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Compatto – Murphy Bed over Sofa with Floating Shelf


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Compatto – Murphy Bed over Sofa with Floating Shelf


This Italian made Murphy Bed over Sofa is a highly functional hidden bed solution with European design and modern styling. The wall bed has a beautiful functional floating shelf that will always balance your decorative items. It includes a sofa with storage, you can choose your own mattress under 7 inches in height. This package is a formidable setup to increase functionality in any room. Completely customize this Murphy bed by selecting your face panel finish and sofa fabric to suit your decor. You can even choose to have thin arms or 20cm thick arms on the Sofa. If you have a small space white will keep your room feeling bright and large, wood tones warm and comfortable. Sofa fabrics in grey are excellent for durability and matches most decor. Italian quality manufacturing with lightweight strong materials for easy assembly. This unit is excellent for small spaces (even for under height ceilings). “Built to order “- 12 weeks from Italy to your home. Specify your finish options in the order notes.

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Why purchase an Italian Murphy Bed over Sofa model?
It has compact build that is minimal in width and height and you can choose the sofa fabric as well the wall beds panel colors. You can also choose thin sofa arms to match the with of the wall bed, or 20cm wide large arms. All at no extra charge, custom built just for you in Italy. The units strong but lightweight materials make this exceptionally easy to setup or dismantle if you decide to change locations. It has a smart floating shelf above the unit that makes you forget there is a bed behind the the shelf and sofa.

Hiding a bed behind a sofa is a very ideal setup.
Typically one keeps their television opposite the sofa. That means when you lower down the bed you now also have the option of watching TV from your bed. It’s very convenient to have a seamless set up like this.  The back pillows of the sofa can be put at the back of the open bed to be used as a bed headboard. A change of sheets, pillows or other bedding can be stored inside the sofa.

Easy to build around
The side arms of this sofa do not extend beyond the frame of the bed making it excellent to add in your own built in shelving or closets. It includes comfy arm rest extenders. Or if you choose we can make the arms 20cm wide for a fee. Let us know in the order notes.

Custom options add ons:
20cm Fat arms with storage +$350
Full back panel option + $150
Led Lights +$300
Cushion Headboards + $300

Custom builds ~ 12-14 weeks from Italy to your home (inquire)
Shipments insured for safe delivery.

Height: 85.5 inches
Width: 69.68 inches
length when open: 84.5 inches
Wall bed Depth: 11.5 inches

Wall Mounting Required
Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your wall. While most hardware is included in this we do require you purchase your own wall anchors for this reason. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise.

You can fit your own queen mattress on here if it is under 7.5 inches in depth.

Finishing options on your order notes:
Choice of panel finish for the outside as well as the face panel.
Chose your fabric for the sofa
Choose either thin arms, or 20cm arms



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