Hong Kong Space Saving Tables

In many areas of China, and especially in Hong Kong, space is at a premium. One of Hong Kong’s most clever solutions to the lack of space has been to build up rather than out. For residents of China. We offer a solution somewhat similar to building up. Rather than take up valuable floor space, choose multifunctional furniture. At Expand Furniture we offer numerous multitasking, space saving tables and furniture pieces.

Our Box Coffee To Dining Table Is Perfect For Hong Kong Homes!

Hong Kong Extending Dining Tables

Likewise our Junior Giant table can be used as an attractive, yet unobtrusive desk or console, but when it’s time for a big family dinner you can add all four leaflets in order to seat eight to ten people. Since you can add anywhere from one to four leaflets, this transforming table can be adjusted to numerous sizes and shapes

Additionally, the Junior Giant transforming table is available with matching designer folding chairs. These revolutionary chairs are ultra-compact when folded, making them easy to store.

Hong Kong Transforming Coffee Tables

Another of our space saving tables that is extremely popular in Hong Kong is the Box Coffee to Dining Table. This contemporary transforming table with its sleek clean lines is an attractive addition to any living room. It differs slightly from the previously mentioned tables in that it is self-contained, hiding its three leaflets inside. It’s not only adjustable in size but also in height.

At its lowest point this table is 11 inches high and at its tallest it is 30 inches, and can be used at any height in between. Since it stores its own leaflets, we have added features that make it easier to maneuver, including locking wheels and a hydraulic mechanism to raise and lower the table.

Tiny Titan massive 14 Seat Dining Table Hides as Tiny Console | Expand Furniture

Space Saver Kitchen Tables in Hong Kong

For example, our Tiny Titan transforming kitchen table earns its name. This space saving table can fit almost anywhere, masquerading as a console, yet when the need arises it can transform into a banquet or conference table that seats up to 14 people, simply by adding all five leaflets. This is our largest transforming table, built on a strong chassis and providing an extra leg frame for center support.

Other Space-Saving Furniture in Hong Kong

At Expand Furniture every product has been quality designed by mechanical engineers to have at least two easy to utilize functions.

At Expand Furniture, we know how important it is to save space in your small home in Hong Kong. That is why we offer a large selection of space saving furniture to help you maximize the space in your small apartment. Choose from coffee to dining tables, console to dining tables, and other space saving dining tables to utilize the space in your apartment, as well as wall bed tables and sleeper sofas. Expand Furniture has everything you need to make the most out of your small space living.

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