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Space Saving Hidden Beds for all types of rooms. Whether you live in a small apartment or conventional house, space saving beds can add function and convenience. We have Sofa Wall Beds that combine a couch and Murphy bed to work in harmony as well as Table & Desk Murphy Beds. Lifting beds with storage are essential for apartment living providing you with that extra bit of storage room to make things more comfortable. Specialized hidden Bunk Beds fold up into a wall are compact hidden beds perfect for occasional guests.  We also have hidden cabinet beds, free standing Wall Beds and Sofa Beds that are actually comfortable. View all our hidden bed collection online complete with pricing and important details.

Top Rated Wall Beds For Sale

At Expand Furniture, we have a wide variety of space-saving wall beds available to fit any home. Whether you live in a tiny home, city apartment, or simply need to have a guest bed that can tuck out of the way, we are certain to have a comfortable, stylish, and multi-functional option for any home. Our compact wall beds come in any size, and can be specially crafted in combination with any other piece of furniture according to your preference – desk, sofa, or even a revolving tv stand. Browse our vast online selection today to find the perfect, functional, space-saving wall bed for you.

Top rated wall beds for sale by Expand Furniture

Space Saving Wall Bed Store

Our wide variety of wall bed options at Expand Furniture have made us the #1 choice for you when purchasing a multi-functional, space-saving piece of furniture for your home. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or typical house, wall beds are for all types of rooms and are ideal for the occasional guest. Having the option for a compact, surprisingly comfortable guest bed that can fold right into the wall is essential to maximizing the small space in your apartment. Browse our store and speak to an associate, or peruse our online selection from the comfort of your own home to learn more important details about each wall bed.

Best Sectional Wall Beds On Sale

One of the best parts about Expand Furniture is our endless options for creative combinations. Pair your lifting wall bed with a desk, sectional sofa, revolving tv stand, hidden cabinet, or wall table. Murphy wall beds add an air of function and convenience to any home. Utilizing a hidden wall bed paired with a sectional sofa can easily maximize your small space and allow you the flexibility to go with the flow – entertain a friend and have them stay overnight too! Do not let your tiny apartment cramp your style; take charge of your home and make it work for your needs with one of our affordable sectional sofa wall beds.

Read Customer Wall Bed Reviews

When you choose a hidden wall bed from Expand Furniture, you are choosing quality, affordability, and functionality all at once. We use only the highest quality materials and offer our furniture pieces at affordable prices, so there is something for everyone. From wall beds, to sofa beds, to revolving TV stands, to expandable dining room tables and even more, Expand Furniture has exactly what your home needs to maximize space, offer versatility, and even provide a stylish and modern flair. Read the reviews from previous customers to learn why purchasing a wall bed at Expand Furniture is the best decision for you!

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Wall Bed Buyers Guide & Tips

Whether you are a wall bed newbie or an experienced owner of adaptable furniture, we know you will love our specialty pieces. Our convertible sofa wall beds are designed for modern living, and easily combine style with comfort for the ultimate Murphy Bed experience. When you browse our vast online selection of wall beds, you will find simple assembly instructions (unless the piece comes already assembled), measurements, excellent warranties, and prompt customer service for any questions you may have.

Space Saving Wall Bed Store Expand Furniture

Five Star Rated Wall Beds

space saving furniture is an essential part of any modern home or small city apartment. Utilizing multi-functional pieces such as a sectional sofa bed or transforming desk wall bed is the key to using your small space well. Additionally, our adaptable beds allow you to be flexible and go with the flow of your daily life. Have a surprise overnight guest? No problem! Just open your wall bed over your sofa and your guest will have a comfortable place to sleep.

Purchase Modern King Wall Beds

Typically, when people think of wall beds, the words “compact” and “uncomfortable” come to mind. Not so with Expand Furniture! We offer space-saving wall beds in all sizes from Twin up to King, at completely affordable rates. Our beds are high-quality, comfortable, and multi-functional, so you can easily maximize your space without breaking the bank. Shop our vast online selection of modern, stylish, king size wall beds to find the perfect fit for your home or apartment.

Mid Century Queen Wall Beds

At Expand Furniture, we believe in simplifying your living and expanding your space. As part of that commitment, we offer our Murphy wall beds in a variety of styles so you can find one that will fit perfectly with the theme of your home. Whether you prefer modern, sleek designs, or classy, mid-century styles, there is something for everyone. Browse through our store or shop online from the comfort of your own home to find an affordable, stylish option for you.

Browse Twin Size Wall Bed Deals

Browse through our selection of completely affordable twin-size wall beds. Designed to be multi-functional and versatile, these beds are high-quality and provide a night of comfortable sleep for every guest.

Shop Rustic Full Size Wall Beds

As one of the top providers of full-size wall beds both online and in store, Expand Furniture has a high-quality space saving furniture designed to maximize any small home or tiny apartment.

Buy Popular Wall Beds Online

The compact, versatile wall beds offered at Expand Furniture are multi-functional in design so you can fully utilize your tiny living area. Turn your office into a guest room within seconds, or convert your living room into a suite for your surprise overnight guest. The best part is, we provide all the measurements and necessary information online with each style, so you will know right away which wall beds will fit your space.

Clearance Suede Wall Beds

Browse our selection of clearance wall beds paired with suede sofas for the ultimate classy look.

Leather Wall Bed Markdowns

Looking for a fantastic deal? Browse our leather sofa wall beds marked down to an even more affordable price!

Gray Wall Bed Promotion

For an especially attractive, modern style, shop our gray wall beds and watch for the special promotion code!

White Wall Bed Discounts

If clean, farmhouse-style white is your jam, look no further than our extra discounted white wall beds.

Contemporary Bunk Wall Beds

Browse our available selection of affordable bunked wall beds designed to utilize a small space even more effectively.

Rebate Storage Wall Beds

Shop our wide selection of versatile storage wall beds available with a rebate offer for even greater savings.