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Table price comparisons from Calligaris, Resource Furniture, Expand Furniture


We have compiled a list of table prices from Calligras, Resource Furniture and Expand Furniture. All three companies offer high quality, multifunctional space saving furniture in New York. While multifunctional table options are similar from the three companies pricing appears to vary widely and some prices are not listed online or very difficult to find. Expand Furniture lists all of their prices proudly online as they have some of the most competitive prices in North America for Smart Furniture. Calligaris generally  seems to list prices at select stores and cities, for example their Toronto store has its prices openly listed on their company website. Resource Furniture appears to prefer to not list their prices online, but will give out prices once you have had a demonstration in store or at trade shows.

Here are some rough estimates on price. Links are provided where we could find them to products.

Comparable Dining Tables

junior giant extended as a conference tableExpand Furniture Junior Giant $1,995
Calligaris Sigma Console (90) starting at $2,589
Resource Furniture Goliath Starting at Approximately $5000 +
Expand Furniture Expanda Console $1995

Expand Furniture Console to Table $599
Calligaris Option Console $1,353

Box Coffee to dining full extended - sold by expand furnitureExpand Furniture Box Coffee to Dining Table $1,995
Resource Furniture Cristallo Approximately $3,500
Passo & Magnum also approximately $3,500
Expand Furniture Glass Box Coffee Table $1,995

Expand Furniture Obsidian – Small Table Glass Lift $1,595
Calligaris Magic-J Glass $1,812

small table with glass extensionExpand Furniture Transforming Table $799
Calligaris Flexy $1,572
Resource Mondial table $?

Expand Furniture Expand Table $1,599
Calligaris Magic-J Wood $2,202

Expand Furniture Extending Glass Table $1,299
round glass lifting tableCalligaris Dakota $2,508

Expand Furniture Chord – Round Lift Coffee Table $1,495
Resource Furniture Globe – Unknown

It needs to be noted that prices are subject to change and the prices of Resource Furnitures products are from other blogs, websites and in person quotes, so they may vary.  If you need more up to date accurate quotes from any or all of these companies, I would suggest emailing or calling them directly. Lastly if you know of any updated prices, or have a more accurate price or shipping costs from either of these companies please let us know and we will try and update this list.
It is fairly easy to get a rough idea in the varying prices by searching through Expand Furniture’s website and comparing with Calligaris’ website. As expected their prices online will likely fluctuate so our static page here is for reference only.  Both openly list their dimensions, options and detailed photos making it a breeze to understand. Resource Furniture’s prices are more difficult to come by, and I have found often people guess and post lower prices on blogs than the actual prices, as a very rough estimate they are comparable or slightly more expensive than Calligaris and roughly 2x the price of Expand Furniture.
Please take all estimates as starting points for your research and rough at best due to market fluctuations, promotions and other activities. It is important to do your own due diligence and make informed decisions based on your knowledge. Check our our boxing week sale as well as our black Friday deals on all of our small space saving tables.

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