Tables Take Up Too Much Space? 5 Ways Transforming Tables Solve This Problem

Tables Take Up Too Much Space? 5 Ways Transforming Tables Solve This Problem

Besides the couch and bed, the dining room table is probably the most important piece of furniture in any home or apartment. In years past, the dining room table was used for each meal of the day. However, in modern homes, families are more likely to eat on stools at the counter or even in the living room when they are home for a meal, saving their dining room table for weekends, brunch, or special occasions.

However, the dining room table is being rediscovered as a valuable piece of furniture in homes and apartments for meals, sharing drinks with friends, or playing games, or can be used as a temporary office space, workspace, craft zone, and so much more. Others use their dining room table for storage or even for folding laundry. But what about when you live in a small home or apartment and don’t have space for a formal dining room table? How do you gain the advantages of having a dining room table without a bulky piece of furniture that takes up a ton of space in your home?

Extendable dining tables are the perfect solution to this problem.

Coffee box to dining table

What Is A Transforming Table?

Known as extendable, convertible, or transforming tables, this innovative piece of furniture is a specially designed table that expands into a larger space for when you need it. When you’re done using the expanded table, it can simply be folded and collapsed back into a small table that fits perfectly in your home. These versatile tables are strong and durable, and have become a popular option for people who lack space in their homes or simply don’t need a large table all the time.

Check out these 5 ways that Toronto space saving furniture can save room in your home while maintaining versatility and functionality for all of your needs:

Multi-Functional Transforming Tables Take Up Less Space

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, or don’t really have a dining room, you probably don’t want a traditional table that takes up a large amount of space. Whether you add a transforming dining room table or an expandable coffee table, you can be sure that this innovative type of furniture will accommodate all of your needs by saving tons of space.

Extend The Table to Accommodate More People When Needed

If you enjoy hosting family and friends or occasionally need a larger workspace, an extendable kitchen table might be exactly what you need. One popular model, the Wood Gigante Transformer Table, is a fully functional kitchen table that can fold down into the size of a small desk, the perfect size for daily use for just one or two people. When you’re ready for more space, add up to 4 extensions to the table to transform it into a full-sized dining room table that can seat as many as 10-12 people. It’s strong and sturdy, with an attractive wood grain pattern that will match any home. No matter which model you choose, a transforming table can be the ideal solution to accommodate more people when you’re hosting and then be collapsed down into a smaller table for everyday life.

Transforming Tables are Available In Many Decorative Styles

Space saving tables can be used for almost any purpose, but most homeowners are glad to know that expandable tables are available in many decorative styles, which means you’re sure to find something that fits your home perfectly! Whether you are looking for a natural wood grain, something bold and colorful, or a modern white or black finish, an expandable table will complement and enhance any room of your home.

Convert Your Table From Coffee To Dining with Innovative Technology

Many people wonder if transforming tables are difficult to expand and collapse, but the truth is that these tables take advantage of innovative technology that makes adjustment easy! Their gas-powered systems use air to help them expand smoothly and effortlessly, making adjustment easy for almost everyone. Don’t stress; your convertible coffee table will be fun, simple, and easy to operate!

Transforming Tables are Useful for All Occasions

Whether you need a workspace, want to host a dinner party, or just need more space in your living room, a transforming table will be useful for every occasion. If you’re looking for a very flexible piece of furniture, consider the Box Coffee to Dining Table, which starts out as a sleek coffee table with a low profile perfect for your coffee and laptop while you’re watching TV. When your guests arrive, expand the hidden leaves to form a table that can comfortably seat up to 10 people. With discreet locking wheels, your Box Coffee to Dining Table can be moved anywhere in your home and then put back into place after your guests go home.

Find the Perfect Expandable Table for Your Home

Are you ready to save space with a transforming table that matches your lifestyle and fits into your home? Check out the selection of high-quality transforming tables available through Expand Furniture. We are one of the world’s top-rated manufacturers of transforming furniture, with a generous return policy and insured worldwide shipping! Whether you need a Murphy bed, expandable table, or convertible sofa, we have the right pieces of furniture to make your home multi-functional and comfortable. Contact us today!



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