An Easy Guide To Measuring Your Room For a Wall Bed

An Easy Guide To Measuring Your Room For a Wall Bed

When you live in a small space, anything you can do to save room helps! Murphy beds can be a game changer in these situations. They are hinged into a wall so that you can fold them up and “put them away” when you’re not using them! Whether you have a multifunctional home office or a studio apartment, having a bed that makes your space versatile can be a big deal!

However, buying a Murphy bed is not as simple as buying a twin bed and bringing it into your home. Before you purchase one, it is essential to measure your room to ensure an installation that will be accurate and simple, especially because it will have to be screwed into your wall.

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The Importance Of Precise Measurements For Murphy Bed Installation

Measuring your space accurately is the most important first step in getting a Murphy bed. Incorrect measurements can lead to installation problems and a faulty bed which leads to wasted time and money. Measuring accurately is essential for these reasons:

  • Fit: The bed must fit perfectly into the allotted space. If it’s too big of a bed, it won’t fold away as intended, if it is too small, it won’t give you the space you need for ideal sleep.
  • Safety: Beds that are not the right size may not screw into the wall appropriately causing safety issues when opening, closing, and sleeping on them.
  • Aesthetic: Murphy beds are not only versatile, but when put away, work well with your room’s aesthetic. If the bed is not the right size, this may impact the way the room looks.
  • Function: If measured accurately, the right-sized bed allows you to add cabinets or shelves to enhance your living and sleeping space.

Essential Tools For Accurately Measuring Your Room

Measuring your room for a Murphy bed requires only a few tools that you probably have on hand:

  • Measuring Tape: Be sure it is flexible and can measure long distances to ensure accuracy.
  • Pen & Paper: You will use these to write down measurements.

Steps To Measuring Your Space For a Murphy Bed

Step 1: Ensure Your Room Is Cleared Of Obstructions

During the measurement process, you will be walking around the room and may need to reach areas of the room that are behind furniture or decor items. To get the best measurement possible, it is recommended to move these items out of the way so you have easy access.

Step 2: Choose The Installation Wall

One of the most important steps in measuring a compact Murphy Bed is determining which wall you will install it on. The wall you choose must be flat with no windows, doors, or other obstacles. It could preferably be an interior wall if you have one, though that is not necessary.

Step 3: Measuring The Width

Once you have selected the wall you hope to put your bed on, you will then measure the width. It is recommended that you measure from one corner of the wall straight across to the other corner. Make sure your tape measure is not on an angle to ensure accuracy. Once you have the measurement, write it down on your paper.

Step 4: Measure The Height

The next step is to measure the height. This step is very similar to measuring the width, but you will be measuring from the floor to the ceiling. It is wise to measure in different points along the wall as not all homes are perfectly square. Choose the lowest measurement to make sure that your bed will fit and record it down on the paper.

Step 5: Look For Obstructions

In addition to watching for windows and doors, you must make sure your roating Murphy bed will not be blocking any light switches, outlets, or other wall fixtures. If you notice any nearby, measure how far they are from the floor and the side of the walls. You will mark these measurements down on paper to ensure the mechanics or mattress of the bed won’t get in the way.

Step 6: Draw Out Your Room

Using your pen and paper, sketch out your room with the proper measurements, including the width, height, and location of any wall fixtures or obstructions. This helps you visually when you’re shopping for which Murphy bed to buy.

Step 7: Ensure There Is Enough Clearance

At this point, you will want to check the measurements of the specific Murphy bed you would like. This step is important as you want to be sure there is enough clearance in your room to open and close the bed. In general, it is recommended to allow 8 feet of space from the wall to where the front of the bed would be.

Step 8: Talk To a Professional

If you are unsure about any part of your measurement process or you’re worried if your room would even fit a Murphy bed, feel free to reach out to a professional company that sells Murphy Beds, like Expand Furniture. With a professional’s expertise, you can be confident in your room’s ability to have a Murphy bed!

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