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Quality Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture Shipping To San Francisco

San Francisco is known for many things, but spacious, affordable real estate isn’t one of them. Many people who live in the city may have glamorous apartments and townhomes, but few have all the space they’d like to have. With space-saving furniture, you can get more of the functionality you want out of each room without actually having to increase your square footage.

Having a functional, clean space that allows you to simultaneously live life, entertain guests, and host parties is possible with Expand Furniture! Browse our wide selection of sofas, tables, Murphy beds, and more.

Exclusive Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture Shipping To The Philippines

Multifunctional Furniture To Save Space For Your San Francisco Home

Providing Quality Multipurpose Furniture For San Francisco Residents

At Expand Furniture, we offer the solutions you need. Our transforming furniture in San Francisco can help you make a room do double duty. For example, our lifting coffee table serves as a sleek and stylish surface for entertaining when you have guests, but it can easily transform into a working desk. Even if you don’t have the room for a dedicated home office, you can quickly create your own mini “office” in any room with this table.

Best Rated Transformable Furniture For Sale

Comfortable Space Savers With Luxury Designs In San Francisco

We have many other pieces of space saving furniture to help you make the most of your square footage. You can transform a coffee table into a dining table or a wall bed into a desk. You have many possibilities to get the functionality you need without having to go through a whole remodel.

twin size murphy beds

Quality Murphy Beds And Wall Beds

Small, Side, Accent, & End Tables

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Tables And Dining Room Sets


Expand Furniture, I want you to know how much we like our new table. It is exactly what we needed! The construction is excellent and the table is easy expand. The white high gloss is gorgeous. We were concerned about buying this table without seeing it in person, but it certainly worked out well.

Daniel Goldberg | Columbus, US


These little tables/stools surprised me with their quality – way better than I expected. they look awesome and are very sturdy, use them as instructed, though. No standing on them. Sit, prop your feet up, use them as a table! these little stools rock and everyone loves them!

Barb Wolfe | Langley, CA


I am just loving this couch. I like to move my furniture around A LOT. Every time I clean, I think up a different configuration. This week, we are seating for 4. Last week I was long mono-couch with two people laid out reading at either end. So much fun. Comfortable too. I prefer it without the feet, for easier push-ability.

Tiffany Self | Victoria, CA


Space Saving Furniture With Modern Designs In San Francisco

Options That Meet Your Needs

Browse the catalog at Expand Furniture to discover the possibilities for your home. Videos are available to show you what the furniture can do, and our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions you may have. Find out how our furniture can help you make your small space seem huge.

San Francisco Space Saving Tables

Space-saving tables that transform into different sizes are an excellent option for entertaining guests. You may only need a small table for your daily family dinners, but when guests visit, you want a larger and more inviting space. Make the most of your small space with a transforming coffee table that can expand to comfortably seat 10-12 people, or stay smaller to be used as a family dining table, desk, or tv console.

Along with a variety of space saving tables in San Francisco, Expand Furniture also offers space saving chairs. One option looks like a simple chair but opens like an accordion to create a flexible bench. Other options tuck away under the table for more floor space. No matter what you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed!

San Francisco Hidden Wall Beds

Hidden Wall Beds

Our Murphy sofa sectional wall bed can quickly make a guest room out of your living room. The bed folds up into the wall when it is not in use, revealing the sofa for entertaining. When in use, the bed comes down to cover the sofa. You don’t have to move anything except the cushions.

Not only is space saving furniture functional, but it brings a sophisticated flair to any home. See our selection at Expand Furniture in San Francisco, or browse online for a full view of everything we have available. From luxury sofas and desks, to space saving bunk beds in San Francisco, and a revolgin Italian wall bed featuring a hidden library, there is something for everyone here! Visit today and begin customizing furniture for your home!

San Francisco Space Saving Sofas

The living room is a space used for a wide variety of things. Whether you like to host parties and entertain guests, veg out on the couch with a good movie, or eat breakfast while beginning your work day on the computer, you deserve a quality piece of furniture that is flexible enough to move with you throughout your daily schedule.

Expand Furniture offers a stylish Murphy bed that folds out of a couch so that your best friend can stay the night after watching a show. We offer modern sofas made for apartment sizing that can scale in size or pull apart. Or, choose from our flexible bench, low profile sofa set, and foldable stools to find the perfect fit for your home and daily needs.

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    San Francisco Transformable Furniture

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    As an online company we strive for excellent customer service. Learn more about Expand Furniture or read our frequently asked questions.

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