas shocks had no problem holding our bed up to ensure it doesn't come down while we are grabbing stuff from underneath. We were worried at first as our mattress is on the heavy side, but this had no problems at all. We lift the bed everyday to grab stuff so this was really important. The curved edges make for a clean and modern design and if you've ever stubbed your toe on the corner of a square bed, you are going to love the curved edges. The bed frame does not creak or make and noise if you move around in your sleep a lot like I do. The removable headboard is nice to have as well. My wife and I are moving and we are keeping this bed frame. Another great thing about this bed is that it is easy to disassemble and you are actually able to disassemble and re-assemble. Many beds are almost a one time use, but the Pratico is built to last.

Love the storage

Love the storage and the extra room this bed provides. Took 5 hours for me to put it together by myself. Company very responsive and helpful. Highly recommended this company and bed.

Love this bed !

Great design and great storage.