Motorized Box Coffee



Motorized Box Coffee


Transform the tables height by pressing the remote control.  Extend the table with the built in 3 leaves.  Seats up to 12.

– The motor operates with the included rechargeable battery
– Delivered fully assembled
– Limited edition – Only available in Marble Panel

Shipping ~ 2 weeks: USA / Canada & International – Coming this November

3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns

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With the click of a button transform your table

Minimal effort for maximum seating up to 12. Hidden in plain site as coffee table.

The Motor Box coffee raises from it’s coffee table form all the way up to dining height or anywhere in between with a push of a button.  The built in motor and battery allow the table to adjust in height up or down to where you set it. The table extends to seat up to 12 with its three built in extensions. The remote control stores inside the table for easy access. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that stores inside the table. Simply plug in the table with the included cable to recharge or you can operate the table plugged into an outlet. The system takes about 50 seconds go from lowest to tallest height. You can adjust to any height between.

How Does It Work?

Press up or down on the remote to adjust the height
Inside the table hides 3 extensions leaves
Pick up 1 side to move the tables hidden wheels


Stores the extensions inside the table
Strong mechanics can handle any feast
Table top extensions locks


Coffee Size:

31.5″ W x 47 14″ L x 11″ H

Dining Size:

31.5″ W x 86.5 34″ L x 30.5″ H


13 inches (we include 3x)


8-12 people

Let go of the adjustment button to stop it at any height between the minimum and maximum height.


Weight Capacity

150+ lbs of weight can stay on the table without straining the motor. Beyond this it can strain the motor and battery if you try lift or lower with lots of weight. Please remove heavy items before adjusting the height


Motorized mechanism works with a wireless charged battery. The battery will drain in time and you can plug the battery to an outlet to use the battery if it is drained. The motor moves slowly up or down (~50 seconds from bottom to top) but takes no effort. If you want a faster transition consider the non motorized versions. This is excellent for accessibility needs.

Locks & Extension

It has solid metal dowels to secure the leaves in place and also has rail locks to prevent extension. This results in a very stable table top that can handle elbows and bumps.

Moving the table

One half of the table has wheels while the other side does not. Pick up the non wheel side to move the table.


This product is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use right away.

Cleaning & Care

Use mild soap and water with a clean soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials.

Finishing Options

Currently available only in the Marble texture finish (not real marble but a synthetic highly stain, heat and water resistant panel) with silver metal legs.

Shipping Information

USA & Canada ~2 weeks. Worldwide Shipping ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Warranty & Returns

3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns. Store policy

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