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A unique array of modular cubes that fit together in a variety of shapes with storage-saving and shelving solutions that offers a busy person ways to help keep organized. The compact round-edged cubed formed units effortlessly snap together and take up less premium real estate in your home. Flexible shapes and patterns make these highly functional for storing away anything from your book collection, smart phone or simply a junk drawer needed for the “I don’t know what to do with stuff”, and are also a ton of visual fun. Bring out the creative side in you or choose to decorate a child’s room in their favorite animal shape while still keeping things organized and neat. The stack-able box-like modular features, means you can expand the units to the desired shape whether it’s on the wall, floor or as counter space organizers. The nifty cubes shape, shift into anything from low profile slim-line TV stands to flexible dinosaur book cases. Lightweight and strong, the materials offer great versatility to the choice of what you place in it or rest on it. Available in high gloss finishes in black and white with select color panel options for accents. Browse our Modular shelving and storage systems.