Fold Cube – 4 Chairs Ottoman


Fold Cube – 4 Chairs Ottoman


4 folding chairs tuck away inside an Ottoman for quick access. High weight capacity at 250+ lbs per seat. Fully assembled.

Shipping ~ 2 weeks: USA / Canada & International
3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns


4 chairs hidden in plain sight

The fold cube sides out to create 4 extra stools which can also unfold into chairs with back rests. Padded firm seat feel.

Fold Cube ottoman expands 4 extra seats

How Does It Work?

The padded sides nest inside the ottoman

The side seats unfold to create a back rest

Fold and nest again to hide the chairs

fold cube seat flips open to become back rest


– Fully assembled

– Strong metal support stands.

– Up to 250lbs weight capacity.


22.25″ wide x 22.5″ deep x 20.27″ tall

The chairs measure 33.85″ tall with a 17.7″ seat height and 15.55″ depth.

Fold Cube Dimensions simple inches wide


No Assembly required

Other than when you transform the seats!

Built in wheels

There are wheels under the main base seat. These are optionally removable.
For soft wood floors some may choose to remove them and replace with fabric sliders

Shipping Information

USA & Canada ~2 weeks. Worldwide Shipping ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Warranty & Returns

3 year warranty + 7 day trial with easy returns. Store policy

This product is not a toy and we advise you do not sit and roll on the Fold Cube, but just use the wheels to transport the Cube.
If you have softer hardwood floors and prefer not to use wheels, it is easy to remove the wheels and instead use felt

Weight Capacity

Extremely strong and well built. We have sit tested each companion portion to hold well over 250+ lbs. 250lbs or under recommended for regular use.

Finishing options.

The fold cube is produced in a set of colors to choose from below. The tones match the corresponding Nano chairs exactly and pair well with them.
Available in synthetic eco leathers: White, Black


The fold cube is a firm seat. It is padded. For a softer feel the consider the Companion Cube


Popular Pairings & Options

Pairs well under a console table like the Junior Giant. Or can even serve as as a side table next to a sofa by placing a tray on top of it.
This works well with the expanding Box Coffee to dinner table as a pairing.

If you are looking for a bench that extends out check out the Mini Scatola.

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