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Nano – Counter Height Tall Folding chair set of 4


Nano CH Dimensions

Nano – Counter Height Tall Folding chair set of 4


The Nano Counter Height Tall Folding Chair set offers customers that have counter height tables the comfort of a counter height chair that fits perfectly, functions extremely well, is durable and best of all – Folds Away! The Nano is an outstanding quality tall folding chair that is well received by everyone because it is comfortable and foldable. The chair folds to an ultra thin depth which allows them to stack well on top of each other when not needed or can hang elegantly on a wall hook. The chair seat is made from a strong wood base topped with a plush foam for long duration sitting experience. Supported by sturdy steel legs this Counter Height Folding chair is solid and durable.  Made with comfort in mind with a well designed curved back to support your upper body and a well-placed foot rest/bar for your legs to stretch down onto. This set comes with 4 chairs.

Looking for a dinner height version? View the original Nano Folding Chair.

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The Nano Counter Height Tall and flat Folding Chair is a counter height chair that can work with any existing counter height table. It can also be beautifully paired with our transforming counter height tables like the Echo Counter Kitchen Table or the Counter Height Flip Table. The Nano Counter Height Tall Folding Chair offers wonderful solutions by providing the comfort and style needed to pair with your décor. The easy PU leather options are easy to clean off and hold well to general wear and tear. The comfortable padded high density foam seat is built on a lightweight metal frame painted with silver legs that match any decor environments. The mechanism is designed to close and open easily and offers exceptional sturdiness that has been tested to support to 250+ lbs of weight. Lightweight and functional are the hallmarks of this Nano Counter Height Chair. Best of yet they stack thin in a cupboard or they can easily hang on walls for storing away in a minimal space.

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Nano CH Dimensions

Seat Height: 22.5 inches
Seat Width: 15.75 inches
Seat Depth: 17 inches
Looking for dinner height? View the original nano here

Weight Capacity
Extremely strong and well built. We have sit tested this to over 250+ lbs and it was still rock solid.

No assembly required
This product is fully assembled out of the box and is ready to use right away.

Warranty & Returns
Extended 500-day warranty on mechanics, far beyond what most companies offer. If you are not happy you are welcome to return the product in good condition within 7 days for a full refund minus 2-way shipping costs. Original packaging required for safe transport.

Finishes: Metal work is Silver painted Metal. Seat is wood and foam covered in a PU in either black or White.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Colleen Cairns (Cobourg, CA)
All WHITE Box Coffee Table to Dining Table & 12 Folding Nano Chairs

I am grateful to Expand Furniture. The table and chairs are even more beautiful and comfortably functional than website promises.

Chris Aldridge (Horsham, GB)
A comfortable slim chair

These chairs folded are unbelievably slim. When open they are really comfortable with a padded seat and nicely moulded back. It helps you want to linger over your meal.

Jeremy (North Vancouver, CA)
Solid Folding chairs!

"Foldable chairs." Usually, this phrase brings to mind those cheap, creaky, plastic seats used to fill meetings and high school gymnasiums. But these foldable Nano chairs from Expand are nothing of the sort. They're sleek, take up the least amount of space that I think a folding chair possibly could, and look great. The first thing you notice is that they are surprisingly heavy - which is a good thing. You can tell that they are solid chairs, and feel very well made. From the hard wood backing to the metal frame, to the comfy seat, it's a great way to have fancy dining chairs in a small living space when you need them, and then just store them away in a closet when your dinner guests leave. I pair them with the Expand Space Saver Slim table, so naturally, the two complement each other (and people always give their compliments as well!)

Ed (North Vancouver, CA)
Great design and high quality - worth the price

We got 8 of these chairs in the black wood version to serves as our countertop feature/dining "stools" and to go with the Junior Giant Countertop height table in White. We couldn't look at them or try them before purchasing and we were a little worried that they'd be flimsy (because they look so slim) or that the seat would be hard, just based on the website pictures and description. In fact, they are super sleek in design, but they're extremely well designed and well made, with high-quality metal and strong welds. Although the picture doesn't show it, the seat is padded (but not at all poofy!) and super comfortable. The foot rest heights are good for short or tall people, however, the seat is not as deep as other stool and chair options and may be less comfortable for taller/larger people than us if you're sitting a long time. Everyone who has seen them at our place really loves them. We had great service from Expand (thanks Camila!) in answering our questions about these Nano chairs because we wanted to be sure they would last and match our other furniture choices. They're also really easy to store in terms of how they nest or stack together in our spare closet and we may even try hanging the extra ones as they show on the website once we're better organized. If you're worried about price or value for money, close your eyes and remember your past experience with bar stools with worn-out lift pistons and broken footrests and bulky chairs with soggy seats.

Reg Daggitt (Vancouver, CA)
My Nano Folding Chairs

These sturdy folding chairs are perfect for my Expand Table and my Studio .They look great , are comfortable and when not all 8 are needed the unused chairs store easily on wall hooks.

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