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Adjustable heights are achieved through quality mechanisms which we back with our warranties. Some tables offer smartly collapsible leaves and some with built-in wheels make for these stylish coffee tables to be multi functional in every way. We have lift top coffee tables which also have storage space in the actual coffee table along with unprecedented efficiency. When not using your magazines and remotes, keep a clean organized look by storing them inside your stylish coffee table. We build our coffee tables in finishes from gloss white to a selection of wood panels from walnut or oak to black.

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Living in small spaces can be a challenging experience requiring creativity and flexibility. At Expand Furniture, we strive to make living small a more pleasant experience by offering transformable furniture at an affordable price. Our space saving tables are one of our most popular pieces because they offer the perfect solution for small spaces. Crafted with superior workmanship and materials, these tables are designed in a variety of styles, colors, and options. At Expand Furniture we offer amazing warranties and return policies, as well as top-notch customer service and delivery. Browse our online sale collection today to find your perfect fit!

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Our space saving furniture can convert any room from a living area to a dining space in just seconds. These luxurious coffee to dining tables boast hydraulics that allow it to be raised or lowered to adapt to your needs, plus wheels for the utmost functionality and mobility in your home. With clean lines and a touch of modern flair in every design, our tables elevate to your chosen table height, have hidden storage compartments, and can even extend their size to accommodate a dinner party. At Expand Furniture, our goal is to maximize every inch of your small space and these convertible tables will do exactly that!

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Expand Furniture has an excellent track record of ratings and reviews along with unbeatable prices. Our convertible coffee tables are designed with as much functionality as possible to efficiently utilize every bit of space in your small apartment. The extendable kitchen table is among the most popular for its mobility and ability to adapt to your needs, as well as the hidden storage compartments contained within. The top-notch customer service at Expand Furniture will allow you to find exactly what your living space needs without compromising your budget. Browse through our unique selection online to find the perfect piece of modern and versatile furniture today.

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Expand Furniture has a vast online library of transforming tables and extendable dining sets. Offered at affordable prices, our quality coffee tables can fold, lift, and extend according to your needs. We design our space saving tables with multi-functionality in mind and use only the most superior manufacturing to create each project. Within seconds, your living space can be converted to a dining area for two, four, or eight depending on the occasion. With modern flair, neutral tones, and a variety of color options, these coffee to dining tables are certain to be a focal point in your home while also being functional and efficient. Don’t let your home be without one any longer!

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These coffee tables seamlessly transform themselves by lifting, folding, or extending into a contemporary space saving dining table for entertaining a small, intimate dining experience or to a full scale large dinner party. We have stunningly designed furniture that serve as coffee tables that can be easily lifted to lap level dining. Just right for when you are relaxing in the living room, watching television, enjoying a social gathering or perfect for that multi-tasking day when you want to work on some papers and be able to eat a meal while still remaining in the comfort of your home – sitting on your cozy sofa. Browse through our selection of space saving tables today.

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For the best selection of modern, eye-catching space saving furniture at an affordable price, browse our kitchen to coffee tables online. We offer multiple design options, several color choices, and unbeatable warranties for our entire collection.

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Expand Furniture carries a wide variety of the modern extendable dining set. These beautiful pieces are unique, functional, and versatile, allowing you to find the best space-saving solution for your home.

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These stylish, rustic transforming coffee tables are the perfect addition to any small home. They are designed to effectively fit the inadequacy of small spaces while providing a sleek touch of modernity to every apartment.

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Expand Furniture offers a five-star collection of mid-century transformable coffee tables. The extendable dining table is one of our most popular pieces, offering an easy conversion of living space into dining for a party within seconds.

In addition to wood coffee tables, we carry transforming glass coffee to dining tables as well as round glass coffee to dining tables. These space saving coffee tables are perfect for any living space and with our selection of styles we have the right table for your personalized needs and design preferences. Shop our collection of Space Saving Coffee to Dining tables and if you have any questions give us an email or call.