The Practical Benefits Of Wall Beds & Why They Are Perfect For A Guest Room / Office Combo

The Practical Benefits Of Wall Beds & Why They Are Perfect For A Guest Room / Office Combo

Wall beds are a practical and stylish piece of furniture that offer design-savvy solutions for limited space. Whether you’re looking to maximize space in a small apartment or turn a spare room into a multifunctional space, a wall bed should be at the top of your list to consider.

One of the most popular ways to utilize a wall bed is the guest room/office combo. As more people than ever are working from home or running their own business, spare bedrooms that were once guest bedrooms are being converted into functional and attractive office spaces, leaving many homeowners looking for solutions on how to maintain an attractive guest room space that still provides functionality during the work week.

If you’re looking to maximize your floor plan, save space, and keep your home looking great, a wall bed is an ideal solution for integrating a multifunctional guest room/office combination into your home.

MurphySofa Clean – Sectional Queen Wall Bed

Unlock Your Home’s Potential with a Wall Bed – A Look at the Benefits of Multi-Purpose Room Solutions

The simplest style of wall beds, the Murphy bed, folds horizontally or vertically against the wall and can be pulled out when you need a space for a guest to spend the night. In the morning, you can simply fold it back up to open the floor space of your room for daytime activities, such as playing, working, exercising, and more.

More elaborate wall beds utilize the same fold-up style, but covert into a comfortable sofa or generously sized desk. Other models feature shelving or cabinets, or can even rotate into a hidden bookshelf. The style and design options are almost endless, giving you plenty of ways to turn an under-used room into a multifunctional office by day and guest room by night.

Check out these benefits of a wall bed and learn more about why they are the perfect solution for your guest room/office combination!

Wall Beds Transform Unused Space

With a fold up wall bed, you’ll be able to transform a room into a multifunctional space without compromising on style. Transform a spare bedroom or dysfunctional corner of your apartment into a combination office/guest room that matches your lifestyle.

In the morning, your wall bed can be folded up or rotated to reveal a desk with space for all of your office supplies, giving you the headspace you need to focus on work. At the end of the day, rotate the desk back toward the wall so you can use the room for guests, reveal your bookshelves, or simply get away from the daily grind.

Wall Beds Offer Multiple Functions

Modern wall beds are space-saving furniture that offers multiple functions because the bed itself has multiple uses, such as a pull out desk or shelving unit. Others convert to a comfortable sofa or rotating bookshelf. You can even add features such as LED lighting, USB ports, and more. A wall bed is a perfect way to add multiple functions to your office/guest room.

Enjoy The Benefits of Long-Lasting Furniture

Furniture should be designed to last, and wall beds are no exception. With a quality Murphy bed, you can expect many years of service, including easy lowering and folding with custom-designed springs and mechanisms.

Wall Beds Are Extremely Customizable & Flexible

Wall beds can be customized to fit your home, whether you have higher or lower ceilings or want the wood grain to match your existing décor. If you have shorter ceilings or a larger room, consider a horizontal wall bed that is mounted on the long side of the bed frame. Homes with higher ceilings or a narrower room may best accommodate a vertical wall bed, which is mounted from the short end of the bed. For optimal storage space, customize the cabinetry and shelving units around your wall bed, opt for bookcase storage, or consider a model that converts to a desk.

Wall Beds Can Make a Guest Room Feel More Comfortable

Guest room beds have a reputation for being cheap and uncomfortable, but wall beds offer premium comfort and coziness. When you install a Murphy bed into your guest/room office combo, you can be assured that you aren’t compromising on comfort while you maximize the use of your space. Your guests will thank you!

Wall Beds Promote Innovation

A dedicated guest room isn’t practical for most people, but with a wall bed system, you can utilize the space in your home or apartment for daily life or office space while still making a comfortable space for your guests to enjoy. Wall beds enable you to quickly and conveniently convert your daily office space into a welcoming guest room.

Wall Beds Are Convenient

Wall beds offer one-handed operation, which means almost anyone can use them! Smooth springs and mechanisms fold the bed up or down effortlessly. The bedding can even remain in place while the bed is folded, conveniently tucked out of the way until it’s time to sleep.

Find The Perfect Wall Bed For Your Guest Room / Office Combination

Whether you love entertaining or simply need to convert an existing guest bedroom into a functional office space, a wall bed is the perfect piece of practical and stylish space-saving furniture. Maximize your home’s functionality with a bed that folds away when not in use to reveal a practical office space that meets all of your needs.

Expand Furniture specializes in space saving furniture that is functional, stylish, and modern. We offer a wide selection of wall beds that can maximize the use of your guest/office room, including wall beds with desk space, rotating bookcases, shelving units, cabinets, and sofas. Transform your guest/office room with Expand Furniture while enjoying outstanding customer service, affordable pricing, and the highest quality! Contact us today.



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