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Transforming Table Space Saver – EVOLVED

$995.00 $895.00


Transforming Table Space Saver – EVOLVED

$995.00 $895.00

Evolved, the transforming table now lowers to under 7.5 inches and has new leg styling with built in wheels. This convertible coffee table lifts, rotates and folds open into a full table at dinner height.  The transforming table is a simple and functional space saver. Seats 4-6 people and moves easily on wheels. Table top finishes available in Gloss White coated with glass or synthetic ultra durable wood panels. Product is delivered fully assembled and can be locked in place at the height of your choosing.  See details below for all finishing options as well as Video demonstration. A dining set package of this table is available here.   New Version – “Evolved” is now released in a more compact size with hidden wheels and better materials. FREE Shipping in North America and 7 day trial with easy returns!

We also carry premium hydraulic lifting coffee table space savers, check out the Alzare here.


Evolved and updated with new discreet wheels, super low height and more. This transforming table changes from a coffee table into a dining table. The table top folds open and will double in size for a larger surface area. The table height rises from a coffee table all the way up to table height. This model has evolved over time based on customer feedback to create a smart, affordable, space solution. It now has a lower coffee height at 7.48 inches so you can store this under most wall beds and even some sofas. It has built in wheels that are hidden in the newly styled metal legs as well as directional wheels on the legs that let you move it forward or backwards in the lowered form. The white gloss model has a thin protective glass layer over the top for super easy cleaning. The wood panel models use a extra durable synthetic panel that is scratch, heat, moisture and stain resistant.  Are you looking for a smart solution to open up space in your home? Look no further than this convertible folding coffee table space saver. The transforming table has a modern design, sleek metal legs and choice of table top finishes. To change the height of this table simply twist the lever and you can now raise or lower the table, twist the lever again to lock in place.  Free Shipping in North America and 7 day trial with easy returns!

Evolved Changes 2019:
New more compact size
Integrated hidden wheels inside the leg bar, we ditched the bulky plastic wheels.
Micro wheels on the side of the legs allow it to move forward and backward in the lowered form.
Lowered overall profile to under 7.5 inches at lowest height setting. (6.5″ is also possible for storage)
Glass top on the glossy paint in the coffee table form. (glossy white paint on the table form)

Lock the table anywhere between 10 inches and 30 inches and it will stay in place. You can rest it at 7.5 inches for super low profile mode. Or if needed as low as 6.5″ if you remove the included stopper.
Spring and twist latch – bolt lock intended for occasional use. Strong enough for elbows on the table, dinner and board games with a weight rating of over 100+ lbs.
If you are interested in a super durable hydraulic powered table meant for heavy use view the more premium Alzare Table (200+ lbs, +longer warranty).

Sizing Information:

As a coffee table: 100 x 45 x 19  (39.37 L x 17.71 W x 7.48 H inches)
As a dining table: 100 x 90 x 75 cm (39.37 L x 35.4 W x 29.52 H inches )
Seating: 4 people very comfortably, 6 people occasionally

Folding table top can open up or stay compacted when lifting or lowering. Unit moves easily on wheels which can lock in place.

Shipping Information
Free Shipping in North America – Allow 1-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery. We will attempt in home but sometimes threshold is our only option without extra fees.
International orders outside North America: Allow 7-10 days for delivery to your door . Fully insured for safe delivery.  Subsidized ship fees based on location and will show at checkout.

30 Second assembly
This product is 99% assembled out of the box, you just attach the latch handle and it is ready to use.

World Wide 100 day warranty on mechanics.
If you are looking for a longer warranty and more premium table view the Alzare Table.

North American customers: Try the product for 7 days if it does not work for you, you are welcome to initiate a return. The product must be in the original condition and we require original packaging for safe transport. 15% restock fee on returns. We take care of the transport.
Worldwide Customers outside of North America: Sales are final due to heavily subsidized delivery costs.

Cleaning options
Mild soap and water with a micro-soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals.

Finishing options – White gloss comes with chrome legs, Chocolate walnut with black legs.
  Chocolate walnut panel





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Additional information

Panel Finish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Super suplier

Great service with communication updates and product video. Help supplied before it is even asked. Thanks so much.

Amazing service

Couldn't be happier with the table, amazing look, very flexible service, they allowed us to get the black top with silver legs that matched our furniture better. Only issue is how sensitive the wood finish is, have to be really really careful in its care, the color can be easily erased or scratched away, cannot skip using coasters and placemats when using it.

Great space saver

So easy to operate, glass white color is exactly what I wanted. I went to few other places to check out the same type of transfetmable tables and this place has the best deal.

The table makes the room ‘work’

My new apartment is gorgeous but there is no room for a dining room set. The transforming table is not only stylish, it is multifunctional. It’s a coffee table, it’s my dining table and I’m 100% happy with it!

Very functional dining / coffee table

Best feature is its compactness / expand ability and adjustable height. Also it doesn't scratch floors when you roll it around!