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60cm side shelf for MurphySofa


60cm side shelf for MurphySofa


60cm  (23.6 inch) side shelving in glossy white for MurphySofa Queen & King models. This is an add on for your wall bed system. Deep storage box on the bottom

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60cm wide side (23.6 inches) shelving add on built for the MurphySofa wall bed in glossy white finish. Includes 3 shelves and a deep storage box.
Compatible with all MurphySofa Queen, MurphySofa Queen Minima,  MurphySofa King Models.

Assembly Required

Wall Mounting Required
Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your wall. While most hardware is included in this we do require you purchase your own wall anchors for this reason. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise.

500 days on hardware and parts.

Glossy White. Custom by special order.