Hover – Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed Desk



Hover – Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed Desk


The Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed Desk is a perfect wall-bed and work station for a a convertible office flex space. When vertical or length space is a problem, this gem design offers both working space and sleeping options for a guest room, student or library/den. The tight design around the frame lends a sleek look to the unit – form and functionality beautifully met. There is no fuss of moving books off the desk at bed time, because the whole desk component simply compacts down when levered and stays horizontal the entire time (only tall objects would have to be removed). The bed is balanced with pistons to Hover and make for an easy transformation from Office to Bedroom. Finished in a stunning glossy white. The desk is also glossy white and it is possible to put your own wood desk on here instead.  Pairs well with the 9 inch Expand Latex Mattress.

In home delivery ~4 weeks in when in stock
5 year warranty

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The Hover Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed Desk is the perfect office space saver. The side folding style is compatible with wide or short rooms or even rooms with low ceilings. Made in Europe but designed for North American sizing and can fit a USA Queen Sized 10 inch mattress. The comfort level is your choice, you choose your own mattress that fits in our system. The flush desk with silver legs has a matching white gloss wide desk that stays horizontal when lowered. A clever gas mechanism used to assist the lowering of the bed makes for a very smooth levering system that is almost weightless to the point of hovering – perfect for all ages to use. This clean horizontal design also works well in the contemporary space where furniture lines are generally flatter and wider rather than taller in shape. The wall bed is white gloss on the outside and matte white on the inside. If you choose a 9 inch or under mattress size you can even close up the bed with all your linens inside. Pairs well with the Expand 8 Inch Gel Mattress, Or check out the Magnfilex 9 inch mattress, which is perfect in this system. (you also save $500 when buying this mattress)

Key Features

Quad Piston System with Balanced Mechanics & Desk
Slatted Wood bed base & Strong Metal Bed Frame
Built For 10 inch < North American Queen Mattress

*If you are planning on building cabinetry around this we highly recommend installing the wall bed first and then building around it after and not the other way around.

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Combined Wall Bed + Desk depth:

39.37 inches (100cm)

Opened Wall Bed Depth:

64.5 inches

Wall Bed Width:

87.5 inches (222.2cm)

Wall Bed Height:

66.42 inches (168.7cm)

Wall Bed Depth:

15.75 inches (40cm)

Desk width:

82.83 (210.4 cm)

Desk Depth:

23.5 inches (60 cm)

Desk Height:

29.3 inches (74.4cm)


Assembly required

The Hover Wall Bed Systems require assembly. Wall mount is required.
Approximately 3 to 5.5hrs with 2 people. We can provide Skype Video assistance.

Wall Mounting Required

Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your wall. While most hardware is included in this we do require you purchase your own wall anchors for this reason. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise.

Mattress size

You can test out a mattress that suits your comfort level and lifestyle. This will fit any North American Queen Sized mattress under 10 inches in height. We strongly recommend a 8-9 inch mattress so you can leave your pillows duvet and other items on. It is compatible with the Expand 8″ gel mattress or the 9 inch magniflex. Receive $500 discount on the MurphySofa when you purchase it at the same time as the Magniflex. Inquire for details


5 Years hardware & mechanics. Expand Furniture’s Rapid customer service.

Shipping Information

Ships to USA & Canada in 1-3 weeks for stock items.
Fully insured for safe delivery.
For Europe or Asia please contact us.

Popular Pairings & Options

Compatible with:

Other great options: MurphySofa, Vertical Wall Bed Desk, Flip Console to Desk, or a variety of other designer Murphy wall bed sofas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Edwina (Burnaby, CA)
Excellent Quality and Perfect Size

I love this Murphy bed. I bought it for my small office/second bedroom. I initially bought this for guests who visit and may need a space to work, but I've also been using it a lot to work remotely. I'm about 5'5" and it's the perfect ergonomic height for me while I'm sitting at the desk. Website says it fits a 9" mattress, but you could fit a 10" if you don't close it with a blanket and pillows still on it. It feels incredibly sturdy and durable, and of excellent quality. I know this because when pulling out the mattress, my mom didn't realize a leg got caught on the table, so she put her weight on it to push it down. The rubber/silicone foot did rip a bit and there was a slight scratch on the edge of the table. However the scratch is almost non-existent even if you look at it up close. Most people wouldn't even notice it.

Damian (Port Moody, CA)
Fantastic Piece of Furniture but don't underestimate the assembly work

We are very please with our horizontal queen Murphy bed desk. The bed is comfortable and of a quality you would expect with a static bed, the desk is very large and practical and of course the way it all folds up is amazing. A couple of items to be aware of. One the assembly time was about 8 hours for me and I consider myself reasonably handy. Two balancing the piston strength against the weight is tricky. We bought a mattress that was about 70lbs (as suggested) but still needed replacement pistons as those supplied were not a good fit.

BTW email and phone customer service was great. Helpful and knowledgeable.