Compatto – Horizontal No Mount Murphy Bed Desk


Compatto – Horizontal No Mount Murphy Bed Desk


The Horizontal No Mount Murphy Bed desk is genius in its space saving design for low ceilings and tight spaces. Not to mention this is completely freestanding with no need to mount this on your wall.  Maximizing every inch of height, the horizontal Murphybed unit stands at 69.7 inches (177cm) off the floor and 86.2 inches (219cm) width. No Anchoring into walls required. This Freestanding piece does the job for those difficult walls or rental apartments or heritage homes. The desk folds down seamlessly to the floor when in sleep mode. The horizontal bed is well designed using gas pistons to assist the bed movement. Constructed with durable metal frame in white, and a variety of finishes for a custom order panels to suit your décor needs.

Custom built & delivered in home ~ 20 weeks
5 year warranty

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The Horizontal No Mount Murphy Bed Desk is incredibly well suited for those looking to furnish areas with low ceilings and still maximize the comfort of offering a queen bed size. The desk is a perfect working height of 75 cm. No need to take books off this table…it simply levers down with all your goodies on the table. Choose from a variety of finishes from classic white to wood tones or color panels to suit your décor needs. Transformer available for any composition. Built to order in Italy for custom order and delivery to your home. Looking for another option? View the Vertical Freestanding or the Hover Wall Bed desk. Click here if you are looking for Above unit shelving. (popular with horizontal wall beds)


Wall bed Width:

219cm (86.2 inches)

Wall bed depth:

30cm (11.8 inches)

Wall bed height:

177cm (69.7 inches)

Wall bed + Bed when open:

177cm (69.7 inches)

Wall bed + Desk depth:

86cm (33.9 inches)

Maximum desk weight allowed:

35 kg or 77 lbs


Shipping Order time

Approximately 16-20 weeks from placing an order to your home.

Assembly required

This Freestanding Murphy Bed requires assembly due to its size.
It takes approximately 3-5hrs with 2 people.
We provide Skype and phone assistance as well as manuals and video guides to help.


Extended 5-year warranty on mechanics + Expand Furniture teams rapid support.

Mattress Size:

Fits a 7 inch or under USA size mattress of 60 x 80.
(Originally designed for Italian size of 63 x 78 inches x 7 inches )
Mattress options: Use your own under 7 inches in height, queen USA sized, or inquire for a factory produced mattress in medium comfort either in foam or Memory Foam as an additional add on.

Cupboard options: Click here if you are looking for Above unit shelving. (popular with horizontal wall beds)

Finishing Options

Let us know your panel choice in the order notes. If you prefer to have a 2 tone wall bed this can be arranged. We have sample panels you can order to see physical examples. Z panels can only be used on the face panels and. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Click here for the PDF of Panel options

Popular Pairings & Options

For other space saving options from a modern wall bed sofa company, browse through our online selection. For more Compatto Specific Models click here.

List your panel choice in the notes, please refer to the video for finish details. Click here if you are looking for Above unit shelving. (popular with horizontal wall beds)

Optional add on choices for a fee:

Full back panel option + $150
Led Lights +$300
Cushion Headboards + $300 (Requires full back panel option)
Cupboard add on options also available.

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