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Combine tables and chairs to save with dining set packages. Space expanding dining tables paired with simple, clean-lined folding chairs. Choose your table panel finish and chair style and receive a discounted price for the bundle. Most people buy their table and chairs together because they like the look they see. We have combined what we believe to be super stylish chairs that fit the look of the tables as well as offer the fantastic compact fold down to just about nothing idea! Who wants to deal with storing bulky chairs for those big functions when you only need to pull them out a few times per month or per year. These nifty sets go together perfectly. Meeting your expandable needs for entertaining the masses or having that intimate dinner with your favorite friends and family. The combo dining sets are great value and functionality of space saving features at its best. The best news is that these aren’t junky chairs to go with your high end table. The chairs are the same high quality and stylish looks of the tables. Why order your chairs afterwards when you can save and bundle the costs at the same time. Check out our gorgeous pairings.

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Expand Furniture has an extensive selection of high-quality, five-star extendable dining sets, ideal for any home that needs a creative way to maximize their space. Bundle and save with the dining set packages, or mix and match our convertible dining tables with stylish folding chairs to create your dream setup. When you choose your table panel finish and chair style, you will receive a discounted price for the whole package. All pieces are crafted with quality and durability in mind, and are exceptional pieces that can help you live smart in your home.

Popular Extendable Dining Table Sets

When you browse through our online sets of space saving tables and chairs, you will see some styles that are highly popular. These include the straightforward Console to Dining Room Set, the next step up Evolved Transforming Table, the solid Junior Giant Extending Table, and clever Trojan Console Table with Hidden Chairs. Each of these sets are uniquely designed and thoroughly planned to perform double duty in your home, and to help transform your space in just a few minutes. Our goal at Expand Furniture is to create exceptional pieces that help you live smart, and our selection of extendable dining tables does just that.

Extending Dining Table Sets For Sale

At Expand Furniture, our designers strive to create furniture pieces that help you meet your entertainment ideals without adding clutter to your home. Whether you need extra chairs for weekly gatherings in your home, or it is simply your turn to host your entire family for a few holidays, our unique extendable dining table sets are exactly the solution you need. With the combo packages, you will receive an attractive, modern dining table along with matching, sturdy chairs that fold flat and are a breeze to store when not in use. Start browsing today and check out our intelligent pairings.

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It is no secret that when living in a tiny apartment or small home, every piece of furniture must be useful and versatile. Each of our extendable kitchen table sets boast functionality, clean lines, and durability. One of our most popular transformable tables at Expand Furniture is the Ultimate Space Saving Dining Table Set. It seats anywhere from 1-10 people, and each chair is rated to hold 250 lbs or more. With a modern look and extreme versatility, your dining area can be transformed and ready for a dinner party within minutes. Compare the Ultimate set with the other options we have available, as well.

Browse Small Space Dining Table Sets

Online Store For Space Saver Dining Sets

Expand Furniture is your #1 spot to browse expandable dining tables online. Each item offers extensive information, weight limits, instructions, pictures from various angles, and so much more. We are proud of our furniture pieces, and have nothing to hide from our customers. Our ultimate goal is to help customers utilize their living area and make it better with convertible furniture and space saver dining sets. Compare prices, learn anticipated shipping timeframes, and learn more about our incredible warranties. We want you to buy confidently and be 100% satisfied, so start browsing your options through our comprehensive website!

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Perhaps you have been barely getting by for dinner parties and hosting events by utilizing your card table, random rummage sale table, and mismatched chairs. While this approach may work for some, we can all agree that one simple piece of furniture, such as our console to dining table, or coffee table to dining table, could make your life so much simpler. Rather than fighting your closet to find storage for 18 hefty folding chairs, why not utilize our unique space savers that grow, transform, and cleverly store compactly folded chairs right inside.

Extending Dining Set Buyers’ Guide

When choosing a dining set, our designers advise pinpointing your top needs and ideals for entertaining and hosting, and use that list to narrow down your choices. From there, we offer price protection guarantees so if you are unsatisfied with what you chose, we will take it back with no hassle. Simply pay both-way shipping costs and return the item in its original packaging, and you will receive your money back to use for another option instead.

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Our extending dining sets at Expand Furniture are the best on the market, but don’t just take our word for it! Do your research, and compare pricing and quality against other brands. Expand Furniture consistently receives five-star ratings and excellent reviews from happy customers, so take some time to visit our reviews page and learn why we are so highly praised and recommended for our unique space saving furniture and dining sets.

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Best Hideaway Dining Sets For Small Homes

At Expand Furniture, we are committed to helping you utilize your space to the maximum degree, with classy, modern space saving furniture. Our selection of expanding tables and comfortable, slim design chairs are versatile enough to fit with any decor, and will help transform your space within seconds. Some of our models even have room to store the compactly folded chairs directly inside, so there is zero infringement on your precious closet space.

Where To Buy A Space Saver Dining Table Set

When you choose to purchase with Expand Furniture, not only do you receive quality pieces, but you also get comprehensive warranties, price protection guarantees, and excellent customer service. Our shipping is fast, and we strive to have plenty of items in stock at our warehouses to ensure that items arrive on your doorstep quickly. With a vast array of designs, styles, and colors available, you are sure to find the ideal space saving solution for your home.

Compare Space Saving Dining Table Sets

Browse our website to compare prices on different space saving dining sets, and remember that when you package the table and chairs together, you will receive a discounted price on the whole combo!

Top Space Saving Dining Room Sets In White

Many of our most popular expandable dining set options are offered in white, for a classy, clean look. Sleek and attractive, the white dining sets are easily cleaned, and incorporate smoothly into any style.

Trending-Style Expandable Dining Room Sets

Whether you prefer the Jr Edge Dining Set, the Nano Chair create-your-own, the Alzare raising coffee to dining table, or the ever popular Trojan console table, there is something for everyone at Expand Furniture.

Black Space Saver Dining Room Sets On Sale

Black is a popular color choice due to its classy, modern appeal. Browse our clearance and sale items in black to find an affordable, sleek dining set that will transform your home and your life.

Round Wooden Expandable Dining Table Sets

Expand Furniture proudly offers some dining sets in round wood, to fit a warm farmhouse style. While this is not available for every combo, it is a beautiful finish to a clever space saving set of furniture.

Mid-Century Style Expandable Dining Sets

Along with modern, classy appeal, our transformable dining sets at Expand Furniture can be built in a mid-century style for those who ask. Sure to please every guest, you can’t go wrong with mid-century charm!