Space Saving Furniture for NYC Residents

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Best Rated Expanding Furniture for New York City

You may live in the Big Apple, but you probably don’t live in a very big apartment. Everyone wants to live in New York City, so most people have to pay top dollar for very small apartments. Though you may have a great address and a tiny apartment, you may not have very much floor space. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or your style to live in a top Manhattan building.

The right NYC space saving furniture can help you make the most of your space so you don’t have to clutter up your floor plan with unnecessary or bulky furniture. Expand Furniture offers the solutions you need. Have a look at MurphySofa Wall Bed below.

Space Saving Furniture for NYC Residents

Space-Saving Multifunctional Furniture For NY Residents

Maximize Your NY Space With Quality Space Saving Furniture

Your first New York apartment may be on the small side, whether you live in Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx. That can make deciding what furniture you want tricky. Expand Furniture takes a lot of that worry away. You can get transforming furniture that can have a variety of functions while making your place look super stylish in the process. You want to have a place where you can breathe and not feel cluttered. A space saving table can be an excellent thing to have. Come see how our furniture can make your apartment look unique and inviting.

New York Space Saving Furniture

Expand Furniture can help you have everything you want in your New York apartment without making you feel cluttered. Our goal is to maximize your space to give your place an impression of being bigger than it is. We have selections like durable wall bed closets, custom cupboards and shelving that will fit your place perfectly. You can get ones that are pre-made or we can make ones that can handle any odd angles in your apartment. Come see how we can make your place look modern.

cupboard and closet storage

Cupboard And Closet Shelving & Storage

wall shelves

Elegant Wall Shelves & Floating Shelves


Bookshelves And Desktop Shelves


Expand Furniture, I want you to know how much we like our new table. It is exactly what we needed! The construction is excellent and the table is easy expand. The white high gloss is gorgeous. We were concerned about buying this table without seeing it in person, but it certainly worked out well.

Daniel Goldberg | Columbus, US


These little tables/stools surprised me with their quality – way better than I expected. they look awesome and are very sturdy, use them as instructed, though. No standing on them. Sit, prop your feet up, use them as a table! these little stools rock and everyone loves them!

Barb Wolfe | Langley, CA


I am just loving this couch. I like to move my furniture around A LOT. Every time I clean, I think up a different configuration. This week, we are seating for 4. Last week I was long mono-couch with two people laid out reading at either end. So much fun. Comfortable too. I prefer it without the feet, for easier push-ability.

Tiffany Self | Victoria, CA


Space Saving Furniture With Modern Designs In NY

New York’s Best Selling Space Saver Furniture

New York Space Saving Tables

Some of our most popular space saving furniture includes transforming tables. You can transform a coffee table and turn it into a desk or a dining area. The tabletop might lift up to reveal storage space beneath it, or an extra insert may be available to create additional surface space. Other options allow you to fold a table down when you need it or to fold it into the wall when not in use.
By using transforming furniture like these tables, you can get the home office space you always wanted, or you can transform a guest bedroom so that you are getting more out of it when you don’t have any visitors by using a wall bed with a sofa or a wall bed desk combination. You can easily transform your space for entertaining guests or getting work done.

Expand Furniture is happy to serve customers throughout New York City to help them find the space saving furniture solutions they need. Explore our online catalog to find space saving furniture from transforming tables to transforming wall beds and learn how you can maximize the space in your apartment and make the living area more comfortable for your family or your guests.

Space Saving Table

NYC Hidden Wall Beds

Hidden Wall Bed With Sofa

There are a lot of people living in New York, whichever borough you choose. Unless you have a sizable budget, you will likely find yourself in a small apartment or house. That means that your space will be very limited. Even a simple thing like a bed can seem to engulf an entire room if you are not careful. Expand Furniture offers a lot of versatile furniture that is both comfortable and practical.

One thing you might want to consider is a wall sofa bed. You can use your sofa to entertain people during the day or evening. When it’s time to go to sleep, merely pull the bed down over the sofa. Then you push it back up to a regular sofa in the morning. You can continue your life and even have visits and no one will be any wiser of your new transforming furniture.

Space Saving Sofas For Sale In NY

While you like using a sofa to recline after a long day or to relax while working from home during the morning and afternoon, they can take up a lot of space. Your New York apartment can suddenly feel quite crowded with the addition of one. Expand Furniture offers a large selection of choices. You could go with a sectional sofa to a hidden Murphy bed to other possibilities. There are sofa beds where you can take the cushions off to pull out a bed. Space saving sofas can do so much for your place.

When you get one of these, you can relax knowing that you are using your limited space wisely. Feel free to browse our extensive catalog to see what we offer – finding space-saving furniture is within your reach.

transforming murphy sofa bed

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