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Mini Flip – Compact Desk to Table

$599.00 $449.00

Flip Mini desk to that doubles into a table or larger desk
Flip Mini desk to that doubles into a table or larger desk

Mini Flip – Compact Desk to Table

$599.00 $449.00

The Mini Flip is a compact office desk option which doubles in size to become a dinner table or larger work space. Made for even smaller spaces, this sweetly designed furniture piece offers all the clever space saving you require in a small, minimalist area as well as lending attractive lines. The mini flip-up console table-top neatly packs in and away for streamlined use up against a wall or sofa, or can double when opened as a working station or dining table. A few movements later and bingo the table expands to double its size, all in a flash with easy swivel legs and flip table top. From work-mode, the transformation to dining-mode has never been so easy to convert, nor looked so classy. The Mini Flip table comes in lovely finishes including walnut or white gloss and comes with appealing flat silver colored legs that suggests both great styling and match perfectly with Nano folding chairs.  If you are looking for a larger version of this table view the Flip Console to Table


A compact mini desk that doubles in size for dining or a larger office work space table. A true space saver this is the little brother to the Flip Console. When space is at a crunch the Mini Flip desk is a ‘must have’ – giving you lots of flexibility of function depending on the patterns of your life: work, dining or entertaining friends and loved ones whether it be a daily or perhaps even only a once a month or year. With its ‘Mini’ desk size it takes up only a small footprint all while you know you have the option to double its size. It can also stand alone as a charming side piece/console with decorative art adorning it. The designer angles make this piece particularly sharp in its appeal as the legs and stand form a wide “V”- this is not your average boxy looking side piece! For pure beauty and function this Mini Flip is the way to go. If you have more real estate to play with in your space check out the original Flip Console or the even bigger transforming Junior to Giant Table.

Sizing information
Seating: 2-4 people
As a console table: 90x35cm width – 70cm height (35.43 x 13.7 x 27.55 inches)
As a dining table: 90x70cm width –70cm height (35.43 x 27.55 x 27.55 inches)
If you are looking for a larger version of this table view the Flip Console to Table

Shipping Information

North America – Allow 1-3 weeks. Quick Worldwide Shipping ~ 7-10 days Express. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500-day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2-way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

Minor assembly required. The legs need to be attached to the table top ~10 minutes

Cleaning options
Mild soap and water recommended with a micro-soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals.

Finishing options
Can you order this in another color or finish? Yes, this is possible please email to inquire.
Current finishing options in white gloss paint or walnut with a flat-silver leg combination.

Additional information

Panel Finish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product, great service

Quality of the product is awesome and the service was outstanding. Thanks!!

Great table. Well built, functional,

Great table. Well built, functional, looks great

My 100% Honest Review

Concept: 5 stars (love it)
Design: 4 stars (Simple, minimum and stylish)
Quality: 3 stars (I felt that I did not get what I paid for)
Note: My Mini Flip - Compact Desk to Table ($599) came with a damaged piece (plastic magnet piece). It took one month for them to send me a replacement piece.

Shipping: 5 stars (I received 2 days after the order)
Customer service: 3 stars (I was not impressed. I felt that I was talking to the wall whole time)

Overall - 3 stars
I first came across this type of console table in a magazine called Dwell. In Dwell “Resource Furniture” was credited. I really wanted to have one of their furniture however I found RF was exceptionally high price. So I decided to buy from “Expand Furniture”. Now I feel that I should have forced myself to buy from RF. It was an expensive lesson for me.

Hi Yoko, I am sorry you feel like we did not meet your expectations we really did try. I am glad you appreciate our efforts to deliver this rapidly in time for Christmas within 2 days of ordering. I understand this .5 mm crack in the magnet plastic must have been annoying to see for your present. Fortunately this aesthetic blemish did not at all compromise the function and was only visible on the underside of the table. As we explained to you our showroom & sales staff were off for a much deserved and rare 10 day holiday over the break and this is the reason why we were not able to send this part quicker. One of our staff did take the time from their holiday to personally respond to you and address this and gave you an exact timeline when to expect a new piece in the mail. This was done in under 24 hours. I hope in time you can look past this replacement part delay and enjoy this excellent little table.
Fun small space solutions.

Because rents are so high in my city all I could afford was a small 1-bedroom apartment.
The Dining room/living area was so limited in space I needed to decide which of these were more important. I picked more living room. The problem was I have barley any space left for a table and chairs, so I needed a solution.
I found the Expand Furniture site which specializes in these types of solution for smaller spaces.
I really only had about a 37” wall space to work with and also didn’t want to stick out too much.
The Mini Flip - Compact Desk to Table was a good option for me.
When it arrived it did not take too long to setup and right away I noticed the quality was top-notch. Also it made a big difference customer service also sent along the easy YouTube video to make setup a breeze…nice touch.
Measuring only 36” long and 13” deep, it easily fit in the space I had picked.
Opening up the table was easy too and it looks great and very sturdy. I can’t wait for my chairs to arrive to see the whole thing setup.
I would recommend this to anyone with a small space looking for a solution like mine.
After checking out their other products online, I wish I had a whole apartment with fun small space solutions.