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Seattle is already a big city, but it is also the fastest-growing of all major cities in the United States. Some of the country’s major companies are headquartered in Seattle, like Starbucks and Amazon, providing many excellent job opportunities. At the same time, the city is home to amazing dining and entertainment opportunities, while being flanked by beautiful natural landscape that is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Being such a popular place, the real estate market is thriving in Seattle. Many homes and apartments are quite small, even if they are considered high-end. The way you decorate your home is very important when you are working with limited space.

Find Space-Saving Luxury Furniture For Sale In Seattle By Expand Furniture

Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture For Seattle Homes

At Expand Furniture, we have everything that you need to maximize the space in your Seattle home. From beds that can be lifted to store items such as pjs, bed linens, and more in case you are running low on closet space to coffee or console tables that you can convert to a dining room table. Do you have children, nephews, or kids who love having their friends over? Browse our sofa beds and hideaway bunk beds.

Other space-savers include a revolving TV stand/Murphy bed. Once you are finished watching TV, just turn it around and snooze. There are so many things to choose from. We offer excellent craftsmanship on all our pieces of furniture. Check out what we can do for you!

Buy Several Types Of Transforming Furniture Near You

From Extendable Dining Tables To Murphy Beds & Sofa Beds

Black Expandable Dining Table And Folding Dining Chairs For Sale In Seattle

Whether you like to have small gatherings or large ones, our tables will work for you. You can make them as long or as short as you want, depending on your space and the number of guests that you have. Then you can set the table to the size that you want after everything is finished. It’s an easy process.

Speaking of easy, once your dining is over, you might want to go to bed. You can take a few seconds and pull down your Murphy Bed or you can simply get your sofa bed ready. Both of them offer very comfortable mattresses that will help you get a good night’s sleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow. Feel free to look at our online selection – you will surely find something that catches your eye that you can visualize being in your Seattle home.

Top-Rated Space Saving Furniture Shop Shipping To Seattle, WA

murphy beds with desk

High Quality Murphy Beds With Desk & Modular Sectional Sofas

You can both be productive and get rest with our Murphy Bed desk sets. Get your work done during the day at your desk and then pull out the bed and get a great night’s sleep.

hidden wall bed behind sofa

Transforming Extendable Dining Tables, Wall Bed Sofas & More

You will love how our extendable dining tables can work for both intimate dining experiences and large gatherings. Our sofas can also help you maximize the space in your Austin home.

Gray modular sofa bed

Exceptional Customer Service & Fast Shipping To WA

It is our goal to provide every person who shops at Expand Furniture gets an excellent customer service experience. Our staff will gladly answer any questions that you might have about your potential purchase.



Expand Furniture sells Seattle space saving furniture for tiny living that can help you make the most of your space without sacrificing the style that makes it your own. For example, you can add the extra “rooms” that you want such as a home office or a guest room by simply choosing the right furniture to help you easily adapt the space for different needs at different times.



Choose from a variety of high-quality furniture pieces, each designed to bring functionality and a modern style to your home. From space-saving sofas and transforming coffee tables, Murphy beds and hidden chairs, Expand Furniture offers furniture pieces ideal for any small home space. Our representatives are always available to answer your questions or assist with ordering. Click below to see more!

Modern Double Murphy Bed



dining room set icon


Our Clients' Reviews

5-Star Rated Transforming Furniture Store Serving Seattle

“Expand Furniture, I want you to know how much we like our new table. It is exactly what we needed! The construction is excellent and the table is easy expand. The white high gloss is gorgeous. We were concerned about buying this table without seeing it in person, but it certainly worked out well.”

Daniel G. – Columbus, US ★★★★★

“These little tables/stools surprised me with their quality – way better than I expected. they look awesome and are very sturdy, use them as instructed, though. No standing on them. Sit, prop your feet up, use them as a table! these little stools rock and everyone loves them!”

Barb W. – Langley, CA★★★★★

“I am just loving this couch. I like to move my furniture around A LOT. Every time I clean, I think up a different configuration. This week, we are seating for 4. Last week I was long mono-couch with two people laid out reading at either end. So much fun. Comfortable too. I prefer it without the feet, for easier push-ability.”

Tiffany S. – Victoria, CA★★★★★



Expand Furniture ships to customers throughout Seattle. Explore our online catalog to find the Seattle transforming furniture that you need today.

Seattle Space Saving Expandable Dining Tables

Transforming tables are ideal for such purposes. You can convert your unused guest room into an office when you aren’t entertaining, changing an end table into a desk. Or you can convert a small sitting space into an extra dining area for parties by transforming a coffee table into a dining table.

Our transforming tables and other transforming furniture including sofa wall beds and wall beds with desks make the space do double duty so that you don’t have to clutter up the area with multiple pieces. You save money and space. At the same time, you can create the kind of décor you want without worrying about losing the functionality of the space.

Not only does Expand Furniture carry quality, innovative space saving tables in Seattle, but we also offer a variety of space saving chairs. Choose from a sturdy, basic folding chair, or branch out with something new through our folding space saving chairs that pull out like an accordion to create a flexible bench. Whatever you choose to make your home more functional, your guests will surely be impressed and happy with having a comfortable space to sit back and relax.

Folded White Expandable Table And Chairs For Sale In Seattle

Multifunctional Transforming Chairs & Dining Sets

Seattle's Best-Rated Space-Saving Dining Table And Chair Set

You will love what you can do with our chairs. You can get extendable ones that turn into benches, small ones that fit inside an ottoman, folding ones that come with their own hooks, envelope folding chairs that take up much less space than traditional folding ones (plus people will love how stylish these are), and the Scatola, which can extend to seat eight people.

These chairs can work with our dining sets, which will make your place look modern. The chairs can be pushed in to create extra space. There are so many uses for them. We also pay close attention to craftsmanship, which is why we have many satisfied customers. Check out our reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Map. We provide five-star furniture for very cost-effective prices. See what you can do to improve your Seattle home without adding any clutter!

Seattle Hidden Wall Beds & Murphy Beds With Desk

Create visual appeal and functionality in your studio apartment through our loft bed kits and Murphy space saving beds at Expand Furniture. Our loft kits create a platform ideal for a bed, TV, or small office space, along with an area below for seating or studying. Get full customization control with our DIY loft bed kits!

Expand Furniture also carries a variety of space saving beds in Seattle. Whether you prefer a luxury sofa option that lifts to reveal a comfortable bed, or a Murphy desk and bed combo, the option is all yours! Choose from accessories such as shelves, special molding, or other choices designed to enhance their design and effectiveness in your home. With just the right space saving piece, you can create a stylish, functional home in no time at all.

Quality Hidden Wall Beds And Murphy Beds For Sale In Seattle By Expand Furniture

Space Saving Sectional Sofas & Sofa Beds In Seattle

High-Quality Space Saving Sofas For Sale In Seattle

Whether you are an extrovert who loves to entertain guests, or an introvert who prefers to get work done and spend time in the peaceful comfort of your living space, Expand Furniture has something for everyone. Our high quality, space saving sofas in Seattle bring the perfect mixture of functionality and style to any home. You deserve a piece of furniture that has the ability to change with you throughout the day.

At Expand Furniture, you can select from our stylish Murphy bed and sofa combinations, or our modern sectionals designed for apartment sizing. Push the pieces together or separate them to comfortably seat your friends. Our flexible bench expands to comfortably fit 10-12 people, and our foldable stools and low profile sofa sets are the ideal solution for anyone seeking to maximize their space.

FAQs About Our Space Saving Furniture

Why Shop with Expand Furniture?
We are the premier online specialist in Expandable Space Saving Furniture. We offer original designs in addition to distributing amazing designer items. With furniture directly made for our company and shipped online to you, you save by cutting out the retail middle men. You can order online directly through us using a credit card on our secure SSL encryption. When you place an order in our system the payment goes directly through to our merchant and credit card information is not stored in our system. We do not keep credit cards on file, ever. We ship quickly as most of our products are in stock. We also can custom produce furniture if you have patience. In addition to our incredible warranties we also offer 30 day price protection on your purchases as well as easy returns on most items. See below for more details:

Shop with Absolute Confidence!

Can You Deliver My Transforming Furniture Inside And Upstairs?

Yes we can! Our delivery team can bring your package right inside your home if you have ground access or an elevator. We are equipped to move packages up or down stairs as well, but we need to know beforehand to prepare and additional fees may apply.

What Happens If The Furniture I Ordered Arrives Damaged?

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase! Our quality control team carefully checks each order before it is shipped to ensure its integrity, but sometimes the shipping process causes damage. If this happens, please contact us immediately so we can make it right.

What's The Quality Guarantee Of Your Space Saving Furniture?

We work diligently to ensure our products are built with quality materials. All mechanical parts for beds and tables are covered under a 5 year warranty. If you are unhappy with your product for any reason, we want to know about it! Reach out to our customer service team.

Can You Ship Transforming Furniture To Other Countries?

Yes we can! While our primary shipping destinations are in the United States and Canada, we are prepared to deliver right to your front door worldwide. In the past, Expand Furniture has shipped to the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, Mexico, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more places.

What's The Warranty & Return Policy For Your Products?

Each of our pieces is covered by a comprehensive warranty, including 5 year coverage on all mechanical parts for beds and tables. If you need to return an item, we offer an easy 7 day return policy on new deliveries. If you are past the return period, please contact us regardless!

Are You An Eco-Friendly Space Saving Furniture Company?

Expand Furniture is proud to carry a reduced carbon footprint, and to compensate for every product and shipment by planting trees worldwide. Any item that is returned but still functional, we rehome it through a charity to a family in need, instead of cluttering the landfill.

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