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We provide people with exceptional furniture that makes their living spaces better. Expand Your Space!”

High quality goods, functionality and style are all top requirements for the space saving furniture we provide. Our products will help you create space in your home that you did not know you had. From multifunctional smart wall beds to convertible coffee tables, we have a wide variety of space expanding solutions. You can find space saving products in many stores, but we carry amazing or unique items that cost a fortune elsewhere, are hard to find and in many cases do not exist from other companies. When you shop around and realize the quality, style and finish of our products, the value we offer is hard to beat. At Expand Furniture we pride ourselves in delivering performance and keeping our customers ecstatic, not just happy. Take a look at our customer reviews.

Our Team


Expand Furniture Specialist

With many years of experience working in home and garden online & retail, Adam is our sales and customer support team leader. Adam is an incredible athlete, having played national rugby for Canada and conquered many ski mountains. Having lived in small spaces while studying economics in Hong Kong Adam has an understanding and a passion for smart living lifestyle and quality goods.


Expand Furniture Specialist

A Netflix addict and sports junkie when he has spare moments between business development. Jared is a fan of long term investing and applies the same mentality to business. Buying quality functional products that will last a long time will end up being huge cost savers in the long run.


Color & Style Specialist

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Camilla only knows and accepts quality. Exceptional with colors and styling, Camilla helps co-ordinate and make sure our products are vibrant and pleasing to the eye while remaining balanced. Camilla has worked for many years in her own promotional businesses and manufacturing. Part of the full time sales and customer service team at Expand Furniture.


Design Specialist

Ruscilla’s homes were featured in magazines and papers for her outstanding taste and design. Downsizing from massive homes into condos and townhouses over the years has made her a consummate authority on smart furniture choices. In her spare time Ruscilla attends Simon Fraser University, skis in Whistler and enjoys pancake breakfasts with her grandchildren!

A Few Features

Quick Shipping

Most of our products sold through Expand Furniture are warehoused in North America resulting in quicker shipping. We try our best to make things easy for you.

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Every product on expand furniture is multifunctional and is designed to open up space in your home. Even our Wall beds which are already multifunctional have extra functions folding over sofas, desks, or even rotate.


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Bright and Warm

We choose finishes and styles with a purpose. Glossy white reflects and brightens a room making it feel larger. Wood tones exude a feeling of warmth.

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Home Ideas


We hope you think like us and want products that last. With increasing costs per square foot in urban centers, it makes sense to get the right space saver furniture. Spending money on quality multifunctional furniture that works ends up being a saving and a convenience. It will probably also impress your friends as a bonus.

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Where you may have seen us before

Furniture You Didn't Know You Needed - Expand Furniture

We have been featured on many websites, blogs, Youtube videos, Facebook posts as well as some of the media publications below.
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Charities, Causes and Donations


We donate a portion of our profits to Sleeping Children. A wonderful cause where 100 percent of every donation goes to benefiting the children and the the organization is run by volunteers.
Sleeping children provides a bedkit that consists of a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net, clothes outfit, towel and school supplies. Bedkit contents vary from country to country depending upon local need


The homes for Heroes Foundation: Building affordable housing villages for veterans in major cities across Canada where they will be able to successfully transition back into civilian life.
Our MurphySofa products have been built into these tiny villages and we are proud to be a part of this amazing solution.

When we have damage in transit or returns, where available we try to donate the items to a worthy charity so someone less fortunate can get good use out of our items.



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